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Once there was a king 19 May 2022: Bindu watches them together this way. She comes to save Raja who had fainted. Iqbal came out of the palace. Bindu spots him there. Iqbal hurries towards Rani and turns to find no one there. He questions Rani about Bindu, demanding Rani the truth. Rani says there was a drunk man in the palace, Bindu came to kick him out of the palace. Rani says she was telling Bindu to keep Angat away from her. Iqbal says she could have spoken to Bindu inside the palace as well. Rani says she had been suffocating inside, Iqbal goes to drop her to her room.Bindu took Raja upstairs, while he murmured to go to meet Rani.

In the room, Iqbal gives a glass of water to Rani. He surprises Rani with the announcement of their wedding date; that will be fixed before new-year. Rani hurries outside the room.Iqbal was leaving the palace when he finds Raja’s turban lying in the garden. Rani had come to meet her Raja in Raja’s room. Bindu taunts that now Iqbal is upset with Rani so she returned to Raja. She accuses Rani for taking Raja’s life already; and getting engaged to her husband’s killer. Iqbal enters the palace with Raja’s turban. Rani insists on Bindu not to leave Raja, his heart beat still contain her name. Bindu warns Rani not to destroy Raja anymore.

She wonders what she would tell the world about Raja, if she wants police and Iqbal to get after Raja once again? She requests Rani to leave right away. Rani shuts the door from inside and comes to sit beside Raja.

Raja wakes up as Rani holds his face, he calls her as Chipkali. There, Iqbal had entered the palace. Rani cries telling Raja that she loved, loves and will always love him; she never betrayed him. She got engaged with Iqbal, but only to revenge him. He is their enemy and now they would revenge him together.Bindu opens the door to Iqbal, he returns Angat’s turban. Bindu says she had been looking for this turban for long.

Iqbal says a true Sardar never leaves his turban, how did Angat left it there. Bindu qualifies he was drunk.Rani cautiously leaves Raja’s side.Iqbal wishes Bindu a new year and leaves. Rani comes out of the room, Bindu pushes Rani away as she can’t let her close to Raja. In the room, Raaj Mata was elated to hear that Raja is alive. She then accepts Bindu is not wrong. If Iqbal know about it he and police would come behind Raja. She insists on Rani to send Raja and Bindu away, until Iqbal is proven wrong. She must prove him a criminal, else Raja isn’t safe.

At home, Iqbal thinks whenever Angat looks towards Rani it seems Rani is moving away from him. His shadow appears saying he must calm the animal inside him, Rani has proven her love for a number of times. Iqbal was restless and takes sleeping pills.The next morning, Rani comes to Bindu in the garden. Rani tells Bindu that for a while she couldn’t control herself after watching Raja for long. She tells Bindu she has made a new life for herself, and Raja has to go to jail and she isn’t the one who may wait for her husband for two decades. She tells Bindu to take Raja away from here, she is giving Raja away. Bindu tells her that Raja won’t leave.

Rani was sure he won’t remember anything, as she had given him a medicine to speak the truth. She tells Bindu that she won’t tell Raja she know his truth, if Bindu wants to save her husband Angat she must leave Amirkot. Rani turns around and goes inside, crying.The next morning, Raja wakes up, his head banging in pain. He finds an ear ring stuck with his sleeve, and wonders who’s this is. Bindu comes to the room and packs her stuff, saying they are leaving this palace and Amirkot. Raja wonders if she forgot what he came here for. Bindu tells Raja he revealed his identity in front of Rani. Raja wonders if this earring is Rani’s, and asks about the complete story.

Bindu was sure to tell him in the way. Raja replies he would not leave without taking the answer of his questions, what Rani would do if she comes to know he is her Raja. If she would call police or tell Iqbal. Bindu asks him to come in senses, the love has ended. Raja curtly replies he won’t leave until he has completed the story of hatred, if not love.In the temple, Rani prays for strength to hide her love from Raja. She was lighting a diya, Angat comes to save the flame with her and silently returns her earring. They share an eye lock. Rani remembers about Raaj Mata’s advice and turns around.

They just turn to face each other, when Iqbal arrives at the palace. Rani looks towards him. Bindu comes to save Raja. Raja tells Iqbal he has stomach ache since last night; he wonders when he would celebrate honeymoon. Iqbal promises to send a medicine for his ailment, and warns Iqbal to take care of his love. Iqbal pins Rani to a wall, and clutches her arm saying there is something wrong about Angat. Rani says she had been telling him about it for long. Iqbal was sure to send him for honeymoon soon. Rani says she wants him to leave Amirkot forever. Iqbal hugs her, then wonders what happens to him.

He touches the bruise of clutching her arm, Rani says it’s his identity that she holds dear. Iqbal promises that after marriage, he won’t let her meet Angat ever. He leaves the palace.In the room, Raja shuts Bindu out angrily, as he doesn’t want to speak to her. He was upset about Rani’s sad face. He says it seems a part of his being has lost, and holds her earring dear.

Raja recollects about Rani’s cries and tears, as his head bangs in pain. He throws his turban and fake moustache away.
There, Rani was going upstairs when he comes out to her. He asks her to accept she only belongs to her Raja. He moves towards her while she backs up, stuck with the staircase. He touches her arms and face. She hugs him, then turns away from him crying. She says he shouldn’t have come here, he is a criminal and she should have informed police about his return. It’s because of her love for him once, she is giving him a chance to leave Amirkot to never return. He should never tell anyone about his identity, she would also not share this with anyone. Raja confronts her saying he won’t leave without taking her.

He questions if she still loves him. Rani recalls her confessions of love for him, she accepts she doesn’t love him. Raja tells her to look into his eyes, then speak either Yes, I love you! Or No, I don’t love You!. Raja demands for truth. Rani says she loves Iqbal only, he is her past but Iqbal is her present and her future both. Raja was broken, and turns Rani towards him saying she and her Iqbal snatched his happiness from him, but couldn’t snatch his fate from them.

Since his fate brought him here, he won’t leave and will show Iqbal whom he loves. Rani says a run out criminal should not boasts about his fate so much. Raja clutches the back of Rani’s head saying since his heart has got stoned, he would reveal her true face to Iqbal. He will now see till when she doesn’t betray Iqbal, they will both witness this drama together. He can’t let her love flourish. His hatred will now revenge her. He pushes her down on floor, and leaves crying badly. Rani was left crying, and while running upstairs she turns towards Raja. Their eyes meet, both run towards each other and hug each other.

Rani holds his face crying she can’t stay without him. Both hug each other on their places, and realizes they hadn’t run towards each other in reality. Both left crying separately.

In the evening, Angat Singh comes to Rani’s room. He asks Rani if she didn’t tell anyone about him, if she again fall in love. Rani says she know Raja understands a little late. Raja says if people come to know he is alive, what about her and Iqbal’s love story; because then she would be his wife and their love story will never flourish. He suggests to announce in front of the whole world of being alive, as he can’t let her and Iqbal’s love flourish. He removes his turban, and fake moustache and shouts around about his name and identity.

Iqbal was in a hurry to marry Rani. The lawyer says court procedures would take some time. Firstly, they would file an application in the court and if someone doesn’t object to their marriage; they can marry each other. Iqbal says no one will have an objection, it was only Raja who could object but he is no more. Raja locks the door from inside, she was fearful of being caught. Raja mocks her fear, and shows a letter to her as a last gift. She reads the divorce deed. Rani asks why? He says the right question would be, what he wants in return? Raja says in return to this, he wants a night will her. Rani was taken aback. Raja was ready to leave Amirkot, only if she gifts him with a wedding night.

The lawyer agrees to put the application. Iqbal was shocked to see Bindu there. Bindu came to invite him for dinner, as they are leaving last night. Iqbal wonders why are they leaving. Bindu was confused, she mutters it’s their problem, no, it’s Raja’s… then turns to leave. Iqbal catches her words.Raja clutches Rani close to himself.

Raja wants a night from Rani, when he wants to live all his love that he never could. Bindu says to Iqbal she and Rani were enemies because of Raja, Rani won Raja over. When she returned, he was in Rani’s life but she can’t see Iqbal in Rani’s eyes. She complains when she suggested to plan the dinner, why Rani called Angat into the room for planning. Bindu leaves.

Raja demands Rani a single night, Rani was ready to do anything to save his life and send him away from here. Raja holds her to the bed. She shuts her eyes, while tears fell off. They stare towards each other lying in the bed. There was a knock at the door, Iqbal calls Rani to open the door. Rani was worried and requests Raja to go, he smiles as the game has just begun and goes to open the door.

Rani begs of him, Iqbal continuously knocks at the door. Angat opens the door to Iqbal. Iqbal looks towards the creased unsettled bed. Angat explains its nothing what he is thinking of. Iqbal punches over Angat’s face. Angat says sorry, it all just happened; and was not intentional. He unbuttons his shirt, explaining he couldn’t control himself. Iqbal punches him again. Angat says he can no more show him his face again, but prays they both remain happy with each other. Iqbal shuts the door from inside, then turns to Rani. Angat comes downstairs. Iqbal says even a FSW is more loyal than Rani. Angat thanks Bindu on the palace door, he looks towards Rani’s room saying a thanks and turns to leave. They hear Rani’s cry of being beaten up. Bindu insists he came to revenge Rani, and their revenge is complete.

She tries to take Raja away, but he was hurt by the sounds of beating. He runs into the room, and clutches Iqbal’s neck shouting how dare he turned his Rani. Iqbal now clutches Raja’s neck, asking why he called Rani as his. Raja was about to reveal his identity, Rani slaps him and clutches his collar asking how dare he came between them. Rani explains there was nothing between them, this man tried to molest her but he came over to save her. She pushes Rani out of the room to get away. Raja leaves painfully, Rani’s eyes follow him.

Rani silently apologizes Raja, as Iqbal would have killed him had he found his reality. After getting Iqbal punished, she will find him. Iqbal was furious, and shouts at Rani to reply him about everything that happened here. Rani looks down to see divorce papers and think if Iqbal watches them everything would be ruined

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