A love to die for update Thursday 19 May 2022

A love to die for 19 May 2022: Deep says tara loved me like crazy and she became part of this world of crimes. And she got to know something and she had to die. Aroi says and Netra.. Tarank.. Randhir? He is an officer. Deep says he isn’t nice either. He is part of this world. He helped me clear my stuff the other day. I will show you something. Tara called Randhir before dying. Arohi says yes I know she wanted to tell him something. DEep says there is a boss of this world. She got to know about him. SHe called Randhir and she didn’t know his reality. This is the reality you have to accept.Randhir says once I get those videos from Deep. I will put him jail forever. Tara wanted to give me some information.Arohi says Tara really loved you. Deep says Netra tried to be smart too.

She was also murdered by boss. Arohi says where is this boss? deep says no one knows where and who boss is. Trivedi is his man. they are upto something very dangerous. They have links with terrorists too. You thought I was after your family but I always protected them. See this.. He shows her Kiya’s photo. arohi says Kiya is my sister. She can’t.. Deep says boss took some work from Kiyaa too. Everyone’s life is danger. I want to be out of it but boss wont let me. Arohi sees Ranjit’s picture. Deep says I don’t know if he is part of all this or not. But I have doubt because he tried stealing my stuff. If papa is with them then danger is in our house. Arohi hugs him and says we will win. Deep says yes if you are with me we will be out of it. You will be my light.

Arohi slaps Randhir. Arohi says you are dancing on Deep’s orders because he has proofs of your sins too? I am sure you killed Netra too. Are you part of this crime world? She knew your reality. He says shouting wont make it a reality. He says I don’t know what are you told. I am an officer. we have to part of crime world to catch them. And I didn’t kill Netra she was my junior. But when I got to know she was part of it all I wanted to confront. But she got killed before it. She met same fate as Tara. Arohi says I don’t know who is right or not. Someone is trying to harm my family. Randhir says I have an idea. Don’t let deep be out of that house for sometime. We will know who wants to meet him. They will coem here. I will keep an eye on that house from cameras.

Deep hears Wasu screaming. He says ma why do you move. take your medicine. Ranjit comes in. Deep says you were saying big things like you are there for your wife? When Arohi gets to know your reality.. Wasu says why are you being mad at your dad for the outside girl. Ranjit says she is our DIL.Tarank says to Randhir do you think that plan would work? He says yes I might get a proof that can help me arrest deep. And also find people who are with him.Arohi is installing camera in the house. Deep comes there. She falls. Deep says what were you doing there? She says putting camera on the wall. I want to be in front of your eyes. She says in heart I don’t doubt you but I need to know who is part of this crime world. arohi says will you let me down? He picks her again and says nice photo. Arohi says please don’t go anywhere. I feel like I got my deep back. I want to spend this moment with you. I made dinner for everyone. Please don’t say no. This will make ma ji happy too.

Kiya says di why are you cooking? She says so everyone sits together and eats. Ranjit says this smells so good. Our bahu will get naig. Arohi goes out., Someone sneaks in and mixes something in the food. Arohi says where is Ranjit. He says I don’t feel like eating. He goes to his room. Everyone starts eating. Everyone coughs after eating. they all start fainting one by one. Arohi says deep.. She faints too.Arohi says we have to take papa ji to hospital. Deep says his life would be in danger there. Let me call doctor here. Wasu says Arohi you did all this. You want to destory my family. ARohi says I didn’t do anything. Wasu slaps her and says you are a curse for my family. If anything happens to him I will kill you. Deep comes with doctor. Wasu says please save him. Doctor says you have to calm down.

Randhir comes in. Wasu says Arohi attacked him. Deep says ma please don’t blame Arohi. Arohi says I was with papa when he was attacked. Tarank says doctor you should stay here. Who knows who is next. Arohi says to Randhir I will let you know if I find anything.Arohi sees Deep burning papers in a bin. Arohi says what are you doing? He says I am trying to get my life back by burning these papers. I will kill him. Arohi says who are you talking about? He says what should I do? I can’t do what they want me to do. They want me to kill people. I will kill them. Arohi says stop please.. He says leave me. Arohi slaps him. Arohi hugs him and says please calm down. You have to tell me who did they ask you to kill? Deep shows her kiya’s photo. Arohi says what.. Kiya why.. Arohi runs.

Arohi packs Kiya’s bags. Kiya says what are you doing. Arohi says you have to go frmo here. Deep says Kiya wont go anywhere. She is safe is in this house. If she steps out she will be harmed. Wasu says Deep papa is up. They all go to papa. Deep says papa who attacked you? Deep says he wont tell. He is with those people. Ranjit says I was doing all this because I wanted to find out who is behind all this. I was about to find out who is behind all this but we were attacked before it. This is true. I don’t know anything. Arohi says I am sorry for doubting you. He says I know anyone can in these circumstances. Deep gets a text do your work. Deep leaves. Arohi says papa if you need anything let me know.

Ranjit calls Tarank. Tarank says everything is under control. You should rest. Randhir is behind her. Tarank says it was Ranjit. He said he doesn’t want us to investigate. He is scared. Randhir says I will find out who is behind all this. One mad planned all this.
Deep gets a call. Arohi says deep don’t pick. All phones in the house ring. Lights start sparkling. Deep picks call. Someone says your time is over and you didn’t do what you had to. Deep says I will kill you rather. Arohi says who was it. Deep says he was threatening me again. Deep goes out to check light. Arohi sees someone walking past the door. She sees someone. He says I am electrician. Deep called me. Arohi says says go check there. Aroi is going in. She says why was in he in water meter? That means he did something with water. Arohi runs out. He isn’t there.Arohi rushes inside. Arohi knocks door. Arohi says deep plaese don’t use water. There is current in water. Wasu is about to open tap for soup. Arohi tries to cut the wire. Deep screams in restroom.

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