Once there was a king update Sunday 8 May 2022

Once there was a King 8 May 2022: Raja was sitting alone in jail, when Rani comes announcing about hot tea. He looks towards him angrily, then breaks the hot tea cup hurting Rani’s feet. Iqbal also burns his feet, but doesn’t notice as he was really happy. He leaves for a meeting with a perfume.Rano holds Raja’s hand, she is really sorry.

Raja shouts he needed her time, he never disturbed her during work time but after that, all her time is his. She must decide who is more important for her, he or that Nawab? Rani says it was really important to improve her mistake. Raja says she must learn to live with her mistakes, Rani says in one day his land must have got auctioned. Raja complains she forgot him because of that Nawab. She must decide who has a priority in her life, he or her work? Rani cries badly.Iqbal comes to Shabnam’s place who was worried what if Nusrat hurts herself inside. She calls Iqbal for help, as Nusrat has locked herself in the room.

Rani returns to palace crying badly. Ambika comes behind her concerned. Rani cries hugging her, that she lost. She never thought about hurting Raja, but today he was heartbroken. He was always with her, but today he thinks she left him behind. She would never forgive herself. Raja was also crying in the jail.

Iqbal comes to push the door, calling Nusrat to open the door. Inside, the lady had cut her wrists with a knife already. Iqbal had broken the door by then, he comes to slap Nusrat and says she has no right over her life, it’s only his right. He tie a cloth piece over her hand, and warns her not to do this again. Shabnam asks Iqbal why he pays every night for a girl who is ready to suicide. Iqbal shuts the door from inside.Rani stood with Raja’s photo in the window, she weepily speaks to the photo that she is missing him, but he is hot as sun. She was hopeful for tomorrow, as it’s his birthday and she would gift him something special.

Raja spends the night, tensed. Some fellow prisoners ask what happened to him. Raja was upset that he fought Rani without any reason. His fellow says wife isn’t worth loving. Raja speaks to the moon that one who never loved doesn’t know the meaning of love as well. Their good times flash in front of his eyes.The next morning, Iqbal walks out of Nusrat’s room. He comes across a man who recognizes Iqbal, and taunts over his grace. Iqbal takes a leave from Thakur, as he is in a hurry. Thakur says he is also in a hurry to get the most beautiful princess of this place. Iqbal leaves without commenting.

Thakur confirms if something happened last night? He tells Iqbal he had paid double to Shabnam, but Nusrat created a huge drama; anyways one day she will have to be with him. Iqbal slaps Thakur. Thakur was furious as Iqbal raised his hand over him because of Nusrat? Iqbal says she is his, he has kept her here because once in market, things aren’t taken home. Thakur asks him to give Nusrat on rent then? He then counters Iqbal’s punch. Shabnam comes there to calm them down. Iqbal leaves, Thakkur was determined to find out the real story. Iqbal must pay the cost of slapping him.

Raja sat lost in the jail. Rani tells the inspector that all prisoners in jail will have party. Raja was elated to hear about Rani’s call. His fellows taunt, Raja says this is what he wanted from her; time on her birthday. His fellow suggests him to be strict, this will control his wife. Raja tells the constable he won’t talk to Rani. Rani confirms from the inspector about his birthday preparations, and was determined to make him up today.Iqbal comes in and drinks water to calm himself down. His mother comes asking where he was for all night. She was worried about the grace of their house and warns him to control himself.

No mother would send their daughter to a school whose owners spend nights at such places. Iqbal minds her about her limits.
Rani comes to flower shop and likes a flower bouquet. She stops the lady taking her favorite bouquet, and asks for them as its her husband’s birthday and he is angry as well; because its his favorite. The lady was actually Nusrat under the veil and hands the flowers to Rani. Rani thanks her, then asks whom she was taking them? Nusrat says she was taking them for prayer, but Rani wanted them for love; her need was important. Rani introduces herself, Nusrat tells her about her name.
In the jail, Raja sat upset wondering why Rani didn’t come for him.

Some fellows discuss the decoration is for a minister. Raja sat curt, that Rani could have done something special for him atleast today. He agrees to his fellows that he would be strict with Rani until she apologizes. A prisoner spies the news of decorations to Kaal.Rani was leaving the office with bouquet. Iqbal sat there and stands in her honor. He demands Rani to come to visit his land, so that he can get the NOC. He notices she was worried, Rani was reluctant to tell him then says Raja is upset because of him. Now she would go to make him up.

Iqbal insists that woman is weak, a man would never come to make her up because he is aware woman loses her courage soon; she is also a woman so she should go and bend in front of her husband. Rani was sure she wasn’t mistaken. Iqbal suggests if she isn’t mistaken, she should not go to him then. Rani wonders if this man is crazy, then realizes he was right and wonders why Raja angry at her.
Rani comes to jail, her eyes meet Raja who thinks Rani would now come to apologize him. Rani looks towards him, Iqbal’s words echo in his mind. Raja was worried that she left without speaking to him, his friends say he should have spoken to Rani on call.

Raja thinks he should have spoken to her on call. There, Rani looks towards Raja wondering what if he gets more upset. Their eyes meet, Rani was elated that their ego was beneficial. The inspector makes an announcement about the real reason behind this celebration. The lights go off all at once. Kaal’s spy comes to a constable who instructs him with something.
There was a puppet show about Raja and Rani’s story.The spy comes to the office and takes a gun to Kaal.Raja smiles watching the show, Rani looks towards him nervously. She was elated when he finally laughs.

The inspector announces this party was because of Raja’s birthday. The prisoners leave the hall, while Raja and Rani were left alone. He thanks her, as he never got such a gift before. Rani says this isnt the gift, and hands him the bunch of flower wishing him birthday. Raja questions why she shows such attitude when she loves him. Rani says someone’s advice worked for her, Raja inquires about her friend? She says she isn’t a girl, but may be true. Raja was jealous, Rani asks him to read through her eyes. Raja was sad about being caught in jail, Rani hands his bail papers with tears in her eyes. Raja was elated, but Kaal calls from his prison that it’s Raja’s end today.

He shouts the bullet before anyone could understand. Rani cries trying to support Raja, who fell over the floor. Kaal laughs that its Rani’s turn, but the police had got him by then. He fights everyone to run away. Raja lay on the floor, unconscious.
Rani and Ambika bring Raja to hospital. Rani tells Ambika it was Kaal. The inspector inquires the old aide of Kaal, their senior sends his team to look for Kaal. Rani wonders if his hands didn’t shiver for once while shooting his own son. Ambika prays that Kaal gets to pay for his sins today.Kaal was present inside the jail, he beats a prisoner when the others point guns over him. He confirms from jailer if Raja has died?

Rani prays in front of temple, about Raja’s wellbeing. A doctor comes to tell Rani they need O negative blood group urgently. Another doctor says he has another patient with O negative blood group. Nusrat was praying at the time, the doctor brings her to his room. They watch Nusrat praying, Rani recognizes her injured hands. She recognizes Nusrat by name, Nusrat asks Rani what happened to her. Rani pleads her to save her husband’s life, Nusrat was willing to help her husband at once. Rani requests her to return his breathes. Nusrat comes with Rani, she asks Rani’s permission to read her God’s name over her husband’s forehead.

She allows the doctor to take her blood now.Shabnam pours wine for Thakur. Iqbal comes there, throws a bundle of rupees for Shabnam. Shabnam tells him Nusrat isn’t here, she has gone to hospital to get her bandage changed. Iqbal wonders if she got 4 hours for change of bandage only; and leaves in search of her warning Shabnam.
In the hospital, the doctors assure Rani her husband is safe but might get conscious in a while. The inspector comes to take Rani as she is the eye witness. Rani watches Nusrat leaving, and shares her worry. Nusrat assures her that everything must be fine, she shouldn’t leave the side of her love anyway. Rani hugs Nusrat, thanking her.

Nusrat was shocked to see Iqbal coming from behind, he drags her towards himself. He scolds her for wasting her time in hospital, and shouts she has no right even over the blood in her body; how dare she donated for him? Rani explains there wasn’t enough time to ask anyone, it was about her husband’s life. Iqbal shouts she has no right to decide. Rani says he every time proves her as wrong. He clutches Nusrat’s arm and takes her along, Iqbal tells Rani he can do anything to her and drags her along.Rani witnesses against Kaal shooting Raja. It shows clearly that he planned Rajbeer Singh’s death.

She comes to him saying he won’t even get a death penalty, she would get him lifelong jail. She comes to hospital to wake Raja up, and rubs his hand. Raja finally moves his hand, and comes to consciousness. Rani speaks to him that she was really afraid, and calls him real stubborn. He warns she would lose her life if this happens again, and kiss over his forehead. Raja asks who is she, and withdraws his hand from hers; unable to recognize anyone. Everyone was shocked. He looks around blankly.

Rani was left shocked, while Raja gets restless and denies recognizing anyone. Ambika cries, Rani tries to calm Raja down. The doctors arrive, Rani cries for Raja. The doctors assure Raja he is fine, Raja asks who is he, and tries to recall his memory wondering how he forgot his own name. They give him an injection to calm, Rani wasn’t ready to go out and cried badly.
Iqbal throws Nusrat over the bed at Shabnam’s place. He questions how dare she took a huge decision, why she went out of here alone? Nusrat accepts it’s all her mistake, in everything. She wants to leave, Iqbal says he has bought her time and she will only do what he would ask.

Nusrat thanks him for reminding she is a pr*stitute. She questions why he come to her, when he hates her so much. Iqbal loosens his grip over her hand and leaves.
The doctor explains Rani that due to sudden trauma, he might have lost his memory. They need to get his tests done, and tells Rani about one way to stay beside Raja. Rani agrees.

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