Once there was a king update Saturday 16 April 2022

Once there was a king 16 April 2022: Raja and Rani take the last round, Pandit asks him to fill in Sindoor in the head partition of his bride, and move towards mangal sooter. Bari Rani Maa brings their family mangal sooter. Raja watches it, Raaj Mata was shocked to see it. Raja notices she was really disturbed and brings about a different mangal sooter for Rani. People hoot for the couple, the couple gets to take blessings from elders. Raja stops Rani, and says they must touch the feets of the one who is a shadow of God on this earth. They come to Raaj Mata, leaving Bari Rani Maa and Kaal behind. Raaj Mata hugs them both, while tears fell off her eyes.

She blesses them, and tells Raja that he must now fulfil Rani’s mother’s promise to take care of her. Raja promises to protect Rani and get all her rights. Raaj Mata tells Raja that a wife hold husband’s love the dearest. Raja thinks sadly that Rani has a right to know the truth, but for Rani’s happiness this truth must not disclose to anyone, else everything will be finished.At night, Rani comes to palace with Rani. Rani was crying, Meenu asks her to be courageous. She has to think about Raaj Mata who must be alone right now. Raja stood lost in his own thoughts, Amrita perform their aarti, and blesses Rani. She assure Rani that she is a daughter of this house from today.

A servant brings a board, Rani marks her hand prints over it. Women there comment that these imprints show she will rule this house. They put a rice bowl on Rani’s way, she then steps into vermillion bowl and was about to slip. Raja holds her. As soon as Rani steps inside, the lights of the hall light up. Meenu taunts Rani and Raja as they share some looks with each other. Amrita takes Rani inside. Raja watches the foot marks of Rani inside the house, and remember Gayatri being killed. Raja wonders why he is taking advantage of Rani’s trust, until he shares the truth with her this wedding and these rituals are a show off.

Jeewan comes to wipe Bindu’s tears, he tells her that Raja and Rani have married. Bindu asks how can he accept this fact so easily, Jeewan says to win a person needs three things; courage, brain and patience. When the first two fails, patience work. Be it late, but only they will win.
Raja walks down the corridor with a frame in his hands. Rani sat in the hall waiting for Raja. The girls tease her to be waiting for Raja, she is married to him and must let him meet his friends as well. Rani shares with Meenu that Raja is worried about something, is there something wrong.
Amrita comes in Raja’s way, Raja tells her that he would gift Rani with this truth. He silence Amrita, as in the war of truth and lie, the biggest sin is silence.

Amrita asks if she had told him, he must have deterred Kaal. She was afraid, as being a mother she wanted to keep him safe. She listened to Kaal and Bari Rani Maa. Raja asks if history would have changed with this marriage. Amrita forbids him to tell Rani the truth in front of everyone, Rani is all alone right now; her Dadu is also not around. Rani notices this talk and comes towards them. Amrita requests Raja to hide this from Rani. Jeewan stops Rani’s way and comes with a frame as gift for her, he demands her to open it. Rani unwraps it to be a beautiful portrait of her and Raja’s wedding. Jeewan turns to leave, Rani forgives him. Jeewan watches Raja approaching and leave. Rani stops Raja, she asks him what the matter is, he must not deny being worried as she can peek into his soul as well.

Raja was confused, Amrita takes Rani for the rituals first. Raja asks Amrita how many rituals are left, for how long she can keep him away from Rani; he will surely tell her the truth.At the ring ritual, Raja recalls Bari Rani Maa killing Gayatri, he loses the game by withdrawing his hand. Rani it sadly. Meenu questions whom is Raja waiting for, since Rani is in front of him now.Bari Rani Maa and Kaal head towards the corridor. Raaj Mata came with Sashi to the palace, there Rani and Raja were involved with bangle ritual. All of a sudden, the lights go off. Jeewan goes to check for power breakout.

Raaj Mata came in with Shashi. Rani’s hand was injured by bangle, Raja was worried that he hurt Rani and turns to bring ointment. Rani stops him assuring she is fine, she know he will never hurt her and will take all her pains over himself. Raja hugs Rani saying he wants to keep her away from all the pains and sorrows, she must remember what she just said.Meenu comes to place a candle in the corridor, Raaj Mata stops in front of Rana ji and Gayatri’s photo. Kaal was ready to end their lives right away as he walked down the corridor.

Amrita brought candle from the other side. Raja was about to tell Rani when they hear Raaj mata scream, the lights get on right then. Rani turns to Raaj Mata who had fainted, she cries for Raaj Mata. Raja looks towards the photo unveiled.At night, the doctor tells Rani that ever tire dome can be a reason for this at such an age. Bari Rani Maa entered Raaj Mata’s room in a maid’s attire from behind them. She walks towards Raaj Mata with an injection, and leaves after injecting it. Rani was worried when would Dadu come to consciousness, she is unconscious for last two hours. Raja inquires the doctor if it’s possible she recall her memory after she wake up, doctor was helpless in the matter but forbids them to question her about her past.

Kaal asks them to go to sleep, Raja and Rani both want to spend time with Raaj Mata. Raja sends the dustbin out in hands of Bari Rani Maa. Bari Rani Maa thinks one of them has been finished, now she must stop Raja from sharing anything with Rani. Raja wakes Raaj Mata up, she asks if she was in the wedding? Raja thinks if she doesn’t remember anything? They try to remind her, Bari Rani Maa come to firbid them pressurize her. Raaj Mata tries to get up as she can’t stay at a daughter’s place, Raja insists upon her that this is her son’s house, she won’t leave. He stares at Bari Rani Maa before walking to his room.

Raja enters the room, he asks the girls and Amrita to speak to speak to Rani. They ask him for some gifts, Raja was about to hand the bundle of money but Bari Rani Maa says this ritual will take place later, in royals Pandit’s decide dates of wedding night. Raja decisively says he doesn’t accept any such ritual. Bari Rani maa blackmails her bring emotional. Rani accepts Bari Rani Maa’s wish, Bindu comes to make Raja up for it as Rani’s wish. Raja leaves.Amrita says this is Rani’s first night in this house, she won’t sleep alone. Rani calls Raja from behind and throw a paper ball behind him. Amrita enters the room then and Rani leaves his side. Amrita brings clothes for Rani and asks her to change.

Raja sat in the room lost, Bindu stood beside the window thinking Raja has finally married, but when husband and wife are already so far away it’s easy to come between them.
Rani wakes up in the middle of night thinking what if they aren’t in a room, can’t they speak. The goes out of the bed. Bindu comes to Raja, but he was uninterested to speak to her, and wants her to leave him alone. Rani comes outside to see Raja, it turns out to be Jeewan instead. He recall the paper ball that Raja passed overlooking, then was clicked by an idea. Bindu tries to remind Raja about a tuition master and his punishments, and recall their mischiefs. Raja smiles.

Rani apologizes Jeewan as she thought it was Raja, Jeewan says he didn’t know she would come here so late, he tried to accept her and Raja’s relation but fall weak. Bindu shares with Raja that she had forgotten his smile, she used to lose every game in their childhood just to see him smile. Raja boasts that he always used to defeat her badly, in every game they played. Jeewan takes a leave from Rani, but thinks to himself he would never let Raja near to her anyway. Bindu and Raja plays a hand game and enjoy about it. Rani comes to the window and watch them cheering, she was curt that Raja is enjoying with his friend on the first night. She will not lift him now.

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