Once there was a king update Friday 15 April 2022

Once there was a king 15 April 2022: Raja shows a ring to Amrita and Bindu, Bindu wears the ring by herself and mentions that Jeewan has gone to bring Rani. Raja was at once worried, and hurries towards Rani’s house.In the way, Rani was worried where Jeewan is headed towards, palace isn’t this way. Jeewan drove rashly and assures to get her the right place. Raja hurries towards the door, Bari Rani Maa stops him but he still rushes towards the door. Jeewan enters then, with Rani behind him. He forbids Raja to look towards Rani, it’s considered a bad omen if a groom looks towards the bride before wedding. Rani was draped in her bridal dupatta, and walks cover her face in the leaves. Raaj Mata wish her parents were alive, when rani hits something in the way and stops by Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo.

The bride and groom come to the stage, Rani removes the leaves from her face; Jeewan and Bindu were upset. Raja asks how he looks, she is now going to be his. If mirror gets a reflection of moon, it turns to moon itself. Bindu was crying. The flower garland ritual begin. Raaj Mata stops the Pandit that tillak wasn’t placed over the groom’s forehead, nothing can be accomplished in a royal family without this tillak. She asks Kokilla to go and get safrin tillak from behind the idol in the temple of palace. Raja wonders how Raaj Mata know about it, Raaj Mata says this is her home, won’t she know this much. Amrita had brought the tillak by then, Raaj Mata gives it to Pandit.

Everyone clap at the ritual and take seat. Amrita sends Bindu for tying the knot of Raja and Rani, she says today is an important day for them, they won’t be able to forget this day and tucks an agar light in the knot. She thinks that this relation would burn just the way she is burning. This flame is a gift for Rani. Raja takes the names of his parents, Kaal and Amrita. Rani takes her Dadu’s name, Premvadha Singh. Raaj Mata takes the name of her father, Rana Indravadhan Singh Dev. Bari Rani Maa and everyone else was shocked to hear this. The plate fell off Kokilla’s hands. Rani reminds Raaj Mata that Baba’s name is Lakhan, Raaj Mata tells her that Rana ji was her father. Lakhan was just a servant in the palace, when they had to run away from Amirkot Lakhan brought her up.

If she doesn’t trust her, she can confirm Kokilla about it, she and her husband brought Lakhan in the palace. Raaj Mata feels dizzy at once, Rani hurries towards her get the knot untied. Raaj Mata still insists that Lakhan wasn’t her brother, Rana ji was also not her son; she had no child at all. Bari Rani Maa intervenes that Raaj Mata has still gone crazy and calls for doctor. Raaj Mata insists on Rani that she is true, Rani helps her take a seat. Raja thinks about Raaj Mata’s behavior regarding the palace. He turns towards Kokilla who was running away of the palace.Rani brings Raaj Mata towards the couch and offer her a glass of water.

In the room, Kokilla panics that Raaj Mata remembers everything, she will revenge them all now. Raja comes behind and asks why she is here. There, doctor gives another sedative to Raaj Mata, Raaj Mata looks around asking why they all are worried. Pandit hurries them as the time is about to end. Raaj Mata asks Meenu to take Rani on stage.Raja asks Kokilla why is she hear, if she has a head ache since Raaj Mata called this home as hers, or she spoke about Rani’s father’s name. Is this the truth, and this is the reason she calls herself Raaj Mata; and Kokilla also does. Kokilla asks Raja to go to the stage, Raja demands her the necklace. People around gossip that bride’s grandmother has gone insane. Kokilla asks Raja which necklace, Raja insists she knows well. Kokilla says that’s hers, Raja replies he would decide and moves towards her in rage. He looks towards the necklace and finds Raaj Mata’s name behind the necklace.

Kokilla turns to go inside, Raja clutches her arm and says this is Dadu’s necklace. This means she is right, Kokilla has killed Rani’s parents. Kokilla insists she didn’t kill anyone. Raja shouts she did, and if she didn’t who did. Kokilla finally spits that Bari Rani Maa and Kaal killed them. Raja was taken aback at this revelation.Raja loosen his grip over Kokilla in shock.Sashi comes to inform Raja is nowhere in the palace, his car is outside. Raaj Mata assures Rani that Raja will be here in a while, people gossip why there is trouble in each ritual of this marriage.

Kokilla tells Raja that Kaal along with Bari Rani Maa killed Rana Indravadhan. That night, Gayatri was expecting a child and after giving birth she returned to palace. Bari Rani maa killed her too. Till now, everyone thought that Rani and Raaj Mata are dead, but when she found Lakhan is alive Bari Rani Maa killed him too. Raaj Mata succeeded to flee taking Rani along. Raja kneels hurtfully and cries Rani’s name in rage. Kokilla leaves the room.
Bari Rani Maa and Kaal come to look for Raja when they come across Kokilla, they hurry to the room where Raja sat on the floor, lost and torn. He wondered how he would marry her, Bari Rani maa touches his shoulder when he forbids them touch him. These are blood stained hands, and will fill himself with blood as well. He calls them as murderers.

There in the hall, the fire of havan blows off. Rani was sure that Raja promised to marry her, his promises aren’t false. Amrita goes to look for him while Bindu insists on her to stay, there is no elder from the family here. Jeewan goes to look for Raja instead.
There, Kaal calls that old lady mad, but how did Raja come into her talk. Raja throws a nearby vase, breaking it on floor. Raja says they both know she isn’t mad, but Raaj Mata of Ameerkot Prevadha Singh, whose son’s blood still stains Kaal’s hand; and Bari Rani Maa killed Gayatri Singh Dev in front of his eyes. They shielded an innocent child and assured him that it was only a nightmare.

He was enraged at Bari Rani Maa, she had proven when a woman can be a Devi she can be Naagin as well. Later, they killed Lakhan to turn Rani to an orphan, and the real heir of this palace had to live here as a maid. They ruined Rani’s childhood, and have killed him alive today as well. Now, they will have to pay for each of their sins.
Rani comes down the stage, she was worried that Raja can’t break his promise. The people around gossip if the wedding has been broken. Amrit a goes to look for Raja, Bindu stops Rani as it’s a bad omen if a bride leaves stage. She thinks about lighting another flame, people gossiped that this girl is shameless and is dying to marry.

Kaal tells Raja that he was in a state of war. In those times, if a prince was weak it was considered a sin; he was punished for that sin only. Raja says he always thought Kaal was a bad man, but he isn’t a man in the first place. He is a fox, who preys only for his wish. He should have died the day he was born. Bari Rani Maa slaps Raja, complaining he should have known the complete truth before blaming them. She cries that Raja is unaware what Raaj Mata did to her, she never considered her a mother in law. She kept on bearing this, but when Raaj Mata brought a robber’s son to the throne of Amirkot she couldn’t bear it anymore. Neither Lakhan nor Rana ji were Raaj Mata’s son. Raja recalls Raaj Mata’s confession about it as well. Bari Rani Maa says she did justice for people of Amirkot, Kaal shed blood for the heir of Amirkot.

She couldn’t see unjust for Raja at all, and chose Kaal as the prince. She did this for Amrikot, only those states are strong which are ruled by lions.Raja inquires why they agreed for his marriage with Rani then. Bari Rani Maa explains it was only for the sake of Raja, when they saw their bond as unbroken she never wanted to lose Raja. Kokilla hits Amrita with a vase on head, in the corridor, to stop her from going to Raja.
Raja needs a proof to accept this isn’t a trap again. Kaal shows him two tickets of America and a receipt of best mental hospital there for treatment of Raaj Mata. Now Raja can chose between truths. Raja tears them apart, throwing it over Kaal as he won’t get played in hands of Kaal like in childhood.

Rani was running across the corridor looking for Rani, and passes by Raja.
Bari Rani Maa and Kaal ask if Rani would still marry him after knowing the truth, he loves her and she would move away from him right after knowing the truth. He may either chose the truth, or Rani.Bari Rani Maa insists on Raja that if Rani marries him she would become the princess of this Amirkot and get her position back. Raja says relationships foundations can’t be laid upon lies. Rani was running across the corridor where she finds Amrita hurt, Amrita says she just fell down on the floor and urges her to find Raja. Raaj Mata finds Raja in the way, she forbids Raja to break his relation with Rani else she won’t be able to live. She made a huge drama in front of everyone, but she beg of him for Rani’s happiness.

Raja says he needs to tell Rani about something. People gossip that the life of this girl would be ruined no matter what, Raaj Mata wonders what can be important for Raja than to spend his life with her. Rani arrives from behind to hug him. Raja looks towards Bari Rani Maa and Kaal angrily. He separates from Rani and takes her along to speak about something important.In the hall, Rani was concerned, she cups Raja face wondering why is he so thoughtful about talking to her. Raja recalls his childhood, his love for Rani; her fear and his promises to marry her. He apologizes Rani, she has waited for long but he won’t let this wait go in vain. She and her granddaughter have suffered a lot because of him and his family, but from today he will be there in the way of any pain that tries to trouble her.

He heads towards the stage with Rani. Pandit ji asks about their gadh bandhan. Rani says it has burnt, Raja qualifies if God wants him to take these circles holding Rani’s hand, let it be.Raja sat lost on the stage, and was absent minded from the rituals. Pandit calls for Rani’s father then stops, people gossip no one knows about this girl’s parents and whereabouts. Raja announces Raaj Mata would do Rani’s kaniadaan. He tells Rani that Dadu has given her the life. Raaj Mata instructs Raja to take care of her, she promised Rani’s mother but from today Raja has to fulfil those promises. Raja was determined to get Rani her real identity, her Gyatri would like as a Rani of this palace from now.

Before taking the rounds, Raja was upset that he is laying the foundation of their relation with a lie, he must tell Rani about the truth. He vows to provide her with respect and protection throughout the life as his responsibility; he assures to never break her trust, he will join this relation with her dreams and her relatives as well.Jeewan watches Bindu missing from the gathering. There, Bindu cried badly that she can’t let this happen. She always thought Raja would marry her in the end, he must pay for betraying her now. She takes a gun from the drawer. Jeewan came looking for Bindu. Bindu comes to the gallery and aims the gum towards Raja, her hands trembling.

Rani took the rounds with Raja.
Jeewan came looking for Bindu, she was about to pull the trigger when Bari Rani Maa stops her and takes her along. She drags Bindu to her room and asks what she would have got after killing Rani, only Raja’s hatred. She tells Bindu that she and Kaal have permitted for this marriage, no one can stop this marriage. She leaves locking Bindu.Raja stops at the last round and doesn’t move. Rani asks what happened, he says how he can tie her to this relation without telling her about the truth.He says her Dadu isn’t crazy, she is actually Raaj Mata Premvadha Singh Dev, and she is the daughter of Rana Indravadhan Singh Dev and Rani Gayatri.

Her parents and this palace was only snatched from her by his father Kaal and Bari Rani Maa. Rani leaves Raja’s hand with a jerk. Raja says he is the son of her parent’s murderer. Rani jerks Raja away, and leave the stage, taking Raaj Mata away. Raja calls from behind, all at once Rani calls him by name and he realizes it was just a daydream. Raja promises that he will never let her down in fulfilling any promise he gives to her. Rani happily owns their marriage, as they both belong to each other from now on.

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