Once there was a king update Friday 17 June 2022

Once there was a king 17 June 2022: Rani’s family comes into the palace. Rani hugs Suminda and says she was about to return home soon. Preiti asks what she is wearing. Rani tells them that she has married Raaju. Raja looks towards her recalling how she had put the sindoor in her own hairline. Rani tells Suminda that she was confused while taking training from Raju, she fall in love with him. Raju was afraid that Suminda wanted her to marry Kundan and would not agree for their marriage. She apologizes Suminda for running away, she was afraid because of Raju. She asks about Vikram, Prieti says this is inspector Vikram. Rani says she made Raju run away with her so that they can marry. She tells Raju to touch Suminda’s feet.

Anandi thinks this Rani has turned the game upside down. Suminda backs up while they bend to take her blessings. She drags Rani along with her. Kundan and Vikram hold Raju over gun point and tells him to stay where he has been.At farmhouse, Suminda asks Rani why she is lying, she doesn’t need be in any pressure. Rani says she feels the safest with Raju, Rani advocates Raju’s eligibility in front of Suminda being the best life partner for her. Kundan and Prieti wonder when Rani began to love him. Rani explains to Kundan that Kundan warns Raja that he would keep a close eye over him, if he ever finds this marriage as fake he would not leave him.

Anandi says they all know Rani is an expert in making guys run away, it might not be Raju’s mistake at all. Rani tells Suminda no one would be able to keep her happier than Raju.In the corridor, Raja follows Rani but she tells him to leave her. Someone drags her halfway. Rani was curt he has really left him. Anandi had dragged her into the room and tells Raja he would get punished for whatever he has done. Raja says he already clarified to her that he cannot kill anyone. If she hurts his brother, he would disclose her reality. Anandi smiles then dials Dev’s number who had been tied with the chair. Anandi gives him an ultimatum of three days, he must either finish all the matters he has opened here, or be ready to watch his brother dead. Rani had come there, Anandi makes up that she came to inquire if Raja wanted anything. Rani tells her she can take care of her husband.

Kundan broke the bottle he drank from, he was curt over Raja. He tells his friend that he doesn’t accept Rani’s marriage with that body guard. He was sure to part Rani from that body guard within next three days.
Rani brings Raja into a room, she hands him money and tells her to save him. Raja was upset that even this money can’t save him, he can lose his life anytime. Rani wonders who hates her so much that he is ready to kill a child for her. She was ready to help him in everything but Raja couldn’t share it with her. Rani calls herself stupid because she trusted him, she loved him. She gives him an ultimatum of three days and tells him to face the kidnappers and save his brother. At least she won’t regret that the man she loved didn’t even deserve her respect. Raja nods and turns to leave the room. Rani stops him and tells him to sleep here as it’s their wedding night.

She forbids him to show his face to her. Raja asks if he can do something for her. Rani clutches his collar then slaps his chest asking if he can somehow feel her pain? Raju thinks once he saves his brother he would leave her, he is a mere Raju and for a love story Rani needs Raja.
Raja watches Rani sleep. He comes to drape her in blanket wondering what he must do, he doesn’t only want to save Dev but also save her from the danger she is living in. Rani holds his hand while her sleep. He sits there beside her bed and thinks what’s between them that gets him rid of all his fears. He feels when she is with him he can never be defeated. He was determined not to lose, he would save Dev as well as her and her mother. He places his head beside her on bed and sleep.

Rani wakes up to find Raja asleep beside her bed, her hands in his. She recalls about last night, how Raja denied being in love with her. Raja wakes up at once shouting he won’t let anything happen to Dev, he withdraws his hand from Rani’s and turns to leave. Rani asks how he would find out about his brother. Raaj says he has thought about it, but doesn’t know if the plan would work or not. Rani offers to speak to Kundan about it. Raja forbids her, as those very close to you are the ones who betray. Rani was upset that Raaj doesn’t consider her a friend who can be of some use. Rani comes outside, Suminda inform Anandi she is going to office. Rani questions if she is really going to office. Suminda says Rani married herself, why should she celebrate about it. Preiti tells Rani that Suminda is really upset about her decision.

Rani hopes Raaj takes Dev away soon.
Anandi gets a call, she is informed that they have lost Dev who has run away. Raja comes to her, he recalls recording the call and planned to follow Anandi when she goes looking for Dev. Raja follows Anandi but Kundan gets him across the corridor. Raja wasn’t ready to fight him but to get him away he has to beat Kundan. Anandi comes to find Dev still there, Raja appears from behind. Anandi tells the goons to kill Raaj, Raaj fights back but Anandi holds Dev at gun point. She decides to first kill Dev, later Raja. Someone shots at Anandi’s hand from behind, it was Rani. Raja fights the goons while Rani holds Anandi at gun point. Anandi reminds Rani to be her aunt, Rani says the one who hurt her mother can be killed by her a thousand times.

Anandi pleads Rani and requests her not to kill her. Rani watches Raja hug Dev.
Outside, Suminda asks Anandi why she did this, she had shared any amount with Anandi. Anandi says after killing her brother she thought she would receive all the property, but she still had to beg Suminda. Preiti feels disgusted about being Anandi’s daughter and disowns her. Vikram takes Anandi.Rani tells Suminda about how she ran with Raaj, Anandi had called Raaj to kill her but he didn’t; she has been helping Raaj in saving Dev. Rani tells Suminda about the reality of not married to Raja. Suminda asks about the dress. Rani says it was only a trial for bridal costume. Raaj apologizes Suminda for betraying them but he did this all only to treat Dev. He studied, did a job but couldn’t get anything. He then thought about doing such work. Rani changed his life all together. Rani tells Raaj he can now leave, as the drama has ended.

Suminda tells Raja she would bear the expense of his brother’s treatment. Raja takes Dev aside.Kundan comes to Rani and was happy that she didn’t betray him. Suminda tells Rani that one needs a partner in life, Kundan was upset when she was kidnapped and she can’t get a better partner in life. Rani thinks about Raaj’s care for her. She announces she is ready to marry Kundan.

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