Once there was a king update Saturday 18 June 2022

Once there was a king 18 June 2022: Rani kiss Kundan’s hand after engagement. Raaj comes to take Kundan for Haldi. Rani demands him to put the turmeric to Kundan firstly, it’s because of him that their wedding has been possible. Raaj remembers her demand to marry her, and puts on the Haldi to Kundan. Kundan leaves with Vikram to another room. Suminda puts turmeric over Rani. Rani watches Raja moving away with his back while Preiti sits for the ritual. Raja now moves to Rani. The lights get off at once, both look at each other. She was upset watching him put the turmeric over her face and holds his hand, tears fell off her eyes. He caress her face and withdraws his hand, turning to leave. The lights get on, Rani realizes Raja was nowhere around.

Raja cried in another room, thinking about Rani. He thinks he has been in love with Rani, love always hurt and he would hide that pain.Rani wonders where Raaj has gone leaving the ceremony in the middle and looks around restlessly for him. Suminda comes to take Rani wondering why is Kundan is in a hurry for every ritual to be performed today.Kundan was speaking to someone on phone for not pressurizing. Raja throws a vase outside the window and suspects Kundan. Kundan angrily questions Raaj but Raaj doesn’t lose his temper. Raaj wonders where he is going in a hurry on the day of her wedding. The henna lady asks Rani about the name of groom. Rani watches Raaj going behind Kundan and calls him.

The lady writes the name as Raaj. Rani’s friends stop Rani from going anywhere and tells her to dance with them.Kundan assures Anandi he would get the papers signed by Rani. Anandi reminds him when he had come to her the first day. The remember Kundan discuss with Vikram that he had come to marry Rani and get a green card because of her background and bank balance. They wouldn’t have suspected him because he is her childhood friend. He wonders where he would find another rich girl in such a short notice. Anandi had come to take Kundan in her team. Raja had reached following Kundan and hears Anandi tell Kundan if he doesn’t get the property papers signed before his wedding she won’t spare him.

Raaj comes to Rani in the room where she had been crying. He tells her not to marry Kundan. Rani hugs Raaj saying she was sure Raaj can’t let her marry someone else. Raja clarifies him isn’t stopping her marriage because he loves her, but because Kundan would marry her and… Rani tells him to let Kundan leave her. Does this matter to Raaj? If not, what’s his right to save her? Raja says Kundan would destroy her. Rani says only she herself can destroy her, she will show him how she is destructed. Kundan comes to Rani in the corridor and asks her signatures for visa application. Raja comes from behind insisting on Rani to read the papers.

Rani tells Vikram to push Raaj away.
Suminda makes Rani up and was concerned about her bruise on the forehead. Rani says it’s a mark of remembrance, these are not removed but always kept safely. Suminda asks how she got it, Rani says it’s a long story. She must first get ready else Kundan would die of anxiety.There, Kundan informs Anandi on phone that the work has been done, she may send anyone to collect the papers. Anandi was happy. Suminda brings Rani into the hall. Raaj comes there in a Singh’s disguise. Suminda says she is busy to speak to him but he tells them to leave this house right away, they must vacate this house within next 24 hours. Everyone was shocked.

Raja tells Suminda the reality of Kundan and Anandi. The inspector kidnaps Anandi and Kundan. Suminda was thankful that her daughter was saved from marrying such a fraud. Raaj tells Rani he tried to tell Rani but she was stubborn, he had to become Raaj Singh from Raaju to make her understand about it. Suminda prays for her daughter’s life. Raaj says she would surely get someone better for her. Rani corrects Raaj saying she is no princess who wants a prince to protect herself or her mother; she can better do it herself. Suminda watches Raaj’s name on Rani’s henna, she says she trusted Rani when she claimed to love him. He might be the right man for her so she wants to hear his truth. Raaj tells Suminda that Rani is the true Rani, he is only a bodyguard. They can’t stay with each other. Suminda appreciates his quality of being down to earth and practical, when Rani told her about having married him she thought he was taking advantage of Rani.

Today, she offers him to become a manager in her company for three months and prove himself, he can stay in their out-house. If she finds him worth keeping her daughter happy she would happily marry Rani with him. She doesn’t consider someone’s past, but his future as important. Suminda says she wants to see if she can wait for a man who was ready to leave her, he can think well about it. She leaves.The next day, Rani was curt about stupidity of Rani. She asks why Raaj can’t confess his love when he loves her. There in the out-house, Dev tells Raja he is afraid to come up to Rani’s expectations. Raja wonders why Rani doesn’t understand about it.

There, Rani says she doesn’t want to understand about it, she loves Raja without any conditions and doesn’t expect him to create a perfect world for her. Her life would be perfect when he is in it. She decides to make him confess love tonight. There, Raja says he wants to love Raaj only when she doesn’t feel any shame in introducing him as her husband.
Rani arrives at out-house to Raja and teases him. But Suminda comes from behind and warns Rani not to come here time and again. Raaj thanks Suminda for sending Dev to the nursing home. Rani leaves. At night, a masked girl comes to Raja’s room. He was asleep and tries to take his gun out of drawer, the lady picks the gun before and makes Raaj faint with chloroform and kidnaps him.

She ties him to a chair and throws a glass filled with water. Raaj wakes up to see it was Rani. He asks what is this all, Rani says she abide by her mother that this won’t work in her house; but this isn’t her house. It was the palace. Raaj tells Rani that marrying her is a tough decision. What if he is unable to come upto her expectations and tries to leave the palace. Rani keeps her foot to make him fell down. A man in mask was watching them, Raaj was alert of the footsteps but Rani doesn’t pay heed. Rani clarifies to Raaj he can’t leave the palace until she hears what she came for. She takes Raja to another hall decorated with balloons. Raaj says they must not be here at this time.

Rani conditions to play a dart game with him, he must reply her questions else she won’t leave this place.The masked man tells a lady that there is a couple in the palace. When they were in a hiding, the couple was there then as well. Their drugs worth millions can be caught this way.

Suminda wakes up at the middle of night due to nightmare. Prieti was worried about Rani being so late, she lay down and fake to speak to Rani about Raaj. Suminda was relieved and prays Raaj comes upto Rani’s expectations.Rani was moved as Rani sings, ‘Mere dil mein jaga ke’. They dance together. Rani asks Raaj why he doesn’t confess his love. Raaj says a few things aren’t said, Rani says she won’t be relieved until she hears about it. She is ready to wait for him until he wish, she wants to be a companion, not a support. Raaj says I love you Rani, she hugs elated as she replies him with I love you too. Bari Rani Maa fumes as she watches them. Raaj looks towards the light coming from the door and was alert. Rani drags him the other way to show him something else.

Bari Rani Maa comes to her Guru and tells him she has even betrayed death, but today her luck has betrayed her. She thought about her victory since long. Her Guru tells her they are her Kaal, and reminds there is a huge power in the world, she doesn’t mean anything in front of that power. She had sown the seeds of her death the day she killed Raja. Love never dies, Raaj and Rani have returned as her end. He minds she must stay away from them this time. Bari Rani Maa was determined to end their story today, right away.Rani brings Raja into a study and was about to wear a mask. Raja was afraid of it and gets flashes from some past.

They discuss they both felt as if they had underwent all these events before, as if they belong here. He holds a paint brush. Rani says he appears to be a great painter. Raja says she would discover after their marriage about all his talents. She asks him to repeat what he just said, he doesn’t repeat the word Marriage. Rani was annoyed he didn’t propose her well. Raaj holds her hand and kneels in front of him, he says she is the one who taught him love. He would never let him cry and makes her wear his locket. Rani asks where he got this unique locket. Raja says he used to dream nightmares in childhood, Rani says she also had the same.

Raja says his mother believed on a yogi who gave her this locket. Rani asks why he gave this to her if it’s for his life. Raja calls her as his life now.There, Bari Rani Maa creates her shadows and instructs them to finish Raja and Rani.Rani was shocked watching an army of masked men coming there, they run away from the room and runs across the palace. The masked men stood in front of them with guns pointed at them, Raja apologizes as they didn’t know its private property. They miss a gun shot and runs the other way into a room. Raja sits beside Rani who had been trembling. Rani says this is her nightmare coming to truth, she has seen this before. Raaj assures nothing would happen to her.
Bari Rani Maa calls his shadows and instructs them to spread across the palace and not leave saved. She shuts the main doors of the palace.

Rani hugs Raja in the room. Raja watches the shadow approaching and hits him with a wood stick. Bari Rani Maa turns the lights of the room on, two masked men enters with guns pointed at them. Raja attacks them, Rani beats one while Raaj fights the other. Raja shot one of them with a gun, he didn’t die but the shadows back up.
Bari Rani Maa shows up, Raaj and Rani recall the flashes from their pasts. Bari Rani Maa drags Rani towards her, Raja feels himself stuck close to himself. Rani gets hold of Bari Rani Maa’s braid. Raja moves with a sword to cut it, Bari Rani Maa vanishes.

Rani and Raja run out of the palace door. Rani asks why Bari Rani Maa wants to kill them? They recognize the name. Rani tells Raja about the whole story of Rani Gayatri and her daughter Rani. Raja recognizes the story of Raja and Rani and Bari Rani Maa was the villain there. They find a photo of Raja and Rani and recognizes themselves in different clothes.Suminda questions them where they had been. Rani apologizes Suminda for not listening to her but shares they problem they had to face there. She shows her the photo they found in the palace. Raja says they both have similar dreams since childhood. They recognized all the ways across the palace, they were aware of the palace better than the evil powers there. Suminda asks what the relation between them is, and who the lady who wants to kill them is.

Raaj Mata arrives and says she would tell about it. Rani Raaj Mata tells them they have been related since ages are the reincarnation of her granddaughter in law and her husband. Rani and Raja remember Raaj Mata and go to hug her, calling her Dadu at once. Suminda questions Rano who is she, and why have they been calling her as Dadu. Rani says they haven’t met her ever, it still seems they have been collected to her since old times. Raaj Mata says Rani is her granddaughter. Suminda says she knows who Rani’s grandmother is. Raaj Mata says in the last birth, she was her grandmother. Suminda doesn’t accept it. Raaj Mata questions why she called her as Dadu at once, truth is stranger than any story in the world. She introduces herself as Amirkot Raaj Mata Premvadha Singh Dev. Suminda recognizes the name.

Raaj Mata says time stole everything from her but her destination, Raja and Rani’s defeat and the loss of her mother in law.
There, Bari Rani Maa wonders what power does Raja and Rani own and how can they beat her. She wonders why they were astonished to see her as if they could recognize her. How they knew her power is in her braid. She recalls a Yogi telling Raaj Mata that Raja and Rani would surely return. She was sure Raaj Mata must have been there for their help.Suminda was confused and asks what this all happening is. Raaj Mata says it’s difficult to believe how she lived for all these years. She was happy that Rani got a mother’s love in this birth at least.

Raja asks if they caused a lot of trouble to Raaj Mata in this life as well. Rani asks how she found them, Raaj Mata tells them about Yogi Baba’s prediction; he had said when they both will touch each other’s there would be flashes of light in flames. Rani reminds Raja about the current on their touch. Raaj Mata says she also felt that current. She was sure this story would return to Amirkot. She kept an eye over the palace for years still they had left when she reached there. She got the address of this place and came here to warn them. Suminda was worried that Bari Rani Maa knows already they have returned. Raja and Rani speak together that this time this won’t happen, they were determined to revenge any injustice and nothing would be able to beat them. They hold each other’s hands tight.

There, Baba tells Bari Rani Maa that life doesn’t give people another chance, they have been blessed else they will burn her. Bari Rani Maa demands Baba of powers. Baba wonders why she needs any more strengths. Bari Rani Maa was worried about Raaj Mata and Yogi Baba with him. Baba says she must pray with fire all night for that. Bari Rani Maa was ready to do anything.Raaj comes to his room and finds a suit hanging with a note along it. He comes dressed up and finds a box in the corridor, there was coconut and straw in it. He walks outside towards the garden and places the coconut on a table. Rani stood there playing guitar and sings for him.

Bari Rani Maa gets the powers from Baba all night long. Baba says she has been given more powers but if she loses this time, she would lose all of her powers. Bari Rani Maa says a single chance is enough for her.In the garden, Rani and Raja take vows with each other around the fire.Raaj Mata takes Raaj and Rani to meet Yogi Baba, Yogi Baba tells them about the trap. He plans a Hawan, Darkni would push herself to stop the Hawan and only then Raaj would read some verses to end the darkni. Raaj and Rani hold hands with each other.

Rani was getting ready when Raaj comes in saying she looks pretty. He shuts her up saying they won’t take defeat today no matter what, they hug each other and come out hand in hand. Suminda bids a farewell to them and promises to pray for them. Raaj Mata was sure this time their children would win.During the Hawan, there was smoke around and the fire goes out as a reaction of Bari Rani Maa. She sprinkles water over the screen, the floors tremble. She comes outside. Yogi Baba had created a shield around themselves, Bari Rani Maa attacks them with her powers. She moves to Raaj Mata saying a lot of lives were lost, still Raaj Mata didn’t change. She was of no use ever.

Bari Rani Maa attacks the Yogi Baba who fell off the floor, Rani deters her to kill them but they won’t finish. Bari Rani Maa throws a spear towards Raaj. He fell down crying while Rani cries beside him.

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