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Once there was a king 16 June 2022: All of a sudden the room windows begin to bang, Rani was afraid but it was wind only. She enters the room. Right behind the door was Raja and Rani’s wedding photo. Raja comes calling Rani. She asks Raja about the car. Raja at once get a bang in his head, he turns around to be a different man. Rani asks why he is behaving as some soul. Rani turns to flee, Raja laughs. Rani was annoyed and leaves covering Raja with a cloth piece. Raja was worried about her and comes to the hall to look for her, he accepts his defeat and promises to do as per her instructions. Rani comes from behind asking promise? Raja clutches her arms and pins her to the wall, he warns her not to do such joke again.

Rani assures she is fine. She looks upstairs and challenges Raja to reach the door before him. Her foot was injured in the way, Raja returns and asks if this is cheating. Rani cries in pain. Raja holds her up to a room. Rani plays a game with Raja. Raja stands up to speak to her in pure English, Rani was taken aback. Raja asks if the prince of Paris won’t know English. Rani asks Raja why he doesn’t take a good job. Raja says it’s easy for those who haven’t worked throughout their lives. They belong to different worlds, they won’t understand each other. Rani begins to bite an apple.

Rani was sleeping when she gets dreams of her past. She wakes up wondering about the dreams, then comes to wander around the palace with a candle. Suddenly something jumps in front of her, she screams and runs behind to hug Raja who had just arrived. He hugs her back. She straightens up and demands Raja to bring her chocolates she has been craving for. Raja hands her a pot to grow chocolates for herself. He is sleepy and wants to sleep. Rani deters to go by herself.
Kundan comes with the police. Anandi was worried what if Raja does some harm to Rani. The inspector says he has recently transferred here, no one is aware he is a inspector. Prieti says she has a photo of Raja. Anandi was worried.

Some people were pasting Raja’s photos on the wall when the shop keeper recognizes him. Rani was waiting in the palace, she comes to find a piano. The flashes from her past get vivid. She drowses over the piano. Raja asks Anandi on call about why Police is behind him. Anandi tells him to keep hiding where he has been. Raja comes to wake Rani up, she screams out of fear firs then watches a dung over Raja’s face. Raja says this is pure honey he brought for her. Rani was moved and enforces Raja to remove the dung off his face. She then asks him to bring something to eat.The inspector brings Rani’s earring. The inspector says it was their hiding, he wonders why Raja left in a hurry. He suspects their information got to them from here.

Raja brings Rani to a bon fire and says they can’t find a better restaurant. He pours coconut juice for her. She was shocked to know he was cooking grilled papaya with honey. Raja promises she would like it and goes to cook papaya over the lit fire. Rani asks where he learnt this all. Raja says those who don’t have mother to feed with her hands learn these lessons through life. She asks about his father. He says he doesn’t remember his face as well. She asks what kind of girlfriend he would like. Raja says she would be simple and understanding. Rani argues a girl must be hot and spicy. Raja asks what problem she has, it’s about his girlfriend. He hands Rano the food over banana leave.

Their hands touch to give each other a shock. Rani’s hand was burnt, Raja caresses it and throws water over it. Rani was moved over his concern. Rani says no one ever this to her, and breaks into cry. She has always been with Maa, Prieti and Bua and had made up her mind that she won’t get anyone to take care of her. Raja asks why she is crying. Rani says it feels she shouldn’t fight alone in life anymore, it seems he can fight for her and protect her. Her heart says he is perfect for her. Raja touches her forehead and checks on her nerve asking if she is fine. Rani says she is perfectly fine, she likes him for him protecting her. At least, he is what he is, he doesn’t have dual faces and suggests to marry each other. Raja laughs saying one only marries a girl. She was offensive.

Raja says she has nothing like girls, innocence, simplicity and shyness is missing from her. It’s his duty to protect her, he might never have looked at her if it wasn’t his duty to keep an eye over her. Rani leaves angrily. Raja comes to the lit fire and throws water over it to put it off.
In the room, Rani thinks her feelings have been mocked by Raja. She wonders if this is love why it is so painful. She hears footsteps of Raja approaching and lay down to sleep. Raja covers her with a sheet and says one can never enclose moon in fist. He places his hand over the flame saying her sky is far away from his soil; it can never be crossed. His finger burns with the flame. He touches Rani’s lip to feel she was asleep. Rani cheers and sits up as soon he had left, she touches her lips saying she is Rani and would make him confess the truth today.

The inspector tells Kundan that Raja has taken Rani to Amirkot. Suminda was restless to go with them. Bua wonders what if Raja knows about it, the inspector asks who would tell him.Rani opens the wardrobe and finds some dresses in it. Raja was watching the photo of a kid in his wallet.There, Rani wears a red saree and dances around Raja. Raja asks really, when she has started to trap guys like other girls. He says her tricks won’t work on him, she and her dress can go to hell. He says this isn’t love, its only a stubbornness to get him. Rani says she loves him, she knows he always does; he is lying again. Raja says she doesn’t know about the whole reality. Does she even know who is he, where he came from, where he loves; she won’t be able to bear it? Rani says Raja had told her he has no one, he would live with her; her mom would be elated to know she is about to marry her.

Raja says her mother liked him to be her servant, not a groom. Such loves suits in stories as well. Raja says for guys its not the same thing to be in love and interested in marrying. Raja says he is happy this ended soon. He thinks he is sorry, but this is for Rani’s betterment.Anandi tells Raja to kill Rani and keep hiding where he is. Anandi says Rani has become a web that may trap them both. Raja was taken aback and asks what they will get after killing Rani. Anandi was sure Suminda would die herself after Rani’s death, else she would kill her by poison and tell the world that she died of her daughter’s sadness.

Rani was leaving the palace angry over Raaj. A photo of Rana ji and Rani Gayatri fell down on floor right in front of her, she wonders why this reminds her of true love. She moves on to find a trunk, inside it was a diary of Rani Gayatri. She goes into remembrance of Gayatri. Raja comes there and informs Rani that her mother would soon come to take her home. He moves towards his room and watches Dev’s photo in his wallet. The doctor’s words echo in his mind that there is a hole in his brother’s heart and needs an urgent operation.
Rani continues reading the diary of Rani Singh Dev. She thinks if love is true it passes every trouble. There, Raja brings about a gun and decides he can sacrifice anything for his brother’s life, even his own life. Rani decides to live for her love.
The next morning, Rani comes to Raja draped in Gayatri’s trunk. She asks why he is carrying a gun with him.

Raja says he heard some voices. Rani asks if he still says he doesn’t care for her. She doesn’t let him speak and breaks a chair to light it with a match stick. Raja stops her asking what a joke it is. Rani demands him to marry her right away. Raja says they are mismatched. Rani says if a Gayatri from normal family could live with Rana ji, why can’t Raja from a normal background marry her. She asks him to touch her and say whenever she is near, he doesn’t feel anything. Raja pushes her away. Rani fell over the chair hitting her head. She fells down unconscious. Raja holds the gun remembering about Dev’s cries. He points a gun at Rani but couldn’t shoot her.
There, the inspector had found Raja’s hiding. Suminda was worried that her heart says Rani is in danger. Anandi was sure Rani must be dead by now.

Prieiti stops Anandi from leaving. Anandi says she is going to temple but Preiti must stay with Suminda here.
Rani brings a glass of water to Rani and throws it over his face. She says he must have done this to her when she was unconscious. She points his gun over her shoulder, and asks why Raja is so reluctant to show his love to her. Raja says Dev, it’s because of Dev he agreed to kidnap her. He took the job of body guard only to kidnap her easily.Raja tells Rani that he has now been ordered to kill her. Rani says he is making up the stories as he is only afraid to marry her. Raja shows her the mark on his hand which she had used as resistance. Rani holds his collars and asks who that is.Anandi enters the palace and thinks before police reach she must get Raaj out of this all. Rani deters Raaj to tell her else she would call the police.

Raaj pleads in front of Rani, he says his brother is in their custody. He can’t take someone’s life just to save his brother, else he had been ordered to kill her. Rani forces him to shoot her by pointing his gun over her shoulder.The inspector gets a call that Raja and Rani are in old palace of Amirkot. They head to reach them.Raja tells Rani he committed a mistake, she doesn’t want a sin for herself. There, Rani shouts that she shouldn’t have trusted him in first place. He had planned to first win her trust, then love and later betray her. There, Anandi thinks she was wrong in trusting raja. Now she must kill Rani by herself. Raja holds her hands while she resists. Rani was hurt by her bangles. Raja was concerned. Rani slaps Raja and ties his hands behind him saying he must not have posted her letter as well. Raaj requests Rani to listen to him and stay here, they would think she is dead and leave his brother.

Rani shuts him up wondering how dare he thought she would help him. Rani hears the siren of police mobile. Anandi had entered the palace but leaves.

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