Naagin update Tuesday 2 August 2022

Naagin 2 August 2022: The Episode starts with the Eagle snake coming to Bani as her new enemy. Bani and the fake Maarkaat has a fight. Veer asks Bani whom he will support?

15 mins earlier?

Jai gives drink to Meera. Meera takes it and goes. Jai asks the guests to enjoy the party. Veer says he is saying as if this is his father’s party. Bani says Please. Tapish asks if you want to drink? Bani and Veer say no. Veer tells Bani that if she dances with Jai then? Bani says I was about to ask you for dance and asks him not to take it wrongly. He says sweetheart, even I have no wrong thought about this dance, I will take you to people so that you can know. Bani and Veer start dancing. Bani signs no as he takes her near the couples dancing, so that she can know about the evil effect on her. Veer says Jai and Mahek. Bani says they shall not be checked. They come near Jai and Mahek while dancing. Veer asks Bani to hug him, so that everything will be revealed. Jai understands that they are searching the negative effect and pulls Bani to dance with him.

Veer shouts Bani. Jai takes Bani from there. Mahek comes to Ponky and tells that Jai left her to dance with Bani. Ponky says I will dance with you and leave Veer’s mother.Bani asks Jai why did she take her here as she was about to find the evil power. Meera goes from there. Jai tells that today is the night when every snake shed their skin and gets new skin and that moment will be weak and anyone can attack us at that moment. Veer searches for Bani. Chachi irritates Balwant. Jai takes Bani out..Bani feels cold. Jai says I will bring something for you and goes. He signs black nail polish woman. She turns into snake and eagle. Bani feels the negative effect and thinks what is this strange looking creature. The strange creature takes human avatar. Bani is shocked to see Veer’s mother as snake with eagle wings. Meera comes to Veer and tells that she didn’t see his mother. Veer says she is searching for Bani.

Bani asks who are you? Her mother in law asks didn’t you identify your mother in law. Bani takes in her icchadhari avatar and asks who are you? I have never seen such a creature before. Veer’s mom tells that she can kill her and she is her Maarak. She says if you don’t believe then have a fight with me. Bani says lets see. Jai smiles evilly. Maarkaat attacks Bani. Bani bites her and holds her neck. Jai thinks Maa kill this naagin…Naagin ki Shakti se plays…They have a fight in the air. Maarkaat falls on the ground. She attacks bani again, but the latter’s powers overpowers her and she falls down on the ground. Veer comes there. Bani asks him to see that this woman….Veer finds his mother fallen on the ground, helps her get up and asks what happened? Maarkaat says she made me fell down. Veer looks angrily at Bani and goes. Jai comes there and asks Bani if she is fine? Bani says I didn’t know about my enemy staying in the same house as mine. Jai says she is Maarkaat and asks her to kill Veer.

A fb is shown, Jai asks Maarkaat, why did he not get the powers like her. She says I can give you a boon to get the powers and tells that for that he has to fight with his brother Veer and defeat him. She says once Veer is moved from their way, then she will kill Aadinaagin. She says she will give her powers to either of her son Veer or Jai. Fb ends. Jai says you will give your powers to me and thinks Veer will die. Veer comes to the terrace. Bani comes there as a snake. Veer gets his wings and then becomes normal. Bani is still in her icchadhari avatar. Veer asks Bani if she wants to kill her. bani says I want to ask you this? Veer asks what were you doing with my mother? Bani says I was trying to protect myself and says she is a dangerous creature. Veer says you think that everyone is conspiring against you. Bani says it is thousands year old conspiracy. Veer asks her to tell if he conspired against her. Bani says not you, you can’t kill me and tells that Jai is with your mother. She says I was not aware of her name etc, but Jai did a mistake and told me that she is a maarkaat. She says Jai thought that I will leave my skin and if I am attacked at that time, then I will be killed. He even took me there and left from there. He asks if she is sure? Bani says Jai knows Maarkaat and there is a relation of Jai and your mother.

Veer asks do you know what are you saying? Bani says your mother is my years long enemy and Jai is with her and she wants to kill me. Veer says she is my mother. Bani says I can’t trust Jai, I have to kill your mother. Veer shouts Bani. Bani asks will you support me? Veer says do you think that I will help you to kill my mom? Bani says I am from the clan whom you hate and asks if he will end the enmity between snake and eagles, or will he show his reality? Veer looks on.Bani comes to Jai and says you was right. She cries and says I didn’t know that what I have done. She says I think we shall be together, being snakes, but this is wrong. Jai pulls her closer and says this is right, you and me? He is about to kiss her. It turns out to be Jai’s dream. Jai thinks he shall not think of Bani, he can’t do this. Later Jai comes to Bani and asks what happened? Bani says nothing, I just want to be alone for sometime. He thinks this is like my dream and asks why is she crying? He is about to hug her. Veer gets upset and kicks the vase, asking Bani if this is her reality. He says she has tears in her eyes, so that people have sympathy with you and hug you. Maarkaat looks at her.

Veer says I believed you for a minute when you told that my mother attacked you and then you told that Jai is with her. Jai asks how do you know? And then says how can you say this? veer says this is the truth friend and says look at me, I am calling you friend. Bani asks him to be quiet. Veer blames Bani for trapping his mother. Bani says if I want to kill her then I wouldn’t have saved her. They argue. Veer says my family is not safe with you. He calls his family and pushes Jai. Jai falls down. Bani asks him to leave her hand. Daksh and Ponky bring the mirror. Veer locks Bani in the glass box and says it will open with his magic only. He says he will have his eyes on her for 24/7. His brothers hold Jai.

Maarkaat looks at him. Meera asks Veer to leave her sister. Tapish drags her from there. Meera asks why did he bring her here? He asks her to trust Veer. Meera says I don’t trust him, he has locked my sister inside. Bani asks Veer why he doesn’t believe her. Maarkaat rejoices. Bani says you can’t do this with me. Veer says you can’t get freed from here. Bani sees Maarkaat smiling and asks Veer to see. Veer finds his mother scared and takes her to room. She asks him to leave Bahu and says Bani must be having a misunderstanding, tells that she had only saved me. She signs jai and asks Daksh to leave him, as she is getting headache. She asks Veer to get her medicine. Veer asks Ponky to bring her medicine.

Maarkaat goes to the bathroom and thinks he got after her. She manages to come to Jai’s room. Jai tells that Veer doubts on her. His mom tells that they shall think to take out Bani from here and kill her. Jai looks on. Maarkaat looks at Balwant and tells that she was afraid of Balwant, but can kill them with her finger tip. She blackens balwant and others’ faces. Jai asks when you will kill Bani. Just then they hear Veer saying that she came out. They come out. Veer asks Maarkaat to go to her room. Meera tells Tapish that she saw her sister outside and now she won’t let her stay for a minute. Tapish says you can’t do this and takes her downstairs. They see Bani locked in the glass box. Veer also comes there and asks how did you come inside again? Bani is seen reading a magazine inside and looks at him. Veer is surprised.

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