Guddan update Tuesday 2 August 2022

Guddan 2 August 2022: Guddan says I hope Agastya forgives mummy ji. Pushpa comes to her. Choti says come in. Pushpa says how should I face you? I am your culprit and yet you did so much for me. No one wants me in this house. I don’t think this family won’t be one again. I think I should leave this house. You, Agastya, Rashi, and your baby, all live happily together here. Choti says don’t say that mummy ji. We can’t live without you. At least stay till Makarsakranti’s pooja.

Agastya comes and says what are you doing here? I told you to stay away from my wife. You always betray us. Choti says what are you saying, relax, please. She leaves. Choti says she was saying she will leave this house. I asked her to stay till pooja. Is that how you talk? Agastya says I can’t trust her. I don’t like treating her like this either. Choti says give her one chance. We have to fix things. Agastya says what if she harms you again? I can’t take a risk again. She says you’re doing your responsibility. She’s your mom. We can’t send her away from us. She brought you up. It’s your turn. He says she can never change. He leaves. Choti says in her heart how do I fix all this.

Money enjoys rasgullas with Sona and Hitank. She says my money missed me the most. Hitank says did Pushpa change really? Sona says I think she has lost. She looks defeated. She can never find a DIL like Guddan. I made her suffer so much and she forgave us. Money says now you promise you will never do anything wrong or help wrong. She promises.Arushi receives a parcel for Choti. She gives it to Choti and says it has no name on it. Choti takes it, she slips. Arushi screams.. Pushpa holds her. Agastya says are you okay? Choti says mummy ji saved me at the right time. Pushpa says I will always save you when I get a chance. She says I ordered this for you, new years gift. Open it, you will like it. It’s restaurant’s permission letter. She says I hope you will succeed with this restaurant. Forgive me please. Choti says I trust you mummy ji. I believe you have changed. I trust you. Agastya leaves.

Choti comes to Agastya every girl dreams of a good husband and MIL. I am so glad I have a husband like you who loves and cares for me. Please forget what has happened. Mummy ji is changing as well. She returned to our restaurant as well. We have to trust her. She needs to see the same respect in your eyes. You have to do this for her. Agastya says I will say no again. Choti gets a call. She says what? Mummy ji? Agastya says what did she do not?Choti comes to Pushpa and says the order of 500 people? this is the biggest order I will serve in my life. Thank you mummy ji. Pushpa says I should have done it way before.

This restaurant was your dream, time to turn it into reality. You will be the best chef of India. I am with you in this journey. Go and prepare for your order. Choti says how will I do it all in such less time. Pushpa says I am there to help and my son, your husband, he’s always with you. Choti says thank you mummy ji.Agastaya says we have to do many preps. Let’s go. Choti says yes. Agastya says in his heart I hope this all isn’t a new drama and she has changed for real.

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