Naagin update Monday 1 August 2022

Naagin 1 August 2022: Episode starts with Balwant opening the door and finding bani bringing Chachi, Meera and her sisters home. He asks why did you bring them here. Bani says they will stay here. Balwant calls Veer and others. Daksh and Ponky get happy seeing Mahek and Dahek. Balwant asks Veer with whose permission, Bani has brought them here. Veer says this is Bani’s house and she don’t need his permission to bring her family here. Chachi appreciates Veer’s thoughts. Bani looks at Veer. Meera says we have to prepare for breakfast and asks where is Veer’s mother. Balwant gets angry with Bani and goes. Tapish tells Chachi and others that it is good that they come, Bani will feel good.

Bani says I thought you will get upset with my decision. Veer says no, afterall you have decided to stay in the house and keep up the marriage. Bani’s sisters get happy seeing their room. Bani promotes the show Molki. Her sister says we will watch it. Bani says we all will see and asks them to rest, says I will meet you later. Jai asks Bani, what is she doing, why did she bring all the humans here. Bani says we have to bring them before and tells that they have to expose Monil and Teer’s murderers. She says they are humans and will figure out the truth. Jai says you are risking their lives. Bani says she won’t let anything happen to them, says truth will be out soon. Jai gets worried and thinks he will be exposed.

He comes to Maarkaat and tells that Bani has brought her family here. He tells that Aadinaagin, eagles and humans are under the one roof now. Maarkaat comes near Jai and throws him afar. Jai says I am on your side Maarkaat. Snake charmer tells Panditayan that they are on Shiv ji’s side and not on Bani’s side. She tells that Bani’s new enemies are coming. She shows him a paper and he gets shocked. He asks Shatrugan ji is coming. Jai witnesses Maarkaat with head of the snake and lower body of an eagle with wings. Jai is shocked. Panditayan tells Snake charmer that Bani is surrounded by enemies, at one side is eagles, other side is Jai and the third side is this new enemy. Veer searches for his mother and finds her missing. The fake Maarkaat asks Jai to keep Bani and Veer separated. Jai laughs and says he will do. He says those eagles don’t know that you are not Maarkaat and you are some else. He promises not to tell her truth to anyone.

Veer desperately searches for his mother and tells Bani that he will die without his mother and can’t live without her. Bani finds her outside the house and tells him. Veer goes to her and calls her Maa. She says she was scared and got injury. Veer says he will apply her ointment like she used to apply in his childhood. He gives her chocolate and makes her eat. He says chocolate is Maa’s weakness and she used to steal even my chocolate. Bani gets teary eyes seeing Veer’s love for his mother.Daksh and Ponky are taking Bani’s sisters out. Tapish asks did they take permission from their mother. They say that they are adults. Meera says she tried to explain to them, but they didn’t listen. Tapish tells that Bani will not let anything happen to them as she is a …..Meera says Aadinaagin. Panditayan tells about the new Maarkaat, who stood on one leg and did tapasya of bholenaath. She says she asked bholenaath to give her head of a snake, body of a human and wings of an eagle. She says Bholenaath granted her boon and she got egoistic and asked something from Bholenaath. A fb is shown, she asked Bholenaath to give her moon and his crown. Shiv ji warns her and burns her half face in anger. She says she is still powerful. Shiv ji says only Aadinaagin can defeat her.

Panditayan tells that Maarkaat returned as Bani’s enemy. Jai tells fake Maarkaat that she has fooled eagles nicely, tells that they didn’t know that she is his mother and he is her biggest weapon. She says she can control anyone to defeat Bani. Bani serves food to everyone. Balwant asks what is this? Bani says she is serving food to them today. Veer comes there and asks bani for tea. Bani asks him to serve himself. Bani feels evil/Tamsik powers and thinks this is troubling me a lot. She thinks whoever is this power, is on the table. She excuses herself. Jai asks Meera not to worry, as Bani will find out about the Tamsik powers, but will not find out. He says lets go out. Chachi irritates Balwant and praises Meera. Balwant goes. Jai comes there. Veer asks to sit silently and eat their food. Meera comes to the dining table and asks if they want anything.

Bani comes to the room and thinks what is this tamsik powers which is affecting me. Veer comes and says sorry. He stands outside and asks if his mother can attend the party. Bani says yes, she can attend the party, I will tell her. She opens the cupboard….He sees marks on her waist and comes inside, asking what happened to her. He gets shocked seeing marks on her face and body. Bani says this is the effect of the tamsik powers near her, don’t know from where. Veer makes her sit and says I know you can attack me at anytime being Aadinaagin, but right now you are my wife and nobody can stop me from taking care of my wife. He puts wet cloth on the red marks on her back and hands. Dil Ibadat plays….He asks if she is feeling better now? She looks at him. Veer says if you look at me like this then I will get unwell and then you have to take care of me. Bani says I am fine now and thanks him. Veer says don’t say that, I will always take care of you, you can scold me always.

Veer and bani come to his Maa’s room. Veer says where did Maa go? Bani asks him to check in the bathroom. Veer goes to check in the bathroom. Meera passes from there. Bani feels the evil powers and her skin becomes reddish. She falls down and sees Veer’s mother scared and hiding. Bani signs Veer just as he returns. Veer’s mother has some injuries and tells him about a person attacking her, who is having long hairs and nails too. Veer and Bani are shocked. Bani says it is good that everyone is gathered for the party, now I can understand who is the evil person. Veer looks at other side. Bani asks where is he looking at? Veer asks if she is jealous that he is looking at bahar wali. He tells that he has asked Ponky to bring Maa.Ponky brings Veer’s mother to the party. Veer makes his mom sit and asks Ponky to look after his mom. Bani says We have to find out about the devil. Veer says devil is infront of you and signs at Jai. Bani looks at Jai. Meera comes to the party. Jai thinks everything is happening as per my plan.

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