Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 2 August 2022


Unspoken Bond 2 August 2022: The Episode starts with Nandini saying its Darsh’s birthday tomorrow. Dada ji says yes, I forgot, Vipul and Chetan would have planned a big party. Vipul says Darsh got married, Nandini is making the preparations. Ritesh says I will help her. Darsh says I don’t want to celebrate this year. Dada ji asks why. Darsh says I don’t want to. She says I have arranged everything. Vipul thinks I hope Rajvi finds out why Chetan and Parul decided to get separated from family. Rajvi comes to meet Bansuri. Bansuri says Parul… Rajvi asks was Parul going to come. Bansuri says yes, she said she will be coming. Rajvi sees some patient inside the room. Naveen says she is my patient, I m a Vaid. Bansuri asks didn’t Parul come with you. Rajvi says no, I came to invite you for Darsh’s birthday, you have to come. She goes. Parul and Chetan come.

Parul asks did Rajvi get to know anything. Naveen says no. Parul asks how is she now. Naveen says she is fine. They go and see the lady’s phone ringing. The lady says this is my sister Priya’s phone, who are you. Bansuri says I m Bansuri Parekh, your sister met with an accident. The lady asks is she fine. Bansuri says she is bit hurt, don’t worry, my husband is taking care of her, she is in Dwarka. The lady says send me the address, I will come. The lady signs on the form as Dr. Charmy. Darsh says Nandini you talk sweetly, I didn’t think you will take Shobit’s help and make a fake bracelet, you have hurt me, but I won’t ask anything. Nandini comes and asks why are you setting the hammock. He says its my wish. She asks him to help her in english class, she has to write a romantic story. He says you make good stories, you don’t need my help. He goes. Chetan thanks Naveen. Naveen says its my duty, I m thinking what you are going through, you are ready to get wrong in Rajvi’s eyes to save her reputation. Parul says I have done this crime. FB shows Parul driving the car and crying.

She says IVF failed for the third time, maybe we will never have a child. Chetan asks her to drive slowly. She hits a girl. They get shocked. Chetan says we can’t take her to hospital, else it will be a police case. Parul says we have to take her to hospital, look at her state. He says the car is on Rajvi’s name, she will take the blame, she is going to get an award, we can’t let her name come in this, Naveen is a Vaid. FB ends.Parul says Rajvi did a lot for us, I can’t see her going to jail in this age, there was no one around at the time of accident, if this girl had seen the number plate, then Rajvi will go to the jail, so we got the car transferred to our name, we want to get separated from the family, family shouldn’t get affected if there is any police case. He says Parul, we should leave before her sister comes. They leave. Rajvi says Chetan and Parul want to sign the partition papers and go today. Vipul asks did you find out anything. She signs no.


Nandini reads the story. She asks Darsh what’s a french kiss. He says it maybe something. She asks him to tell her. He asks her to check images of french kiss. She asks doesn’t the nose get in between while kissing. He asks how can I explain, you will know when you do it practically. She asks him to do it practically. She gets shy and says I have no problem in doing a practical one. She holds his hand and gets close. Her phone rings. She says its Ritesh’s call. He says my work is over, I m going to the room. He goes. She answers the call. Ritesh says London research team has approved that surgery, Darsh can get his eyesight back. She asks what, is this true. She pinches her hand. She thanks him.

She says Darsh will get his eyesight back. Its morning, Shobit says thank God, Darsh will get his eyesight back, you got a donor, I want to tell everyone. Ritesh says yes, whose name did you take last. Shobit hides Charmy’s name. Ritesh says its Nandini’s prayers, I m going to meet Kinjal today, I prepared myself to propose her. Shobit asks but how, sky ride, dance or anything else. Ritesh says I just thought to go and say her I love you. Shobit says think of something good, I have an idea. Ritesh asks what is it. Nandini says I will take much care of Darsh after operation, I will help you in forgetting all the pain. She kisses his eyes. Aapki nazron….plays… She goes to kiss him. Darsh wakes up. She gets away and says I was wishing you happy birthday. She wishes him. She gets hurt by the pen. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I got hurt, you didn’t reply to my wish, did you get upset with me. He cares for her hand and goes. She says what happened to him.

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