Naagin update Wednesday 3 August 2022

Naagin 3 August 2022: Maarkaat sending fake Bani to kill Veer. Bani does tandav and dances to please Shiv ji to save Veer’s life.

1 hour 30 mins before:

Meera tells Veer that she saw Bani going from here. Veer asks Bani how come she can been seen in two places. Bani tells that she is smartest than her husband. Jai tells his mom that he saw her outside, even Meera saw her outside. Maarkaat asks him to take the coffin out and tells that she will find the way to kill her. Jai asks how to take her out as party is going on outside. Maarkaat asks him to use his mind sometimes.Balwant and his Chacha ji comes. Veer’s brothers greet Bani. Chachi gets happy seeing the sweets and gifts and says they shall sit and eat. Balwant thinks humans are bad. Jai thinks it is good that Ponky and Daksh are busy and didn’t see me. He makes Daksh drink fall.

Naagin 2 August 2022

Ponky and Daksh start fighting. Tapish tries to stop their fighting. Jai tells Mahek that one more gift came. Mahek gives the box to Chachi. Chachi opens it and finds honey bees. Everyone run to their rooms. Chachi covers herself with Mahek and Dahek. Jai takes the coffin from there. Meera brings blanket and takes her mother and sisters inside.Jai takes the glass box in the jungle and thinks it is good that he made her fainted before bringing her here. Bani comes there and keeps her hand on his shoulder. Jai looks at the glass box. Bani tells that my mud idol proved costly for you. She asks what did you do? Jai says I brought you here so that you stay safe from Veer. Bani says this place is dangerous for the snakes. Jai tells that he brought her here to safe her from Veer.

Bani says she has no danger with Veer and knows that he is against her and conspiring against her. She confronts him and tells that she got doubtful on him, when he told about Veer’s mom name as Maarkaat, which she didn’t even now. Jai tells that he is tired of acting and tells that he hates her since he was Hriday, and a fb is shown, she gets Aadi naagin icchadhari avatar before Hriday and he gets upset. He tells that he is not stupid like Veer and can’t obey her like him. Bani says you can’t be like Veer as she understands the meaning of the marriage and gives equal importance to her. Jai says I am not Veer. She asks who is the Maarkaat and asks him tell. Jai says she is so big, you can’t face her. Just then Maarkaat comes there and attacks Jai. She asks Bani, what did she think that she will not attack her son. She tells that both Veer and Jai are her sons. She tells that she has handled both her sons. She says I know what your and Veer’s plan is.

Veer tells that he knows that his mom don’t lie and knows that even she don’t lie, so now they will act to be enemy so that they can reach the real enemy. Maarkaat hears them. Fb ends. She tells that she saw when she left the home and signing Veer. Bani asks what did you do with Viranshu and asks where is he? Maarkaat says it seems you got mad about my son and says you can’t face me? She makes her fall very far and smirks. Jai is still unconscious. Bani finds herself in the cave and the way gets locked. Maarkaat starts walking and says bahu rani, you stay here, until I take you out. She says I have made sure that nobody remembers you. Bani becomes naagin and tries to open the cave way with her tail, but she fails.Bani shouts for help and asks if anyone is listening. Maarkaat blows the glass pieces of the glass box and creates fake Bani. Bani tries to leave from there and hopes she tried, but don’t know how is Veer? She asks fake Bani to go and kill Veer. She thinks you will be lock until she does her work. Veer thinks where did Bani go, after gaining consciousness. The fake bani comes home. Veer searches for Bani in the house and calls her.

He thinks where is she? The fake bani is holding knife behind her back and looks at Veer. Veer says thank god, where was you? Bani cries and wipes her tears. She thinks she can’t accept defeat and sit idle here. She prays to bholenaath and asks for help. Veer asks the fake Bani to get inside. He asks how are you and where was you? He asks if you was fine sweetheart. Meera comes there and asks him not to lock her in the coffin/glass box. Veer says I didn’t lock her in the coffin, it was our plan. Dakini/Fake Bani connects to Maarkaat. Maarkaat looks at Meera through Dakini’s eyes and says she is bani’s sister Meera. Dakini calls her Meera and asks her to go, as she needs to talk to Veer. She says we shall talk away from here. Veer asks her to come. Bani prays to Bholenaath to protect Viranshu and come in her naagin avatar. She dances and starts tandav. Bani asks Shiv ji to sign her that Veer is fine and until then she will not stop dancing. Veer asks Dakini, if Maarkaat attacked her and says he missed the scene. He finds the mirror moving and tries to place it rightly.

The mirror breaks. Veer moves back seeing her attacking him and asks who is she? He becomes eagles. She breaks down and becomes ashes. Bani stops seeing the stone falling down in the tilismi cave and finds Shiv ji’s plant burning. She thinks Veer is fine. Maarkaat realizes that Veer is safe and thinks both her sons are useless, and got mad over Aadinaagin. She tells that Veer is a special eagle and has special powers. Meera comes to Tapish and tells that the girl who came home as Bani is not actually Bani, but someone else, as she called her Meera and not Meera di. Tapish says it is ok. Meera says you are not understanding and tells that even Veer’s life is in danger.

Veer thinks who was she? Meera and Tapish come to the place and find the ashes and sandal. Meera says that girl was not Bani. Tapish calls Veer.Bani takes the firetorch and thinks she has to find what is the secret hidden here, rather than tilismi cave. She finds the snake impression on the cave walls and closes her eyes. She thinks there is a secret about this cave and everyone wants to know about it. She thinks Maarkaat locked her here so that she can know the secret through here. She will find out the secret, but will not let Maarkaat know. Maarkaat enters the cave and kicking the closed way. Bani tries to know the secret.

Veer comes to the jungle and finds jai unconscious. He tries to make him gain conscious and asks where is bani? Jai is in semi conscious state and says I really don’t know. Bani’s finger gets injured and her blood drop falls on the ground. The door to the cave opens and she gets inside. Maarkaat saw the door open and thinks Bani started enquiring the secret. She thinks she will kill her after knowing the secrets and then there will be no bahu and saas competition.

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