Married Again update Saturday 18 June 2022


Married Again 18 June 2022: Taiji congrats shobha and dubey for their 30th wedding anniversary python says tai u and he hugs her taijis says I am always there with u and then bua comes she says she is your jethani na and python is dubeys friends son then what relation she has with him….taiji says I am his mom not real but I have loved him more them a mom I will give him his rights….aarti silent taijis says u all are thinking what I am talking u all don’t know the truth is just then dubey takes her blessing and bows down and tells her not to tell anything and shobha also also takes her blessings she says I am like your saas I cant give u any blessing what shall I tell u that your family should grow but your son has died na just then bua says what talks are on we r here to celebrate and your putting salt on their wounds and bua tells them to take shobha yash also goes with aarti but taiji stops her and python says they have to prepare everything we will talk later and python tells them to go…

yash takes aarti (his hands are on her shoulder) taijis says u have a big heart how r u tolerating this she went away holding some one elses hand…python says its my fault not aarti or mom dads fault just then bua comes and python says we will talk later… shobha and dubey are brought they are also in retro look they sit on the chairs and a cake is in front of them everyone claps for them… they both get up cut the cake and feed each other

[on Stage]
Vidhi come and says shobha and dubey have completed 30 years of marriage so here is a special gift and we then see yash aarti dancing on(song pyar hua ikrar hua)they also call the kids and they touch them lovingly and kiss on the kids cheek now kids ask another kiss but as aarti and yash are about to give it they move away so aarti and yash are face to face and they don’t kiss now vidhi and pankaj dance on aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche….now Bhavani and pratik also join them ….everyone happy but taiji angry….now shobha and dubey dance on (song kyu age piche dolte hai from movie golmaal 2) now everyone join them leaving taiji everyone is happy….but taiji calls shobha …

[Room scene]
Shobha takles her in room she says u dunno what has happened taiji scolds her saying how did u remarry your dil shobha tells her he left her when she was preggo… taiji says my papus son he is a dad shobha says he just gave birth but yash is his dad he has fulfilled all responsibilities of being a dad…taiji says python would have returned every guy is like that but he returns back to his own nest one day ur DIL is shameless she could not wait she married a new guy shobha says what did he gave her taiji says he gave her the motherhood he filled her mang he gave an orphan new life shobha says this does nt make a women suhagan…

she needs love also Shobha says I am happy that I remarried to a guy who gave anew life to her and her kid taiji says I don’t believe in this now I am here I will fight for my papus rights just then yash opens the door(hain without knocking) shobha says yash u and yash says I am sorry I disturbed u but I need to talk shobha says come says tell me what u want he says taiji nothing is there to hide from u he says shobha maa thank u she asks for what he says becoz of u aarti ji is in my life and today I am gonna take a big step today I am gonna tell her what imp she holds in my life I am gonna tell her all my feelings.

Yash says I need a small help u have aartis childhood pictures I want them shobha says I will get them and while she is searching for them in cupboard some photos fall down yash offers help but shobha denies she clears it and gives him the pics and then he says thanks but I need one more thing she asks what your blessing so that I can tell her my feelings shobha says god bless u and u both always be happy no problem should come in your way and yash leaves…taiji says I will tell the truth to her family now just then dubey come she says whatever u want will happen and even I want this shobha say what are u saying taiji says I knew my sattu will support me she says lets go dubey says not now but its my promise I will get aarti back taiji says ok take your time but I want my dil and grandson back and aarti hears this from outside she says in mind i cant leave yash ji.

When taiji is gone, shobha confronts dubeyji about her actions. He tries to calm hr down saying that he did what he had to stop taiji from going out and creating a scene right then. The scindia family outside takes its leave from the dubeys who thank them again for making this an enjoyable and memorable day of their lives. while others leave, yash stays behind to tell arti that he has an urgent important meeting that he has to attend. after completing that, he would come and pick her up. Arti tries to protest but taiji too asks her to stay behind and she has no option but to agree. yash leaves while arti is tensed.

Outside, sitting in the car, he calls up someone who tells him that all preparations are done and they are just waiting for the photos now. He says he’s coming with them. He then calls up shobha and tells her to send arti to the address that he had given her. He thinks to himself that now he would finally tell arti what his eyes have already told her.Taiji is explaining to prashant that arti would definitely come back to him. Seeing arti leave, she asks her where is she going. arti tells her that she’s going to yash. she stops her and tries to tell her that prashant is the man that she first fell in love with and that she is destined to spend hr whole life with him.

She tries to reprimand her for the fact that even if prashant made a mistake, yet she should have waited for him some years since she had true love for him. But she refuses the idea and when taiji tries to place her hand in prashant’s she jerks herself away saying that yash isn’t a stranger but her husband now. taiji tries to stop her but she leaves. prashant too asks taiji not to stop her and let her go.
In her room, while arranging things, shobha finds the album. she sees prashant and arti’s wedding photo missing and realises that in haste and nervousness she had given it to yash along with other pics of arti. She expresses her concern with prashant who has just come in. she reminds him of the favour arti did to him saving his life and that now its his time to pay her back by saving her marriage, her life with yash from destruction. Shobha is tensed while prashant leaves.

scene 3:
Location: Sunshine Hotel
yash reaches inside and a person comes upto him to give him the framed photos. underneath the pile, lies arti and prashant’s wedding photo.While travelling, arti remembers taiji’s words and is tensed.while placing the photos on the stand, yash is talking to himself saying that Arti’s smile is the basis of her existence, the sparkle of her eyes are responsible for the sunshine in his life.Meanwhile, arti too reaches the hotel. Boggled she asks the driver why he dropped her there. he says he was instructed by shobha maa to do so. She gets down the car and enters the hotel. As she steps in the hallway, a romantic song starts playing and she finds a letter with a poetry, and a directional arrow pointing her o walk ahead.


She thinks to herself that Yash is very nice and in anticipation starts walking. she walks inside to find violinist’s playing a beautiful melody. She further walks ahead to find her pathway strewn with balloons and one red heart shaped balloon amongst them pointing her where to go next. she takes the cue and keeps walking thinking that she would ultimately find yash.yash is still arranging pics, prashant sees him and ducks behind a pillar for not to be seen. when yash goes to place another photo, he sneaks and manges to take his photo and is about to leave when yash gets a phone call and he hears yash ordering someone to send arti up. prashant is confused that he cant even leave now and is frustrated at the dilemma.

meanwhile as arti approaches the elevator that would take her upstairs to yash, she gazes at the video camera and finds prashant hiding behind a pillar. she misinterprets that it was him behind ll this and is disgusted. she gets on the elevator anyway to give him a piece of his mind.when she reaches at the top, she finds the whole room romantically set, with the screen saying I LOVE YOU AARTI and her photos all around. she also finds a man’s silhouette standing with his back to her gazing at her and ansh’s photo. She is disgusted and starts to say, that why is he doing all this. She accepts that she loved him once but now she is tied to yash. yash who is standing with his back to her is shocked out of his wits and hurt, while prashant too is devastated for arti.

Yash is shocked to hear this. arti goes on talking as if she’s talking to prashant. She says that its true that she loved him at one point of time and that they have shared memories and moments of their life together that she cant forget. But he has to understand that she’s somebody’s else’s wife now, a family’s daughter in law, mother of 3 kids and mother to yash’s unborn child. And therefore she has a responsibility.She asks him not to keep any false hopes that she would come back to him, coz she never will. It was a big day in her life when they met. From initial fights, they grew to become friends and then fell in love and got married. Yash is shocked to hear this. She was on seventh heaven feeling like she has got all the happiness in the world. An orphan, that she was, she came to his house and with the love and respect with which his parents treated her, she felt complete and considered herself the luckiest girl in the world.

But it was not meant to be, since he left her for another woman. she had cried and begged in front of him, tried to keep him back on the pretext of their unborn child but he didn’t listen nor stop. Still somewhere, deep in her heart she always thought that he would return back to her. Years passed by thinking that. Ansh grew up and was 5 years of age. He started demanding things that a son would from his dad, she became his father and fulfilled all his whims as his father, so that when prashant came back a s eh had hoped, he would not have any ill feelings towards his father. but he still didnt come.

then one day, the dubeys got her remarried to yash. she had no interest in remmarying since at that point, she could not even think about being with somebody other than prashant. She entered the marriage stiil, half heartedly without liking it at all, since she was not selfish as she thought about the happiness of the dubeys and ansh’s future. She reminds him how she had come to meet him on her mehendi still with the hope, that seeing her being married off to somebody else, he would realise his love and come back to her to start afresh but he didnt. Her hopes were washed away and she was devastated. she tells him that now its too late and she would never come back to him now.

How can she leaving that person, who gave his name, his identity and his love to her son, who gave the respect the dubeys desired from their son and didnt get, and how could she leave off the two young daughters who consider her as their mother depriving them of motherly love twice in their life. She wishes him to be happy wherever and with whoever he is, tells him that she loved him more than life once and hence cannot wish bad for him. Asking him to go away from his life to never come back, he leaves from there. Prashant too leaves behind him leaving yash alone in the room.

A shocked and speechless yash, is taken back to the incidents when prashant’s name came up, during his diwali visit, awkwardness between her and prashant, dubeys lying about their own son and prashant too making up stories of his wife and lastly the detective’s words about woman being the epitome of betrayal.While arti is walking out, she is stopped by prashant but she does not listen to him and instead tells him to stay away from her as she would never come back and therefore not to keep any false hopes about it. She leaves despite prashant trying to stop her and talk to her and say the truth.

Meanwhile, with all the paintings strewn on the floor, their glass frames broken, yash vents out his long suppressed anger demanding to know why she had lied to him when she knew how much he hates lies. then why did she lie to him.arti goes upto the temple and says to the goddess that she knows why she has been keeping the truth from yash and how much it pains her every time she has to lie pr keep the truth from him. But its her helplessness that she has no other option but to lie to yash. so much so, that now its building up troubles every time she is trying to lie to yash. She thinks that on one side is dubeyji, his son, his disease and its cure and on the other side is her life, her love, her yash. She wonders what to do and how to choose.

meanwhile, yash having vented out his anger softens up at the pain in his heart. He holds up a picture of arti and talks to her that when she explained everything, she also needs to tell him how to explain his heart now. He cant even hate her even after knowing that she had betrayed him. How can he admit his love for her after this.While arti is thinking what to do, wind starts blowing and the bells begin to ring and the flame of the earthen lamp begins to flicker. taking it as the sign of an ome, she tries to cover the lamp from both sides so that the flame sustains.

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