Naagin update Thursday 16 June 2022

Naagin 16 June 2022: episode starts with Brinda asking Dev if he can be happy without his family. Dev says I will be happy as you will be with me. Brinda asks did you know what you are going to, I can’t do this, this is wrong. Dev says he is doing this for love, for whom he can’t live and taking decisions becoming selfish for first time. He says he knows that Papa will understand him and asks her to come with him. A big snake is seen coming there. Brinda says if you are taking a big decision then you need to know something about me. Dev says it is enough for life time, whatever I know. Brinda looks at him. Dev says it is 12 am now, tells that whoever fights at this time, fights for forever. They tell about their childhood incident. He asks her to tell whatever she wants to say.

Naagin 15 June 2022

Brinda says I am scared that you will not talk to me. The same snake crawls and comes inside Brinda’s room. It comes near Dev. Vrushali tells that she is afraid that Dev will elope with Brinda. Shalaka says he will not go anywhere. She says she has a plan to handle her. Vrushali asks her to explain her plan. Shalaka refuses and asks the pendant to bring Dev to her. Brinda tells Dev that Sarla knew about her truth and infact she came to know about this recently. She turns and looks at the big snake behind Dev. She pushes Dev and holds the snake.Dev gets under the influence of Shalaka’s pendant and tells that he has to go to Shalaka. Brinda is shocked and sees Vishaka. She asks Vishaka why is she targeting Dev. Vishaka jumps off from the window. Brinda follows her and throws the net on her. Vishaka gets trapped in the net. Brinda says I had said that I am not an ordinary naagin and asks her to tell why she wanted to kill Dev, which you wants. Vish says he has everything and has all the secrets. She says Dev is not the same, like he seems, so much is hidden in it. Brinda says I will not believe you. Vish says even you will die like your mother. She rubs her pendant and burns herself. brinda is shocked. She thinks Vish has burnt herself. She thinks to go and tell Dev about her truth.

She comes inside and sees Dev laughing at Shalaka’s joke. They go to room. Shalaka dances in the room on the sonmg naagin…..while Dev is sleeping. Shalaka thinks Dev will only be his and aims at his forehead. She says I will not only get Naagmani, but you too. She brings the files and scattered on the bed, thinks Dev will think that he has working and slept.In the morning, Brinda thinks of Dev and thinks he had went to Dev’s room. She thinks may be Shalaka is doing something and upto some planning. She calls Swara and asks her to come there. Shalaka comes to vrushali and asks where is Iravati Chachi. Rasik says less people are enough here. Shalaka says lootere. Vrushali asks her to talk without fighting. Shalaka says I have an idea to get naagmani without hurting my husband. Vrushali says he is her son. Shalaka tells that she will tell on the way. Vrushali asks Rasik to come with them and asks Ketki to be at home.

Swara comes home and tells that she saw Shalaka, Vrushali and Rasik going somewhere. Brinda tells her that Dev is not the murderer of her mother and she misunderstood him. Swara says it is a good news and asks her not to believe Shalaka. Brinda tells that Shalaka took Dev to room. Swara says she will talk to her husband Mahesh and will try to know why they went.Shalaka comes to the temple and says they want to burn the temple. Pandit ji gets shocked. Vrushali and Rasik bring the firetorch. Vrushali says if you don’t reply to her then you will be burnt today. Shalaka asks him to tell how to get naagmani from someone’s body. The pandit refuses to tell them and asks in whose body it is? Shalaka refuses to tell them and says he has taken care of his temple and the naagmani since years. He says he is not afraid of death and asks them to burn him. They try to scare him, but he doesn’t get scared. Shalaka says they will burn the temple instead and throws the fire torch. She asks Rasik to bring the axe and break the temple. Pandit ji cries and pleads infront of them.

Brinda comes to Shalaka’s room. Dev says Shalaka is not here and tells that he slept alone here, while working. She says if she had slept also then also I would have believed you. Dev says you trust me so much. Mili comes and calls Dev. Brinda asks if she saw Rasik. Mili says don’t know. Rasik gets the Secret Book of the Naagmani and shows to Vrushali and Shalaka. Shalaka gets something in the book. Pandit ji tries to stop them, but Rasik kills him. Shalaka tears the page from the book and shows thumps up to Vrushali. Vrushali smiles.

Hardik plans his wedding. Mili thinks it is good that she came early. Ketki asks did you decide what to wear? Lily shows the lehenga design. Manas says he will wear grey color suit. Ketki says Hardik will look good. Lily says his marriage will be memorable as the guests will be just 50. Rasik comes home and says he is tired of seeing cards and tells that marriage shall be postponed. Dev asks Rasik to let him get married. Ketki sees brinda coming and says she is peace loving and devotee of Buddha. She sees blood stain and shouts, runs to Rasik. Shalaka comes there and tells that she has brought the jewellery from the locker for the would be daughter in law.

She shows the small packet which she got in the book, kept in the ring box. Vrushali asks Ketki to make mango juice. Ketki goes. Akash comes and checks the cards. Ketki brings the juice. Shalaka mixes the packet in the juice and tells ketki. Hardik comes and takes the drink. Shalaka gives him another drink. She asks Ketki to give a particular drink to Dev. Lily comes to take the juice. Ketki asks her to take another juice glass. Brinda takes the tray from Ketki’s hands. Shalaka says I am the bahu, so I will serve.Vrushali comes there and takes the tray in her hand. Shalaka signs her at the glass. Vrushali asks Dev to drink the juice. He refuses. Vrushali says it will increase immunity. Brinda says he don’t drink it. Vrushali gets angry with him. Dev drinks and finishes the juice. Vrushali and Shalaka smiles. Dev says sorry to Brinda and says he didn’t want to create any scene and that’s why drank. Lily tells that lawyer sent his papers and asks him to check. Hardik says in whose room, Biwi no 1 or 2. Lily says Shalaka bhabhi’s room.

Brinda comes and asks Dev what Lawyer said. Dev shows the divorce papers and says I am rectifying my mistake. Shalaka tells Vrushali that Dev has signed the divorce papers. Ketki says he had drank the juice. Vrushali says you had said that we will get rid of her and says my son. Vrushali says you are not doing this only for Dev. Shalaka tells Vrushali that she doesn’t need her help to get naagmani. Vrushali is shocked to see her attitude. Ketki asks her to tell when the powder will effect. Shalaka says after 6 hours. Vrushali says that means 8 pm. Dev comes to Brinda’s room. Brinda comes to his room. He says I called you at 8 pm. She says she will close her eyes. He asks her to close her eyes. He brings something and asks her to open her eyes.

Brinda opens her eyes. He asks her to see the decorated room. Brinda looks at the decorations. Dev says we are beginning our life and there are some surprises too. Brinda looks at the three bowls. She says akad bakad bambe bo…and chooses one. She sees Cutting tea and drinks. He says 1 2 3 and it rains. She says you have setting with clouds. He says even with rain and asks her to drink. They drink the tea looking at each other. She checks the next bowl and says chaat, it is my favorite. She says she can’t wait to see the last one. He says it has my promise. She sees the pendant and the chain. She asks if she can wear this. He asks her to allow him and says I want to tell you something. She asks him to say and says I am listening. Dev says Shalaka, just as the clock rings.

Brinda says Shalaka must have signed the divorce papers, I shall go to her, she must be crying and I can’t leave her alone at this time. Brinda says I thought we will be together. Shalaka tells the dialogues and Dev says it from her mouth. Dev says sorry to Brinda and says he will be with her tonight. He comes out and sees Shalaka, asks if she is fine. Shalaka acts to cry and says no. He says please come and takes her with him. Brinda comes out and is shocked.Mahesh asks Swara why she wants this stone and says it is used for black magic. Swara says I am taking it. Mahesh says it is used for bad black magic and says I will come with you. Swara says Brinda wanted it to use on Dev. Mahesh says I will come with you. Swara gives him promise and asks him not to come out of house. Dev asks Shalaka what happened? Shalaka says when I saw the divorce papers and your signatures in it. Dev says it will be wrong to keep you tied in the loveless marriage. He asks what to do? Shalaka asks him to hug her and opens the bottle near his neck. Something comes out from his neck and he moves away. Shalaka asks what happened? Dev says he felt current in him.

Brinda tells Swara that Dev was talking to her, when suddenly he took Shalaka’s name and went to her. Swara asks Brinda to take the stone and give it to Dev for 3 hours. She then asks her to bring it and tells that if its color changes then we will know. She says I hope Dev is good and asks her not to let anybody touch it. Brinda says ok.Shalaka comes to room and tells that Dev wanted to romance with Brinda, but I have smartly brought him out and took with me to my room. She says then I gave him tea and Hardik’s marriage work. She dances and teases Vrushali. Vrushali asks what happened after 8 pm. Shalaka says after 8 pm, the powder worked and Dev did as I say and made my sautan quiet.

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