My heart knows update Thursday 7 July 2022

My heart knows 7 July 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar’s lookalike picks his phone. A lady comes there and calls him Malhar sir and curses the people for telling wrong things about him. Malhar’s lookalike looks at him. Sarthak tells Inspector that he is wasting his time. Inspector asks about Kalyani. Aao Saheb says she don’t stay here after her husband’s death. Constable brings Moksh and says he was locked in the car. Sarthak says it seems you are new here. Inspector threatens to arrest him and don’t get afraid. Malhar’s lookalike thinks she is thinking me as her husband. He goes to the lady and spits pan on the floor. He hugs the lady and says you have become fat. He then tells that Pandit ji asks him to take Kalyani on my shoulder and asks the lady have less butter. He leaves. The lady finds her necklace missing and cut on the purse.

Inspector is taking Sarthak to the PS, when Avni comes there and tells that she is the bride and was marrying Sarthak Rane. She says we were marrying hidingly, so that we can give parents’ love to Moksh and be happy with him. She says Kalyani is jealous of us and knows that if she loses Moksh then will lose the key to the wealth. She says Kalyani can’t bear our happiness. Inspector asks Pandit ji if they are getting married. Aao Saheb whispers to Pandit ji to say yes. Pandit ji says yes. Avni says if you don’t believe us, then we will take rounds in the mandap now itself. Sarthak says I want to talk to Avni right now and takes her inside. He asks what nonsense, why did you lie that we are getting married? Avni says there is no option, Kalyani has a full proof plan to send you to jail.

She says that old man is still locked in the room and asks him to agree for marriage, else Police will get doubtful. She says I can’t let you go to jail and says once you go there, then Kalyani will take Moksh away from here and will get Anupriya free too. She says will you let Malhar’s murderer go free? Sarthak says no. Avni asks do you still love Anupriya? Sarthak says no and says you are right, I will not accept defeat from Kalyani. He thanks Avni for her help and goes out. Avni smirks. Avni and Sarthak take the rounds infront of the Inspector. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife. Aao Saheb thinks this girl is very clever. Avni thinks she has done a big conspiracy, if Kalyani returns then she will face her saas.

Malhar’s Lookalike brings Kalyani somewhere and tells that he is Shera Chaudhary. His guy asks if her husband will find her. Shera says no and tells that people have gone mad, and called him Malhar, and asked where is he taking his wife? He calls her as Madamji and asks when did we marry? He splashes water on her face and says once she gains consciousness, she will shout Malhar ji…He goes. Kalyani gains consciousness and asks who brought me here. She asks where is my son? The guy runs behind Shera. Shera comes to other room. His other guy informs him that the kidnapped guy’s family said that they can give 5 lakhs rs only. Shera breaks his head and tells that he wants all the money. The guy comes to him and tells that Kalyani behaved as the Devi and took some name Pillu etc. Shera says he will take this girl somewhere else. Avni promotes Zee Rishte Awards.

He asks her not to fulfill the duty of a wife and tells that he has lost trust on this. He tells that he talks about taking revenge from them and goes out. Avni says ok and sits on the bed. She drinks tea and sees Moksh. She calls him and asks him to massage her feet. Moksh massages her feet. Avni twists his ears and hurts him. Moksh tries to protect himself. Avni drops tea on her hand and gets angry, takes Moksh to give him punishment.A lady comes to Kalyani and frees her hands and legs. She then asks open her blind fold and asks her to eat food. Kalyani hugs her and takes out her phone.

She calls Pawar once the lady goes. Avni takes Moksh out and puts him in the water tank, and switches on the water supply. Godaveri comes there and asks her what she has done and tries to go to Moksh, but Avni fights with her. Aao Saheb comes there and asks her to let Avni do whatever she wants. She takes Godaveri from there and locks her in the room. Kalyani calls Godaveri and informs her where is she? She asks her to give her message to Pawar. Godaveri says she don’t know how to help her as she is locked and tells about Moksh’s life being in danger. Kalyani gets worried for Moksh. The water fills up in the tanker and his head is about to get drown while he shouts for Aai fi. Kalyani sees Heera Bai coming and hides the phone in her saree.

Heera Bai asks her to massage Shera’s back as his back is in pain. Kalyani goes to Shera and massages his back. She didn’t see his face. She finds the gun and hits Shera. Shera pretends to faint. Kalyani comes out and asks Heera Bai to take her out, pointing gun at her. Heera Bai kicks the table, but Kalyani asks her not to act smart. Just then Shera throw net on her and tells Heera Bai that Kalyani’s groom eloped, so she knows what to do now. Kalyani is shocked, still she don’t see Shera’s face.

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