My heart knows update Friday 8 July 2022

My heart knows 8  July 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Heer bai to take her out and asks her not to act smart. Shera comes and puts net on Kalyani. He tells that the groom who was marrying this girl has eloped and says you know what to do with her. Kalyani turns to him and warns him, but he leaves. Kalyani don’t see him. Heera Bai takes Kalyani to the room and tells that once she is sold, then all her courage will break infront of the customer. Kalyani shouts Pillu….and cries. Moksh is still in the water tanker, while water is filing up. Heera Bai comes to the room and tells that the customer came. Kalyani is standing on the table and looks at her. Heera Bai asks if Mata came on you and gets scared seeing her.

She calls all her men there. They all look at her. The brothel girls also looks scared. Heera Bai cries and hears the tiger roar sound. Jai Ambe plays….Kalyani takes an iron rod and falls on Heera Bai. She hits the men with the rod and makes them fall. She then puts the rod on Heera Bai’s neck. She says nobody can stop me from saving my son. All the men run away. She walks out holding the rod in her hand. The brothel girls help Heera Bai get up.Avni enjoys seeing the plight of Moksh and says water is filling up slow. She asks if he wants slap and pretends to call Sarthak, says Moksh is stuck in the tank. Shera gets a call and gets shocked to know that Kalyani escaped. Kalyani comes to the tanker and hits the water inlet with the rod, breaking it.

The water comes out. She then saves Moksh and takes him out of the water tanker. She asks Pillu if he is fine and says if anything happens to you then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. She says I will take you right from here and tells that we will never separate from each other. Avni comes there and asks Kalyani to have sweets. She says I came to know that Godaveri will call you and you will run coming here. Kalyani asks how dare you to risk my son’s life. Avni asks her to have sweets and tells that she has become her kaki saas now. Kalyani is shocked to see sindoor and mangalsultra in her maang. Avni tells that mandap was left alone, so I got married to Sarthak. Kalyani says how can this happen and thinks of Anupriya? Avni says Sarthak has divorced Anupriya and asks her to ask Moksh.

She asks her to massage her feet, and says I will not give you punishment for this. Kalyani puts Avni in the water tanker and asks her to be there.Shera and his men see a girl standing on the road. He says I will make her as your bhabhi. His guy says they have to search the girl. Kalyani tells Moksh that she will not let him separate from her. Shera’s men are searching her, Kalyani hides. She makes him sit in the truck and she also sits inside. The truck goes. Pawar stops the truck and tells that they got the tip that it has drugs in it. The driver says who told you. Kalyani and Moksh are hiding behind the vegetable bags. The Police constable finds Kalyani and Moksh in the truck. Pawar asks what are you doing in the tempo. The driver says I didn’t know how they came here.

Kalyani tells everything. Pawar says I trust you, but I got the tip about drugs. They check Kalyani, but couldn’t get anything. They find drugs in Moksh’s pocket. Pawar checks and says it is stitched in Moksh’s clothes. Kalyani says this can’t be possible. Aao Saheb comes there and asks Sarthak to see step mom’s fake love. She tells that she wants the boy to do smuggling and that’s why showed fake love. Kalyani says this is a lie and asks how can you say that I will do drugs business and will use my son. She blames Aao Saheb and Sarthak.

Aao Saheb thinks she had stitched it in Moksh’s clothes, so that she can get lifted in Sarthak’s eyes. Kalyani tells Pawar that she will never do this and tells that she will never use her son, as he is the only last memory of Malhar ji. Sarthak says you was never a good mother and tells that Moksh’s custody will be just his. Kalyani is shocked and says sorry to Moksh. Sarthak takes moksh from there. kalyani cries and says I have lost my Pillu for forever. Pawar asks Constable to take driver’s statement. He then asks Kalyani to trust him and run away from there. He says I will do anything, but will never let drugs case come on you. He says if I arrest you today then I will fall in my eyes, and will not let innocent get punished and the law to fall down. Kalyani thanks him and asks to do her work.

Kalyani coming to meet Anupriya in jail and tells that she is trapped in such a way that she couldn’t demand her son’s custody also. Anupriya is still looking on shocked. Kalyani asks her to tell who is the real murderer of Malhar ji. She asks if you don’t get affected then why you came home and released tear gas. She asks her to tell the truth and says she needs to know who has killed Malhar ji and says that she has to get her son back. She tells that she has to fight against her family. Anupriya says time is finished for the meeting and asks her to fight with her loved ones, but before that protect yourself too. Kalyani thinks you are with me like Krishna and thinks how can you be so strong. She thinks Anupriya guided her even though she didn’t speak to her. Avni acts and tells Sarthak that she came to know how Kalyani trapped Moksh. She acts. Sarthak takes Moksh away.

Avni scolds Aao Saheb for going behind Kalyani to trap her rather than saving her from the tank. Aao Saheb asks Avni to talk to Sarthak about taking Vivek out of the jail. Avni says she will do the work. Kalyani comes out of the jail and steals constable’s wallet, so that she gets arrested and taken to lock up, for her safety from goons. Constable arrests her and asks her to sit in the jeep. Shera is driving the jeep as the inspector and his guy sits in the jeep as the constable. Kalyani identifies him and tries to flee, but Shera sprinkles spray on her and she faints….They drives off.

Avni comes to Sarthak and offers to massage his head. He says you don’t have to do this? Sarthak says I know that it is very difficult for you to stay in this relationship, so you can go out at anytime. Avni says you are my last hope, and asks if they can adopt Moksh so that they get a reason for their relation. Sarthak says he will talk. Avni thinks how will Kalyani call herself as Moksh’s Aai. Shera tells Tommy that he is getting so much respect due to Malhar and wonders who is he. Tommy tells that he looks like Akshay Kumar, and then says Ranvir Singh. Shera poses for the pic and thinks he is looking like Ranvir Singh. He gets sad and tells that my Dadi used to say that there is nobody like me in the village, but she was right. Tommy asks what to do with this girl? Shera says she is not our headache, her customer will come and take her from here.

he says we have last work and tells that they have last work to get money from someone and then he will go to Rohtak.Tommy hugs him. Shera comes to the jeep…Rakht Charitra plays…..Kalyani is unconscious and tied. He comes near her and says Madam Ji….He holds her hair and then kisses on her hand. He moves his finger on her hairs and sees her face. Just then she kicks him. He gets down from the jeep holding his abdomen. Tommy brings cylinder there and finds him on the floor. Shera says he is doing Surya Namaskar. Tommy says he is bringing more cylinders for the blast. Shera tells that he will take it and sends him from there. He lifts the cylinder. Kalyani doesn’t see her. Avni and Sarthak come to the Doctor for Moksh’s check up. Doctor says he will be fine after the surgery. Moksh gets happy. Sarthak tells Moksh that he shall be thankful to Avni. Once they goes, Avni gives money to Doctor and tells that the boy shall not be saved. Doctor agrees.

Avni tells that anything can happen during the operation and thinks this is the best revenge for killing Aahir. She thinks how Kalyani will react when she comes to know that even Moksh died. Moksh is taken in the OT. Doctor tells Nurse that nobody shall know what is happening here. Nurse says ok. Kalyani senses that Moksh is in danger.Moksh lying in the Operation theatre. Kalyani is still locked in the Police jeep and closes her eyes seeing Tommy. She gets hiccups. He checks her and thinks she is unconscious. Kalyani secretly steals the keys and unlocks herself. Shera and Tommy keep the cylinders in the house. Shera asks Tommy to check if anyone is inside the house. Tommy says let them die. Shera says he is sure of his rules and tells that nobody shall die, as they are paid for getting the house vacated.

Tommy goes. Shera locks the door and goes out. Kalyani thinks she won’t let them burn the person’s house. She goes inside the house, just as Shera and Tommy come out. Shera asks Tommy to burn the house. He sees kalyani going inside and locking the door. He thinks to stop Tommy first. Kalyani switches off the gas cylinders. Tommy throws the fire bottle on the house, but Shera jumps and catches the bottle. He tells that this girl is very clever. They run hearing Police jeep sound. Inspector comes there with constable and asks Kalyani. Kalyani tells that she had called him and tells about the goons. She says they might not have gone far.

They all search them. Shera and Tommy are also searching Kalyani. Kalyani sees Shera’s feet and aims gun at him. Shera also sees her and comes infront of her. Kalyani gets shocked and recalls Malhar’s death. She drops the gun from her hand and calls him Malhar ji. She hugs him. Shera smiles and raises his moustache. He thinks even this girl is calling me Malhar. The Inspector tells that they must be hiding here. Kalyani takes Shera from there and hides him in the water tub. Shera hides. Kalyani comes to Inspector and tells that the guy ran away that side. Inspector and Constables go. Kalyani takes Shera out. Shera says I think everyone left. Kalyani calls him Malhar ji and asks are you alive? She says you are standing infront of me and asks if you are my Malhar ji? She hugs him and says I can’t believe this.

She asks why did you act to be death. She tells that she was cursing her life for giving her family and snatching them. She says now she is sure that Bappa will never separate us, says she missed him so much. She says I can’t live without you and hugs him. Shera smiles. He touches her. She gets doubtful and asks who are you?She says you can’t be my Malhar ji. Shera says I know girls make excuses to come near me and hugs her. Kalyani asks him to leave her and says you are not my Malhar ji, as I know his touch. She says you can’t be my Malhar ji and asks him to tell. Shera aims gun on her head and asks who is this Malhar, my brain is fried because of you. He says I thought you are flirting with me, but…and asks her not to move else he will shoot at her. He shoots at her.

Doctor tells Nurse that nobody shall know what is going on here. He gives injection to Moksh. Avni waits outside and thinks why so much time is taken and says Moksh’s death news would have come by now. Sarthak asks did you say something. Avni says she was praying for Moksh and hopes he gets his voice.Kalyani comes to Aao Saheb and tells that she wants her help to get Moksh and asks her to help being her blood. Aao Saheb asks her to forget Moksh and tells that Avni and Sarthak have taken him to the hospital for the operation. She says if he lives or die, don’t know. Kalyani is having mic on her hairs and repeats the name. She says she will go there, but Aao Saheb pushes her on the bed and says you will go to police station from here.

Sarthak asks Avni to sign on the papers. Avni acts and tells that she hopes to become a good mother for Moksh. Just then she is pushed on the stretcher and falls on it. The stretcher is taken to the OT. Shera comes out of the stretcher. Sarthak gets emotional and says Malhar. Avni is shocked. Aao Saheb is about to call Police, when Kalyani stops her and tells that she don’t need her help to get her son, as her son’s father has come. She says my malhar ji has returned and will not leave anyone now.

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