Once there was a king update Thursday 7 July 2022

Once there was a king 7 July 2022: Vasundra comes to remove the mask off her face. Raaj comes behind her and clutches her neck, she laughs instead. Raaj comes with a broken vase to her. Vasundra tells him to kill her, afterwards he would never be able to find out what happened to Sunanda and where he is. She instead jerks Raaj’s hand away saying they can do nothing wrong with her. Sunanda would die at once even if she gets a scratch. She tells Raaj she has placed a bomb over Sunanda and the button is here on her bracelet. Raaj stands shocked. She feels pity over Raaj, he can’t send her away and she is an enemy of Rani and her child to be inside the house. Raaj warns her to bury her alive even if Rani gets a scratch, Rani will tell her the truth.

Vasundra says he can’t do so, firstly Rani is pregnant and is happy that her mother is here. When she will know the truth it would adversely affect her child; secondly if he attempts to do so she will press the button and take Sunanda’s life. Raaj leaves the room helpless. Vasundra laughs over him.After the Havan, Sunanda comes to Rani. She tells Rani to take care of herself and never think anything wrong as it may adversely affect the child. She reminds them about the goad bharai which is conducted right after pregnancy news. They decide to do it tomorrow. Rani comes to hug her saying she will always do best for her. Raaj thinks he must find the right time to tell Rani the truth. Sunanda takes him and Rani along, she introduces them to an old lady and says she will protect Rani.

Rani asks what the need for this all is, she says this is important as Vasundra has run away. Raaj looks towards the bodyguards in the corridor. He thinks Vasundra has played her cards, this way she will bring her army into the house. In the room, Rani was worried about Vasundra. Her head bangs badly, Raaj tells her to stop thinking about Vasundra. He will take care of the rest. Rani’s caretaker comes there too. Raaj thinks he can’t stress Rani.Anandi shows Chitra a gift she always kept for Rani. They hope Sunanda likes this too. Vasundra sat in the bed with her mask off, she says she hates the face the most but has to wear this mask only to end Rani.

She thinks what she can gift Rani, then decides to give her something which she will remember for her life. Anandi and Chitra walks towards Sunanda’s room. In the room, Vasundra injects something in an apple and says Rani must take care of herself. Anandi and Chitra knock the door, Vasundra looks for her mask but can’t find it. They decide Sunanda must be taking rest.In the goad bharai, Raaj thinks Vasundra must have some intention behind this celebration. Rani comes downstairs ready. Raaj compliments Rani to look beautiful, he promises his love for her as she isn’t only his wife but life as well. Raaj hugs Rani. Sakshi comes to hug her too. Sunanda asks if they can take Rani for other rituals, she makes Rani sit. Raaj doesn’t leave Rani’s hand, Rani withdraws it and goes to her seat. Rani asks Preiti and Sakshi why they are laughing, Preiti says she can’t believe Rani is going to be a mother.

Raaj wonders what the motif of Vasundra behind this celebration is. He comes to speak to Chitra and Anandi but find men pointing guns towards them. He takes Vasundra aside, she says Rani is her daughter; but its good Raaj doesn’t trust her. She hints today she is going to gift Rani something she will never forgive throughout her life. Raaj thinks about doing something.

Anandi sends Preiti to take a book from temple, Raaj goes instead to get it. Anandi tells everyone about the rituals to be performed. Raaj brings the book with a note in it, Anandi and Chitra both read the note that Sunanda is actually Vasundra in mask of Sunanda. He had forbidden them to react as the lady and bodyguards are also Vasundra’s people. There, Vasundra makes Rani take a bite from the apple, she whispers her blessings in Rani’s ears and kiss her forehead. Chitra whispers in Rani’s ear about the truth that this isn’t Sunanda but Vasundra, she also whispers Rani not to show anything on her face. Raaj signals her to smile. Vasundra smiles towards Raaj thinking she gave Rani poisonous apple and killed his child. Raaj thinks Vasundra consider them all as idiot, but it was about his child. He already changed everything Vasundra brought even the apples. Anandi whispers in Rani’s ear that Vasundra has tied Sunanda with a bomb whose remote is on her arm, they must be cautious.

Preiti comes to Rani and tells her to smile. All of a sudden Rani faints, Raaj thinks how is it possible as he had changed everything.In the room, Raaj tells Preiti to get the doctor. Rani winks towards Raaj and sits up saying nothing can happen to her when Raaj is there. She says Vasundra played the worst game with them, she must get punished. She says they must not waste a single moment to find Sunanda. They wonder about the lady and the bodyguards. Preiti says they were having dinner. Rani says it’s the right time, they aren’t alert.In the room, Vasundra was enjoying sweets hopeful that her work has been done. Rani shares the plan with Raaj and family. She sends Raaj to take care of guards, Anandi and Chitra assures to take care of the old lady. She and Preiti will look for Sunanda as no one would think she can do so at this time.

Vasundra pours glycerin in her eyes and fakes a cry for Rani. The old lady enters Rani’s room in the dark, Anandi, Chitra and Sakshi beat her over the head and tie her with the ropes as she faints. Vasundra goes to check why she can’t hear anyone cry by now. She pours some more glycerin in her eyes. Rani and Preiti enters the room as soon as Vasundra goes outside. They look around in the room for a clue.
In the hall, Raaj looks around for a bracelet of Rani. The bodyguards assist him in looking around. Preiti says there is nothing. Rani says they must look around well, Vasundra won’t hide anything easily. A vase of flowers fell down, Rani was shocked to see keys fell off from between the flowers.

Vasundra smiles watching Raaj look around for bracelet in the hall.
Preiti recognizes the keys as that of old cupboard. She had replaced her new cupboard with this one. Rani suggests about going to look in the cupboard.
Vasundra comes to Rani’s room. Chitra hugs her at once and cries that Rani has fallen unconscious. Vasundra thinks this is a good news then leaves crying without going near Rani. Chitra cheers as Vasundra leaves.Rani and Preiti take a chance to go towards the store room as Raaj kept the body guards indulged with himself. Vasundra comes downstairs, watches them for a while and walks inside.

Rani signals Raaj to clear her way so that they can walk to the other side. Raaj fights the goons by hitting their head with a vase.
In the room, Vasundra was relieved as she has planned to kill Rani. She thinks she wants to share her happiness with someone. Rani and Preiti hears someone following them, Preiti hurries Rani to look into the cupboard. In the room, Vasundra decides to share with Sunanda about her daughter.Preiti and Rani hear some voices from the cupboard. Preiti was afraid what if the bomb blasts if they open the cupboard. Rani was sure nothing can happen to Sunanda.

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