My heart knows update Monday 1 August 2022

My heart knows 1 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani/Sampada blaming Aao Saheb for getting her married to Malhar forcibly and says everyone ruined my life and made me mad. She drinks wine. Anupriya tries to stop her. Kalyani/Sampada pushes her and says you don’t have any value less than a Servant in this house. Malhar asks Kalyani to handle herself and says today is Sampada’s birthday and not yours. Kalyani falls down. Malhar asks are you fine? Atharv says yes, today is Sampu’s birthday. Kalyani/Sampada looks at Malhar and says today is Sampada, ie, my birthday today. She says that’s why she did all the decoration and this cake. She takes the cake and sings happy birthday to me, dear Sampu. She says I love you Atharv…Atharv is taken aback and shocked.

Kalyani/Sampada laughs aloud and asks everyone to see their faces, where did your Kalyani go? She says Kalyani is gone, as she is in my captivity now. Malhar asks her to come to room. Kalyani/Sampada pushes him and goes to Atharv. She shows the tattoo on her back and tells that she got it written on her back, and one day she will get all his name on her back. Atharv is shocked and says this is Sampada. Malhar says kalyani. Sampada/Kalyani says I am happy to see Deshmukh family suffering and tells that they have snatched her everything, now it is their turn to suffer. She tells that Kalyani will be gone. She tells Malhar that she had asked him to accept her, but he refused.

She tells Malhar that he will get the baby, but not from Kalyani, but me. She then tries to suffocate Kalyani’s neck and comes out of her. Kalyani asks Malhar to save her. Sampada gets inside her again and hits her head on the wall. Malhar stops her. Kalyani/Sampada faints.In the morning, Anupriya asks Malhar to save her daughter. Kalyani wakes up and tells that she is feeling as if less days are remaining for her. Anupriya asks her not to say that. Kalyani asks why are they stressed and asks if something happened. Anupriya goes. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya if she believes her now. Anupriya says she don’t know, but she trusts Bappa. She prays to God and asks him to protect her daughter.

She asks Godaveri about Moksh. Godaveri says he is in Kalyani’s room. Anupriya says he shall not know about Kalyani. She tells that tomorrow they will pray so that Kalyani gets freed from Sampada’s soul.Malhar applies ointment to Kalyani’s neck. Kalyani gets up as Sampada enters her and says no medicine can treat Kalyani’s wounds. She then becomes herself as Sampada goes. Moksh comes there and asks Kalyani about her injury. Kalyani asks him to go to bed before 9 pm. Moksh goes. Kalyani asks Malhar to save her and says don’t know what is happening. She hugs Malhar. Anupriya takes the suraksha kawach from Pandit ji. He tells that it will work if the puja is done with all the rituals and asks her to be alert, as Kalyani can get dangerous. Anupriya says my daughter can’t be dangerous for me.

She makes arrangement of puja. Kalyani wakes up and tells Malhar that she saw the dream in which Sampada is walking towards her. She tells that today is Shivratri, but they can’t do puja due to my bad health. Malhar tells that puja will happen and thinks he has to protect Kalyani. Aao Saheb tells Atharv that she has to go home for the puja. Atharv thinks of the incident and didn’t let her go. Aao Saheb thinks what to do.Kalyani makes Moksh ready as Shiv ji. She shows Malhar’s pic and tells that even he became Shiv ji once, but you are more cute. Just then they hear noise coming from the cupboard. Kalyani walks towards it and opens the cupboard. She finds the clothes fallen down and tells Moksh. Moksh asks Chikkal to come to his Aai fi and says she will set up his dhoti.

Chikkal says my Aai said that there is a ghost in your Aai fi. Moksh says no and breaks friendship with him. Chikkal apologizes and becomes his friend again. Moksh asks him to come with him to Aai fi. Kalyani is sitting in her room and thinks she shall not think all this. Moksh asks Chikkal to see his dhoti. Chikkal gets scared. Kalyani asks him to come and hugs him. Chikkal is surprised. Moksh goes to bring mango juice. Kalyani/Sampada looks at Chikkal. Chikkal is afraid.

Anupriya and Godaveri making arrangement for the puja. Anupriya calls Chikkal’s mother and tells her that Kalyani is getting her son ready. Chikkal’s mother asks how did you let him go to her, she is possessed by the ghost. She says I am coming to take my son. Moksh comes there and asks Anupriya where is Aai fi and chikkal? He tells that he had gone out to bring juice and when he returned, they were not in the room. Atharv gets Kalyani’s call. He picks it up afraid. Kalyani/Sampada tells that she always wanted to see his victory and for that Malhar needs to be defeated. She asks him to do her work and calls mental asylum, send Kalyani there so that Malhar gets lonely and defeated, then he will get moksh’s custody. Atharv realizes she is Sampada in Kalyani’s body.

Kalyani/Sampada is in the balcony and sees Godaveri overhearing her plan. She makes her fall down and hears her hair. Godaveri asks her to leave her and says you are not in your senses Kalyani tai. Kalyani/Sampada says I have taken care of you in your childhood and that time Kalyani was not here. She drags her downstairs. Shilpa/Chikkal’s mother comes there and asks where is her son? Anupriya gets worried. Just then they hear Kalyani laughing aloud. Atharv tells Aao Saheb that Sampada’s ghost is going to do something in the house today. Aao Saheb gets shocked. Kalyani drags Godaveri on the stairs holding her hair. Godaveri calls her Sampada Tai and asks her to leave her. Anupriya calls Kalyani seeing her scary sight. Shilpa asks Kalyani to return her son. Kalyani makes her fall on sofa and says you want Chikkal, but he is gone.

Anupriya asks her to return Chikkal and leave Kalyani’s body. Sampada tells Anupriya that she will leave Kalyani’s body, as the latter will be jailed for killing Chikkal. She laughs. Pawar tells Malhar that Atharv called mental asylum and called an ambulance at your house. Shilpa asks Sampada to return her son. Kalyani says if you utter any more word then you will not get your son. Anupriya looks at the Shivling and is about to go to the temple. Sampada says it seems you are watching films, but in reality even your God can’t save Kalyani. She says nobody can stop me from sending Kalyani to mental asylum. Atharv asks Doctor and Nurse to come and tells that Kalyani is possessed by Sampada.

Malhar comes there and scolds him for trying to send his wife to the mental asylum. Atharv tells that he had spoken to Commissioner and got permission from him to send her to mental asylum. He calls Commissioner and gives the call to Malhar. Malhar says I will handle Kalyani, there is no problem. Atharv takes the Doctor and Nurse inside. Kalyani holds Shilpa’s hair and says your son is gone. Atharv asks Doctor to take her from here. Malhar warns them not to touch kalyani. He asks where is Chikkal? Kalyani says this is not your PS, you can’t shout at me. Atharv asks them to take Kalyani to the mental asylum. Sarthak comes there with Aao Saheb and says nobody can take her to mental asylum with psychiatrist report. Aao Saheb says it is good that I followed you and then brought Sarthak here.

Sampada takes the knife and says Kalyani is mad, my Atharv said that she is mad. She says whoever goes against Atharv, is against me. She attacks Malhar with the knife. Malhar asks her to handle herself and throws the knife. Sampada says I am not Kalyani. Godaveri tells Malhar that she heard her talking to Atharv and tells that she is really Sampada in Kalyani’s body. Shilpa cries for her son. Malhar calls her Sampada and asks her to say where is Chikkal? Sampada asks her to ask Kalyani. Atharv asks Doctor to take her. Sampada claps and says Kalyani will go to mental asylum.

Anupriya calls her Sampada and brings Shivling near her. Sampada asks her to stop. Atharv asks Doctor and Nurse to take her. Malhar stops them. Godaveri and Aao Saheb hold Sampada/Kalyani’s hand. Anupriya asks her to leave Kalyani’s body and tell where is chikkal? Sampada refuses. Anupriya takes the shivling more near her. Sampada tells that Chikkal is locked in the outhouse. Anupriya asks her to leave Kalyani’s body. Sampada refuses. Aao Saheb and Godaveri keep her head on the Shivling. Kalyani faints. Malhar brings Chikkal there. Shilpa hugs him. Malhar comes to Kalyani and holds her. He apologizes to Shilpa. Shilpa asks him to do something else she will kill everyone.

She warns her son not to take Moksh’s name again. Malhar searches for Moksh. Atharv comes to room and finds Sampada’s message written on the mirror, that she will not let him lose…yours Sampu. He gets shocked.Atharv reading Sampada’s message on the mirror shockingly and says who is here? He finds a paper there and smiles, thinks she is of great use to him after the death. Everyone will die one by one. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she don’t remember anything and asks her to tell what happened? Anupriya says nothing. Kalyani looks at Godaveri’s hand and asks what has happened to you, did I do this to you. Anupriya says no. Moksh comes there and asks Kalyani why did you go to see Jhanki without me. She says Baba told me that Chikkal went home.

Kalyani says sorry. Moksh says he wants to do puja with her. Kalyani says we will do puja together and then I will make your photos and videos. Atharv talks to the lawyer and asks if the work will be done. He looks at the paper and thinks if Kalyani can really do this. He thinks now I really feel that Kalyani has Sampada’s soul in her. Just then the light flickers, he falls on the bed. He calls Sampu and says you used to love me and want to help me. He says I am sorry Sampu, I wish I could have saved you, but now I will teach them a lesson and take Moksh’s custody. He sees the doors and windows opening and closing and the lights flickering. He says when you was a human, I used to love you, but I have first time experience to romance with ghost.

Malhar gives water to Kalyani. Kalyani says she has became a joke and all the neighbors are afraid of her. Malhar jokes that first husband will be afraid of her, and now everyone. He brings black coffee and asks her to drink it. Kalyani asks him to drink it first and then shows that one shall not have anyone leftover when unwell. Malhar says my wife is smart. Kalyani calls him cutie. He pulls her closer…while the song plays in background. Just then something falls down shocking Kalyani.

Anupriya comes to Sarthak’s room and says he kept the room messy. Anupriya wakes him up and asks why are you trying to save Kalyani, as you want to see her dead face. She asks him not to give hope to Kalyani that we can live as family again. She says today she asked Malhar to bring you to puja. She says Kalyani might melt, but I can’t and asks if he is with Atharv. Sarthak asks if you have gone mad and tells that he is not answerable to her. Anupriya says I will not let you break Kalyani’s heart, says that she will never leave her daughter. She takes his tea cup and tells that this is her house. Her dupatta gets stuck and asks him to leave her pallu. She says now there is nothing between us. Sarthak comes to her and lifts his hands. Anupriya frees her dupatta.

Sarthak shows the paper and says I have written some points regarding the case, show to Malhar and Kalyani. Godaveri tells Aao Saheb that she is very worried for Kalyani Tai and says if anything happens to her. Aao Saheb says we will not let anything happen to her.Later in the night, Kalyani asks Moksh not to change after puja, as they will click pictures. Sarthak comes there. Kalyani thanks him for coming to the puja. They all fold their hands and do puja. Aao Saheb asks everyone to pour water on the Shivling one by one. Moksh, Kalyani, Anupriya and others present the milk to the Shivling. Anupriya prays to God for Kalyani. Sarthak whispers something in Malhar’s ears. Anupriya and Sarthak talk to Malhar. She says we are trying to ward off Sampada’s soul from Kalyani’s body, but Atharv will not lose any chance against us. Kalyani comes there and gives them prasad.

Avni comes and says prasad for me. Sarthak asks how did you come here? Atharv comes there and says Aai shapath. Sarthak gets upset. Avni tells that he didn’t take me out of jail, and thanks Kalyani. Kalyani is shocked. Atharv shows the note and says it is written by you, If I want moksh then free Avni from jail, she will be my support system.

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