My heart knows update Tuesday 2 August 2022

My heart knows 2 August 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv showing the note left by Kalyani. Kalyani says I didn’t write this. Atharv says Sampada’s ghost made you write this. Kalyani goes from there upset. Atharv says he had to just make two phone calls and brought Avni out. Avni says I will see how you people save Moksh, you will lose custody. Malhar says it is not in your limits to get Moksh’s custody. Atharv asks how will you fight with the ghost. Avni laughs and says she is happy to see them suffering. Malhar reacts and gets angry. Atharv tells that both parents are mad. Anupriya asks Malhar not to lose his calm. Avni says I heard that you are wearing modern dresses and trying to woo my husband. Anupriya asks Malhar to let the dogs bark. She asks Sarthak to handle her and is about to go.

Kalyani/Sampada comes there and hugs Avni. She makes her do her grah pravesh. Atharv asks if she is Sampu. Kalyani smiles. Atharv laughs aloud. Kalyani also laughs aloud and shakes her head. She tells that you can’t save Kalyani as she is in my captivity, asks Avni not to get scared of her, says she will ruin their life together. Just then Sampada goes out of Kalyani’s body and the latter faints. Malhar runs to Kalyani and holds her. Atharv smiles.Malhar and Anupriya reach Pandit ji’s house. Pandit ji tells Anupriya that she should have made Kalyani wear this kawach/shield.

Malhar says he don’t believe even now. Anupriya says we shall get this tied, and even she believes now. Pandit ji says this kawach shall be tied to Kalyani by someone whom Sampada trusts. Kalyani comes to Avni and warns her. Just then Sampada gets inside kalyani. Sampada calls her Sasubai. Avni calls her Kalyani. Sampada says I got you freed and you are calling me Kalyani. She says Sarthak and you look good. She tells that Anupriya is like a servant and tells that Sarthak kaka will be helpless and he has to accept you. Avni goes from there and comes to Sarthak’s room. Sarthak asks what the hell, you are doing here? Avni says did you forget that I am your wife. Sarthak says I will never relation with you. Avni says even I don’t want to have any relation with you, I just want you to regard me as your wife infront of the world, else I will ruin Kalyani’s life. Sarthak gets angry. Avni asks him to give his surname to secure her future. She thinks you don’t know what I am going to do?

Atharv asks Malhar, how did he think that he will make Kalyani wear the kawach. Malhar tells that Sampada is the ghost now and can kill anyone. He says tie this kawach to Kalyani and I am ready to do anything, except giving Moksh to you. Atharv asks him to make him wear his shoes. Malhar is shocked and makes him wear the shoes. Atharv says he is feeling peaceful and tells that he looks good on his feet. He says I will help you and will tell what to do next. Malhar thinks I know you are not trustable, but I have to take your help to save my Kalyani. Moksh asks Avni how did she return home? Avni says I will not give chance to anyone to be happy. She takes his ball and asks him to leave.

Aao Saheb comes to Atharv’s room to give him sandwich. He is in bathroom and tells that Malhar’s respect will be ruined infront of his department in PS. Aao Saheb hears him. Moksh asks Kalyani why did bad aunty return? Kalyani takes Anupriya to balcony and says she just remembered that Atharv told that she had asked him to free Avni from jail. Anupriya asks her not to think and eat food. Kalyani goes to eat. Anupriya thinks Malhar would have convinced Atharv by now.

Atharv sits on Malhar’s bike and asks him to take him to PS, let Sampada’s soul enjoy in Kalyani’s body for sometime. He thinks it will be fun now. Malhar takes Atharv to PS. Atharv asks him to get down. Pawar says I was about to call you. Atharv asks Pawar to call him constable and says until you say, I will not help Kalyani. Malhar asks Pawar to call him hawaldaar/constable. Pawar says hawaldaar. Malhar asks him to say. Atharv makes Pawar say it again and again and tells the dialogue. Pawar tells the dialogue, Atharv records the video in his mobile and tells that he will make this video viral in Aurangabad. Malhar asks him to do as he said. Atharv says there is a surprise for you inside. He shows Sarthak locked in the lock up. Malhar says Kaka shockingly.

Atharv taking Malhar inside the PS. Malhar gets shocked seeing Sarthak locked in the lock up and calls Pawar. Godaveri tells Anupriya that Aao Saheb told that Atharv is doing something in the PS. Anupriya says I will go and find out. Avni comes there and says I will tell you, your ex and my present husband is safe in jail. Anupriya is shocked. Avni tells that Atharv and I are same, gets happiness to see you people suffering. Anupriya asks what is the crime? Atharv tells that marital rape is the crime and explains about it. Sarthak says I didn’t do anything, I have no relation with her. Pawar says I have to arrest him due to commissioner’s orders. Anupriya says I will free him. Avni tells that you can’t do anything, until Atharv wins Moksh custody case. Kalyani comes there and attacks Avni, tries to suffocate her and tells that she is mad and can do anything.

Anupriya asks her to leave Avni. Kalyani says nobody can snatch my son from me. She says neither you, nor Atharv or Sampada. Anupriya asks her to calm down. Atharv asks Malhar to make him have tea and says if you don’t make me have tea, then I might not help you in your plan. Malhar gets angry. Atharv asks him to chill. Anupriya calls Malhar and asks about Sarthak. Malhar says Kaka is here, don’t worry, I will not let any complaint filed against him. Anupriya asks him to bring Atharv there and says we have to make Kalyani wear the kawach somehow. Atharv says 1 hour is left, until you make me have food, I will not come with you. Malhar recalls Kalyani crying and asking him to save her.

Moksh worries for Kalyani and asks God to make her fine. He asks her to become like before, goes and closes the door. Sampada gets inside Kalyani’s body and smirks. Atharv asks Malhar to sit down on the floor. Sarthak asks Malhar not to do this. Malhar says anything for Kalyani. He sits on the floor and feels pity on Atharv, for not having family with him. Atharv says if I don’t help you. Malhar says then you will die. He says if Sampada remembers that you had left her to die then she will kill you first. Atharv gets tensed. Malhar comes to Sarthak. Sarthak asks him to go to Kalyani and says she needs you now. He regrets for marrying Avni, being upset with Kalyani and Anupriya. Malhar says it is good that you have realized your mistake.

Sampada applies perfume to herself and lights the candle. Malhar asks Atharv to be careful while making her wear the kawach. Anupriya gives it in his hand and says very less time is remaining. Atharv goes to Malhar’s room and finds Sampada/Kalyani sitting holding the candle. She says I know you will come tonight and asks him to come inside. She walks towards him and closes the door. She says I have kept this nightie safe, which was gifted by you. Atharv says I brought something for you. He shows the kawach. Sampada asks him to make her wear it with his hand. Atharv makes her wear it. Kalyani/Sampada looks at him. Atharv looks shocked.

Moksh comes to Malhar and says he is missing his Aai fi. Malhar says very soon, old Aai fi will return. Sampada laughs and tells that what do you think that I didn’t know that you are teamed up with Malhar and brought kawach for me, but the real kawach is in your pocket. Atharv says what would have happened if the real kawach was worn by you. Sampada says I would have burnt. She says you must be testing me that if I am Kalyani. Sampada says the real kawach shall not come infront of me even by mistake. He throws it outside. Sampada rests on the bed. Atharv asks how happened? Sampada acts like Kalyani and asks how dare you to touch me and keeps her leg on his chest. Atharv says I came to ask how are you? Sampada laughs and says I was acting to be Kalyani. Atharv gets up and says he is feeling good to see ghost and says I am scared of Kalyani. Sampada says Kalyani can’t do anything, as she is in my captivity fully.

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