Meet in love update Monday 1 August 2022


Meet in love 1 August 2022: Raj says to Meet, Ravi is saying that you hit him. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet no need to worry I know you went to college you are called to tell that you went to college. Anubha walks in says are you all right I called you many times to connect with you I saw you with stick at matka chowk. Meet Ahlawat says you saw Meet with stick in auto. Anubha says yes I saw her few minutes back that’s why I called you but I got to know you are unaware about that so came here looking after her. Babita ask Meet what is the matter. Meet Ahlawat says means after dad left you, you went away from college. Meet says yes I had some important work. Babita says it was your first day of college and still you went away. Masum says now who is interested to hear a false story.

Raj scold Masum. Meet says I got message for help, first I ignored but then I received again and there might be someone who need my help so I went out feom college. Babita says did you join helpline after your delivery job. Meet says I’m not lying I have message too. Raj says yes show them so that everyone know truth and after that nobody will ask her message. Babita says yes show message. Meet check her phone but couldn’t find it. Ravi says I told you she will not accept and tell lie. Meet says Ravi is telling lie when he came home last time, today I’m seeing him. Raj says to Ravi did you heard she said no it means no and I believe her. Ravi says you are taking wrong stand and why are you trying to fade your name from society. Raj says she is my daughter.

Ravi says if I want I could have gone to police but you are taking her stad. Raj says in this condition I can take you to doctor not more then that. Ravi start walking. Meet thinks why is he telling lie. Meet Ahlawat says to Ravi come I’ll take you to doctor. Ravi says no I didn’t came here for sympathy but no body is trying to listen truth and if you want to do something ask you wife yo say truth to you. Manushi says to Anubha we should also leave. Anubha says yes and they leave. Meet walks away. Masum says to Hoshiyar I think Ravi was correct. Hosiyar says yes he right. Masum says you remember how she fought with Goons during Karwa Chauth and in Isha’s matter also she went alone, it’s her habit to I saw her in fair. Hoshiyar says but Meet said she didn’t hit him and I know whenever she hit someone she accept that. Masum says what do you mean she will not lie.

Meet in her room applying bandage. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and help. Meet says I don’t understand who attacked Ravi and why is he taking my name. Meet Ahlawat says nobody is here except we both so tell me truth. Meet says you think I did. Meet Ahlawat says yes.Ravi shaking hands with Manushi and says I did what you said but I don’t think so they will believe someone else other then anyone from outside house.Meet Ahlawat it’s about Anubha also she saw you running with stick. Meet says I’m not denying I was with stick because I got message for help I think so someone is trying to frame me.Manushi says to Ravi she is not telling and to prove that she is right she don’t have any evidence, I send Anubha from Shahbadh to Chandigarh and I asked Ram Lakhan to send them to college.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat forget everyone but you should believe me. Meet Ahlawat says you did this before hitting people didn’t you. Meet says you think I did this. Meet Ahlawat says try to understand situation in Isha’s case also things happen, sometime human losses temper to help his loved ones and you might have attacked him for Sunaina so try yo understand his point of view, he was married to Sunaina.Ravi says I can take more for Sunaina to bring her back but this time I can go to any condition but what grudges you have with your sister what you will get. Manushi says I’ll get Meet Ahlawat and it will create misunderstanding between them, as far she will be from him my chances will grow.

Meet says I thought we became close so you know me. Meet says I know you that’s why I think you can do this, you cross limit to help people, you got admission in college so that you can make name for you but if you want to do this then please leave college.Meet in garden remember what Meet Ahlawat said to her in room for attacking Ravi. Meet says Meet Ahlawat listen from mom that she saw me going with stick then Ram Lakhan also saw me going out that’s why he thinks Ravi is right but whole truth is I got message for help but I don’t understand what all confusion is this, I need to find out. Babita come out and says to Meet Ravi is not wrong walks to her misbehaving with Raj was wrong but what you did with Ravi is that right. Meet says going to college is one of the big happiness for me, I won’t leave college to attack someone.

Babita says what are you trying to say that your Mom and your friend are lying and you are correct, you said you got message for help do you have any prove you don’t care how people are affected because of your steps my son didn’t had food and you know how happy he was but you don’t value anything, you just want to be big and cannot see anything even your husband and leaves.Meet Ahlawat in his room doing work. Meet walks in and see plate with food, she walks to cupboard and take out clothes and keep on dressing table. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing they are ment to be kept in cupboard. Meet says why can’t I keep anything anywhere when you can be angry on something else so I’ll also do. Meet Ahlawat get’s up and says stop it. Meet says when you are angry on me then why are you showing on food.

Meet says I’m not angry on anyone. Meet says you think that your mom dad or anyone will eat food, you can show anger to me but why are you punishing everyone, you know how much everyone loves you, they become sad if you are sad. Meet Ahlawat ask did you eat food. Meet says no. He gets the plate for her and says it’s important that you should also eat food like me and he sit to eat food after seeing him she also eat. Meet think’s you cannot see but I know someone planned this against me and I need to find out who is that person.

Masum, Raj and Babita in hall. Masum says to Raj I’m aslo scared for you and I think you will get in problem in taking stand for Meet and Sunaina. Raj says I know what you mean to say, if I take stand for anyone else then they two will you still stop me, I have fath in everyone and I believe that they wont let me down. Jaydeep at door says if she is your daughter in law this mean you will cover everything, walks to them and says Sunaina wont tell me everything but I thought you all will tell me, I have many questions but I’m not here to talk about that I’m here to sort out things, your daughter in law Meet have to apologise to Ravi in front of everyone. Raj says she won’t apologize to anyone, she is not involved in anything happen to Ravi she said it and once she said then I have full faith in her and you also know whatever you see from your eyes is not true.

Jaydeep says try to understand we can finish this topic here itself. Raj says this won’t sort things but she didn’t do anything that’s why she won’t apologize. Meet Ahlawat feom behind says she will apologize.Meet on phone trying to reach out someoneMeet Ahlawat walks to them and says to Jaydeep don’t worry she will apologize to Ravi infront of everyone.Meet says on call I got a message from some unknown number but all the messages got deleted. Men from other side ask do you remember number. Meet says I remember you just trace it and tell me and she send the number. I’ll not spare him.Meet in her room gets call from person says this number cannot be traced because this number was generated online. Meet says this is true someone is trying to frame me and know everything about me need to find out who knows me personally and have grudges.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat what are you saying. Meet Ahlawat says I’m saying what you thought us we cannot hide things we need to accept and realises what is true so I also want my wife to realise her fault m raj says I know I thought you but you are doing wrong because she cannot do this and if she did anything like this then she will accept it and she already told you that she didn’t do so why dont you believe her. Meet Ahlawat says Anubha aunty is her mom and how can I not listing her, everyone know she threaten Ravi and I believe she should apologise. Meet walks down and says I’ll apologize in front of everyone. Raj says to Meet what are you doing. Meet says no problem father and says to Jaydeep I’ll apologize to your son in law.

Jaydeep says she is smart, now I’ll leave. Masum says to Babita please don’t mind but because of her dad and brother had an argument. Meet says I’ll apologize because you said to him, you know I injured Ravi, only this much you know me.Same night. Raj says to Meet I thought my son will start believing you but then I thought he also started contributing, started understanding you but then I think that I don’t know my son don’t know why he cannot see truth in your eyes.

Meet Ahlawat says to Babita when I see in her eyes I think that I’m wrong. Babita says Anubha saw Meet by her own eyes that she was carrying stick if Meet is right then she would have fight and not get ready to apologise. Meet Ahlawat says she accepted to apologise because I give my words but if she is not guilty and doing because of me then it means that I’m wrong and says do you remember when police took me in case of drug that time she took all the blame, she always think about someone else first, am I doing wrong in not believing her.

Meet says to Raj he doesn’t believe me because he is scared of your respect please don’t blame him I have no problem in that. Raj see her hand and ask what happen to your hand. Meet says nothing it’s a small scratch so I applied bandage. Raj says tomorrow morning you will go to doctor for injection that’s it.Babita messaging Meet Ahlawat head and see he slept.Meet in her room waiting for Meet Ahlawat says I know you are angry on me because you admitted me in college and I disrespected me but I’ll make you happy I god swear and I’ll find out that person who is creating differences between us.

Meet and hall Babita walks to her says cancel all your plans you have to come with us to community centre to apologise Ravi they gave us 5:30pm time. Raj says before going there she will first go to doctor she is hurt and getting injection is important then anything else and I’m pretty sure nobody must have seen that. Meet says to Babita don’t worry after doctor I’ll come directly, she turn but stumble because of her dress. Meet Ahlawat rushes towards her and ask are you alright. Meet says yes. Meet Ahlawat says come I’ll take you to doctor. Meet says no I’ll handle it and leave.


Meet in market goes to vendor says who pushed your stall in empty area and start helping him. Few men get down of vehicle and abduct her takes her to remote place and tie her to chair. Meet kick one of the guy but they tie her to chair and leaves. Meet shouts. Man calls Manushi and says work is done. Manushi says take care that her phone is switched off and she don’t run until I reach there.Everyone at community centre waiting for Meet. Panch says where she is it’s already late. Masum says to Babita where is she what if she don’t come I have zero faith in her and she is trying to hamper dad’s reputation. Meet Ahlawat says to Masum I have fath in her she cannot leave dad like this she will come, I’ll call her. Meet Ahlawat calls.Meet fall down while trying to escape.

Raj ask what happen to Meet Ahlawat, he says her number is not reachable he try again and her number come out to be switched off. Raj says don’t worry she will come she never do this must be stuck somewhere.Meet break herself free and get up.One of the Panch says to Raj your daughter should be here by this time but she is not here but one thing is sure that decesion on this matter will be decided today.Meet says there is someone who is trying to ruin my family name and try yo open door shouts where did you run open gate.Panch says we have decided that your daughter in law have disrespect us so in punishment your face will be painted black. Everyone in shock.

Meet trying to find out a way to get out from room and se a window says if I’ll jump from here I’ll reach hospital directly, looks at watch says everyone will be there and see a man gets inside, she kick him dodge the other one trap them inside a cloth tie them with rope and run away. Meet running on highway and reach community centre see its empty and think I’m late and ask someone where is Ahlawat family. Man Ahlawat’s daughter in law had to arrive here to apologise but she didn’t come so everyone is getting punished.

One if the Panch get up to take Raj and bring him in centre infront of everyone. Panch put his hand in black ink. Raj remove his speck. Meet Ahlawat shouts wait and says to Raj nobody can paint your face black till I’m here. One ohe Panch says why. Meet Ahlawat says because she is my wife, she give her words to apologise and if she is not here then I’m the one who is responsible for the punishment not my dad, you all are disrespected so punish me not my dad. Panch says if families son is ready to take responsibility then we have no issues.Man says to Meet whole Ahlawat’s family was disrespected because if her what kind of daughter in law she is. Meet thinks my whole was disrespected because of this I’ll will find out who did this to me and my family.

Meet at community centre think’s my family had to suffer because of the mistake which I didn’t do.Panch says that we have decided to paint Meet Ahlawat’s face. Babita shouts wait walks to one of the man and put his hand down. Meet Ahlawat hugs her. Babita says to Panch did you see we Ahlawat’s didn’t back off from our word, we came with honesty and we accept that our daughter in law give word to apologise but she didn’t turn up for that you cannot punish my son. Panch says there is no doubt in that but one of your family member disrespected us so you will face this and one of your family member have to bow down and apologize to us or else we will boycott your family from the society, now you can decide who will apologize.

Raj and Meet Ahlawat argues on that and Meet Ahlawat says I’ll do it. He join his hand in front of everyone and says this shouldn’t have happen.Meet join her hands and says this shouldn’t have happenMeet Ahlawat says I’m ashamed for what happen to Ravi and Meet didn’t come to apologise.Meet says I’m ashamed because of me my husband had to apologise.Meet Ahlawat says me Meet Ahlawat apologize infront of everyone on behalf of Ahlawat’s family.Meet says I apologise while on my knees.Panch says to everyone this is what should be done if anyone try to disrespect our community. Babita says she got lot if attitude in her that she didn’t come to apologise because of her Raj got lot of disrespect.

Manushi from outside seeing everything.Meet in tears says why didn’t I came on time, I need to find out fast who is trying to disrespect my family and trying to make difference between me and my husband relation.Ravi get’s a message he turn around to see. Meet from behind tie his hand and put tape on his mouth. Ravi fall down. Meet take her to remote place says I didn’t touch you but still you created a scene so thought you did this already so why not you should taste a bit of my hands, atleast you should know how it feels when I hit you, you already know my history I’m Goon of Shahbadh, one time I hit a person and he got permanent handicap. Ravi says please don’t hit me. Meet says okay I’ll leave before that tell me who asked you to do that or else I’ll not leave you, wait here I’ll grab my gun and come.

Ravi get’s up and run away. Meet says I know you were a puppet and only you will take me to him.Ravi in remote area. Manushi walks to him says I told you we will nit meet until I call you, what was so important that you called me. Ravi says your sister attacked me now I don’t know what will happen if I’ll get Sunaina or not but it’s sure that you sister won’t spare me, if you want Meet Ahlawat then fight alone I’m sorry. Manushi says did you took my name. Meet says I don’t want name I want to meet my enemy in person. Manushi turn around and see Meet standing behind her. Ravi run away. Manushi try to run but she grab her hand and remember what Anubha said abot Manushi. Meet says someone said true that kids cannot hide things from there mom, you didn’t change a bit from when you are behind Meet Ahlawat.

Manushi says when you know everything so listen you are ediot totally, it was not destiny, my job in Bikaner and meeting you there was all in plan because I want my Meet Ahlawat back. Meet says he is human not a toy, you ran away on your choice. Manushi says that was my biggest mistake, he use to love me but I gave him to you so I want it back. Meet says he use to love you but you didn’t. Manushi says emotional people like you take support of love, I believe in taking things back which is mine from early age and to get life which I dream of for that I need Meet Ahlawat and he was mine so I want him back. Meet says what are you talking he is my husband and your thinking is so bad that you disrespected my whole family. Manushi says did I asked you to say sorry, you went late there and because of you your family was insulted and you are responsible for that, by the way I’ll give you two options today, first you can cry for your marriage, second you can think that as nightmare and forget everything because in last 7 hours Meet Ahlawat got insulted so much in front of society is all because of you and he will think about that humiliation again and again and will make him angry against you, now your days are numbered because it will create more difference between you two.

Meet Ahlawat in garden what panch said to them. Masum walks to her and says drink this tea the way you are drinking your anger and insult, it’s not that hot like you from inside but you have habit. He take cup in his hand and hold it tight. Masum take it back and says it’s not only dad’s insult it was Ahlawat’s family insult because of that girl, I told you she is not perfect for this family but still we brought her and everyone got insulted.Meet says you still don’t understand love and feelings you think that because of one thing my bond with him will break, I’m ediot because I believe you because I never thought you will try to steal everything from me. Manushi says wait what are you talking that relation is just settlement and Meet Ahlawat only love’s me and will be forever so you pack your dream and luggage and go away from Meet Ahlawat’s life.

Meet says why you trying to open my mouth, you came back because of your greed and Parth left you. Manushi says did Meet Ahlawat ever see you the way he use to look at me. Meet says no and I want he never look like that to me because your love have damaged his heart a lot that he doesn’t want to repeat that again, I have seen her condition and I erased your memories from his heart and I don’t need to tell what kind of relationship we have, one more thing relation are performed by heart which I did it with that family so you cannot do anything.

Masum says to Meet Ahlawat you have to take revenge from her the way she did to you. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat you are the one who is close to Meet forget what other says, just think how much you know her ofcourse you must be having lot of questions so ask your heart and you won’t be needing any answer.Meet says to Manushi says you know nothing can beat truth which you don’t understand but today you will understand when I’ll tell everything truth about you in front of Meet Ahlawat, this time I won’t come in between when he will take revenge from you because you deserve hate, so get ready to face my husband’s anger.

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