My heart knows update Friday 13 May 2022


My heart knows 13 May 2022: Kalyani talks to Anupriya on phone and asks her not to take tension, says she will come safely. She says just as any car is free, she will leave from there. She ends the call.

Just then she gets call from the receptionist, informing her that her car arrived. Kalyani thanks him and asks him to send someone to take her stuff. Someone knocks on the door. Kalyani says come in. Malhar comes there. Kalyani asks didn’t you go till now. Malhar says I didn’t go. Kalyani thinks he doesn’t care for my life or death. Malhar thinks her heart talks are filmy and thinks how to agree to her sayings and how to send you to Trilok. Kalyani thinks even she doesn’t want to go to Trilok, but how he will understand the mother’s heart, being stone-hearted. Malhar says yes, you said right.

He asks her to take her stuff and come with him. Kalyani says I will not come with you and will not listen R D Burman’s songs. Malhar asks her to listen to Shahinsha’s songs. Kalyani says he is not Shahinsha, but Baadshah. Malhar tries to take her stuff and it falls down. They sit down to pick it. Malhar asks her to trust him and tells that even he is worried for Moksh. He says he doesn’t trust Trilok. Kalyani says they have a responsibility towards Moksh and he has to be fine. She says we have to trust Trilok for Moksh’s life. Malhar says Trilok is not a nice guy. Kalyani says if Trilok is not a good guy then he wouldn’t have agreed to become a donor for Moksh. She says I have to trust him for Moksh.

Malhar says you are very stubborn and don’t listen to me. Kalyani says yes, I am and tells that she will irritate him so much and will do the things which he dislikes. She says she will not make coffee for him, hide his things and will trust Trilok.
Malhar covers mask on her face and says our destination is the same, that is Moksh. He takes her out and makes her sit in the jeep. She holds the jeep’s steering and the jeep stops. Malhar says clutch wire broke down. Kalyani says I will go to Trilok’s house as his daughter’s Nanny. He asks someone about the garage nearby.

The man tells that it is 3 kms away. Malhar asks Kalyani to come with him, as he doesn’t want her to get drenched in rain. They come to the lodge. The receptionist welcomes them and says it is 5-star lodge. Malhar thinks if it is 5-star lodge and tells that they want a room. The receptionist asks if he wants room for an hour. Malhar asks what kind of question is this? Kalyani says we want room for an hour. Malhar scolds the receptionist and takes Kalyani to side, tells that the guy means something else. He takes the keys and goes with Kalyani.

Anupriya comes to Pallavi. Pallavi says she doesn’t know about Atharv. Anupriya says I want to know about Sarthak ji. She asks if Sarthak and I have issues. Pallavi asks are you fine? Anupriya says I am forgetting things. Pallavi says I will bring your medicines. Anupriya gets upset and goes from there. Pallavi wonders what happened to her.

Malhar takes Kalyani to the room. Kalyani sings dilbar song. Malhar asks if she knows what he said. He asks her to sanitize her hands and don’t come out of the room. He gives her a hand sanitizer. Kalyani continues to sing song to irritate him. Malhar asks her to stop her nonsense.

Sarthak talks to someone and tells that medicine is showing effect, but when will it affect fully. Anupriya hears him and thinks I thought Sarthak is trustable, but what is he going to do with me. Kalyani shouts in the bathroom. Malhar gets up hearing her shout and his sleeve gets torn. He rushes to the bathroom and asks what happened? He asks if she was taking bath with clothes on. Kalyani says she came to wash her hands, she is not a fool to take bath with clothes on. Malhar tries to close the shower tap and it breaks. Kalyani says what did you do Malhar ji?

Malhar asks her to be quiet and holds her face to make her quiet. He says you are childish and don’t listen to me. Song plays shayad yehi toh pyaar hai…..He holds her face while the continues to play. Kalyani hears the storm sound and hugs him. Malhar sees Trilok and his daughter standing out of the lodge, and Trilok smiling. He rushes out. Kalyani thinks what happened to him and looks out of window.

Malhar and Kalyani come out. Malhar asks Trilok who peeps in husband and wife’s room. Trilok says I was not there. Kalyani says he was not there. Malhar says I have seen him there. Trilok says sorry and tells that Suhana was restless since she saw Kalyani. When I saw Malhar’s car here, thought you would be here. Kalyani calls Suhana near her and sits down, asking her not to be scared. She says we will meet and have fun daily. Trilok says sorry to Malhar for disturbing them and asks Suhana to come, says you will meet Mamma tomorrow. They leave. Malhar gets a call from Pawar, informing him that clutch is repaired. Kalyani says lets go from here. Malhar thinks how to prove that Trilok is not a good guy. He finds Suhana’s toy there and calls Pawar, asks him to bring bugging device urgently. He thinks he will bring out Trilok’s truth infront of Kalyani.


Kalyani talks to Moksh and asks him not to worry, says she will become nanny at Trilok’s house and he will become donor for him. Malhar comes there and asks Kalyani where is she going? He says I know we have a fight, but we can’t let Moksh suffer because of us, we have to take care of Moksh together. Kalyani asks Moksh if he trusts her that Trilok uncle will become his donor and nothing will happen to him. Malhar gets upset. He looks at Suhana’s doll. Sarthak calls someone and asks him when the medicine will show its affects fully. Anupriya hears him and thinks I trusted him fully and he is doing this with me.

Kalyani comes out. Malhar calls her name. Kalyani says you can’t stop me and have any argument now, I am going to Trilok’s house now. She is going

and he holds her hand. The black oil color (of jeep) from his hand gets applied to her face. He takes her near and wipes oil colour from her face. Mainu jogi hona plays….He removes his mask and asks what did I say? you trust Trilok much. Kalyani says I thought to trust strangers now, as I have no option left. Malhar says I know you love Moksh much and can’t live without him. I don’t want you to go far from him. Kalyani says if I can be with him if he is fine. Malhar stops her and asks her to return Suhana’s doll to her, which was found in the hotel. Kalyani takes the doll in her hand. Malhar makes her wear the mask and thinks Trilok’s truth will come out due to the spy cam inside the doll.
Anupriya is in her room and hides something seeing Sarthak coming.

Sarthak says Moksh needs to be treated anyhow. Anupriya is in deep thought. Sarthak asks her to drink soup and not to worry. Anupriya makes the soup falls down and shows the medicines which Sarthak was hiding from her. She asks what do you want? Sarthak gets tensed.

Kalyani comes to Trilok’s house. A lady comes there and asks her not to go inside if she wants her life to be saved. Trilok’s staff comes to Kalyani’s rescue as the lady holds her hand. Kalyani asks who was that lady? The staff member tells that the lady is mad. Kalyani sanitizes her hands and goes inside.

Anupriya asks Sarthak to reply to her and asks why you are giving me these medicines. Sarthak takes the medicines and goes. Aao Saheb says it is not Sarthak’s mistakes. Anupriya says Maa ji. Aao Saheb tells that you used to call me Aao Saheb. She says it is actually Madhav, Malhar’s father who was giving her medicines to lose her memory, which he himself confessed. Anupriya asks why he was giving me medicines? Aao Saheb says so that you forget about Radhe’s murder. She says Sarthak requested me not to tell this to you and changed your medicines correctly so that you get your memory.

Kalyani comes inside Trilok’s house and her lookalike Suhana’s mother pic. Suhana comes and hugs Kalyani. Kalyani asks if she is fine? And returns her doll. The staff member tells that she can’t take Divya’s place as her face is like her. Kalyani hears the song kahin deep jale ya dil…She asks if someone else also reside here. Suhana points her finger towards a room. Kalyani comes there and opens the door. She looks at Trilok and Divya’s room and sees the recorder playing the song. She takes the recorder in her hand, when the staff lady takes the recorder from her hand and asks her to concentrate on her work and not to go to any room in the house, says Trilok dislikes such things. Kalyani talks to Suhana and says even her Billu likes drawing.

She sees her drawings and thinks something. She asks Suhana why did she draw dark room on every page. Suhana is tensed. Kalyani asks if there is any dark room in the house. Malhar tries to hear from the spy recorder. He asks Rao to ask Patil to record it and tells that he is sure that Trilok came to do something wrong. Suhana starts hitting her doll and puts water on it, before smashing it under her feet. Kalyani thinks if something like that happened in this room. She tries to stop her. Trilok comes there and asks what happened? He picks up the doll and finds the spy recorder/microphone hidden in it.

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  1. Stop this Trilok character until when will Malher face problems can’t he be happy with Kalyan and Moksh at once very soon you will be ending their story leaving us confused not knowing what happened show us Malher and Kalyan’s love life please

  2. Honestly, zee world needs to change their narrative. Must all their series be dominated by wickedness? This couple have suffered a great deal for crying out loud.. From one problem to another. Can’t they enjoy themselves for once? It’s high time they changed their narrative. This shows that indians are naturally wicked


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