My heart knows update Saturday 14 May 2022

My heart knows 14 may 2022: The Episode starts with Trilok finding the microphone in Suhana’s doll and wonders what it is doing here? Kalyani says Suhana made this doll fell in the hotel and today Malhar gave it to me to return to Suhana. Trilok says this means Malhar is spying on me, what does he think of me, do I look like a criminal. He shouts and says if your husband are so doubtful then why should I become donor for your son. He says even now I can say no. Kalyani asks him to think being a father himself. Trilok says I will talk to Commissioner Saheb. Kalyani gets tensed but in vain. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Sarthak loves you and will not do anything which will harm you. She says Sarthak took the last delivery of the medicines which Madhav had ordered and he then hide these medicines from you.

She says Sarthak is giving you right medicines so that you can get back your memory. She says Kalyani needs you after losing her baby. Anupriya asks what happened to her baby. Aao Saheb asks her to try to remember. Anupriya stresses on her mind and recalls everything. She imagines Kalyani standing infront of her and asking her to save Moksh, else she will also die. Anupriya shouts Kalyani as she gets back her memory. She asks Aao Saheb about Kalyani and says if she is not pregnant then how we will save Moksh now. Aao Saheb says you got your memory back and gets happy. She says although you are married now, but still my daughter. Anupriya hugs her and cries.

Commissioner calls Malhar and asks if he planted bug device in Trilok’s house. Malhar says yes and says I am sure that Trilok is doing something wrong. Commissioner tells that Trilok Marathe has helped many people in the city during the coronavirus pandemic. Pawar says signal is coming now. Malhar says what to do with the signal Trilok got the device now. Trilok comes to Suhana and hugs her. He tells Kalyani that he had talked to Commissioner and is rethinking about his decision to become a donor. Kalyani asks him not to think much and apologizes to him on Malhar’s behalf. Just then she gets a call from Swara informing her that Moksh has turned blue. Kalyani cries and tells Trilok. Trilok says I will drop you there. They leave.

Kalyani comes out after talking to Doctor and tells Trilok that Doctor said that operation shall happen within 2 weeks. Trilok says he is ready for the operation. Kalyani thanks him and holds his hand. She asks him to stop drinking wine and cigarette till then.Trilok says its ok, I will leave. Malhar comes there and sees Kalyani holding his hand. He asks about Moksh. Trilok starts leaving. Kalyani tells Malhar that Doctor said that Moksh’s operation shall be done within 2 weeks and that Trilok agreed to become a donor. She says you doubt him unnecessarily. Trilok hears them and leaves. Trilok drinks the wine and thinks of Kalyani’s words. He laughs aloud and looks evilly.

Kalyani talks to Moksh and asks him not to trouble Swara. She goes to Trilok’s house and talks to Suhana. She tries to make her sleep and sings song Muqabla Muqabla….Suhana looks at her and then looks at her mother’s photo frame. Kalyani brings the frame to her. Suhana signs her that her Aai used to tell her stories before making her sleep. She then signs at the door. Kalyani asks what is behind the door?Anupriya cries and questions God, why did he do wrong with her daughter, Kalyani. Aao Saheb comes there and asks Anupriya why is she complaining to God, everything will be fine. She says I have informed Sarthak that you got your memory.

Anupriya says even though I have forgotten my daughter, but I never forgot to light the lamp of this temple and cries. Aao Saheb asks God for forgiveness and asks Anupriya to come. Anupriya says she wants to go out. Aao Saheb says she is outside and we don’t know where she went. Anupriya says she wants to go to Kalyani.Suhana takes Kalyani to the room and draws on the tiles. She then lies down on the drawing. Kalyani makes her get up and asks her to hug her whenever she wants, even though she is not her mother. Suhana hugs her. Trilok sees them and thinks keep these tears safe Kalyani, it will be used after separating from Malhar.

Kalyani telling Suhana that she will give her love and care just like her mother. She says whenever you want to hug her, you can. Suhana signs her if she hugs her mother. Kalyani says yes, I do hug my mother tightly, but I didn’t hug her since long time. Malhar tells Pawar that nobody should know that they are enquiring about Trilok still. He asks if Kalyani left from Trilok’s house. Pawar says yes. He gets a call and says hello. Kalyani comes home and asks Sarthak where is Aai? She says Aao Saheb called and said that Aai is searching me and went out. Sarthak says Anupriya ji got her memory back, Aao Saheb told her everything about the wrong medicines. She got restless when she got her memory and went out to search you.

Anupriya comes there. Kalyani asks where did you go? Anupriya says today I will say. She goes behind Kalyani to beat her and asks why you didn’t try to bring out my memory. Kalyani runs. Anupriya says you talks filmy, but why you didn’t use filmy trick. Kalyani says Doctor asked us not to stress you. Anupriya asks why you didn’t try, Doctor doesn’t know about our relation. She says why you didn’t figure out that someone is giving me medicines to make me lose the memory. Malhar asks what? Who is giving you medicines to make you lose memory, who can do this? Sarthak says Madhav Dada. Malhar says Baba, why will he do this? Sarthak says dada thought that if Anupriya loses her memory then Radhe’s murder case will be closed.

Malhar says if Baba has done this, then I will forget my relation with him. He is about to call him. Sarthak says Dada is very ashamed of his doings and told this to me. He says he couldn’t see Anupriya and left home for the music tour. He says leave this matter for now. Malhar goes to Anupriya and apologizes to her for Madhav’s doings. He says please forgive baba.Anupriya looks on crying. Malhar goes to him upset. Kalyani says sorry to Anupriya and says you don’t deserve this.

Anupriya says I don’t deserve daughter like you. You don’t listen to me, but listened to doctor. Kalyani asks her to keep the rod/stick. Anuprita hits her. Kalyani says sorry and hugs her. She says I missed you. Both of them cry. Kalyani says what to do, shall I become cock. Anupriya says ok. Kalyani sits down as a punishment and smiles, says she doesn’t know how to react, as her Aai scolded her after many days. She doesn’t know if she shall be emotional or happy. Anupriya says she will be with her always. She says you don’t know how to sit like cock. Kalyani laughs.

Malhar apologizes to Kalyani because of Madhav. Kalyani says you don’t need to be sorry for this, but you shall be sorry for not picking the call to take Moksh to hospital. Malhar comes to Moksh. Kalyani asks him to stand far. Malhar says I have already said sorry. Kalyani says you are coming from outside and haven’t taken bath. She says I told you about the precautions, we have to take to get saved from Corona. Malhar says I will go and freshen up. Kalyani asks him to sanitize him. Malhar says even you are doing a mistake, by trusting Trilok. Kalyani says she don’t want to listen against Trilok and asks Malhar to learn mental distancing also along with social distancing. Malhar goes from there.

Kalyani makes Moksh eat the food. Trilok comes to Suhana’s room and finds her missing. Kalyani comes and asks where is Trilok? Trilok scolds her and says she is one hour late. He says you have taken me for granted as I am speaking nicely with you. Kalyani goes out and search for Suhana. Malhar is hiding behind the small plants and holds Kalyani when she goes there. Kalyani asks if he is spying here. Malhar says I knowTrilok is not right guy. Kalyani tries to go and asks Malhar to leave her. Malhar shows his hands and tries to remove the stuck stem from her dress. She laughs and says she is feeling ticking. He removes the stem and says it is done. Song plays……jot um na ho plays….

Kalyani says she has to go and search Suhana. Malhar says she didn’t come out, I am standing here since long. Kalyani says may be she went to garage. Malhar says I will come with you. Kalyani says Trilok will not like to see you. Malhar says I am a police officer and will come with you. They see Suhana’s shoe. Kalyani says it is of Suhana. Malhar asks what is behind? Kalyani says car garage. Servant comes to Suhana’s room and thinks where did she go? She gets scared seeing the big wall clock. Trilok asks Kalyani what is Malhar doing here? Suhana comes there. Trilok tells that Suhana went out to get chocolate and I bought it for her.

Malhar says it is a lie and says he has proof to prove her lie, and asks if she wants to see.

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