Naagin 4 update Thursday May 12 2022

Naagin 4 May 12 2022: Episode starts with Brinda becoming Naagin after Dev falls in the pond. He is about to get drown, but brinda as snake saves him and takes him out of the water. Manyata is doing puja to know about her daughter. Nayantara thinks who is this Naag, it might kill Dev, thinks my enemy shall be killed by my hand. She takes out flute and is about to play it, but just then snake becomes Brinda and gets unconscious. Dev is also unconscious. Nayantara thinks she has to tell Maa and runs away from there.

Naagin 4 May 11 2022

Dev gains consciousness and sees Brinda unconscious beside him. Brinda gains consciousness and holds his hand asking him not to leave her, tells that she is very scared. Rajat calls Brinda and is coming there. Dev hides. Rajat comes near her and hugs her. He asks how did you come here? Brinda says she doesn’t know. Nayantara is running in the desert and coming there. She thinks who is this Brinda and how she became naagin. She comes there and sees Manyata asking the God who is her real daughter and asks her to tell. Nayantara sees Brinda appearing, but Manyata doesn’t see it. She asks who is the real daughter. Manyata asks Nayantara why did you come here? She asks her to go. Nayantara asks why did you come here? Manyata says she was doing a special puja, but it is disturbed. Nayantara tells her that she came here as she saw the snake today. Manyata asks if she has seen her face. Nayantara says no, she didn’t see her face. Manyata says you would have played flute and made her come in her real form. Nayantara says sorry.

Manyata scolds her and asks her to go. Nayantara asks her to forgive her and says I am your daughter. Manyata brushes off her hand and says my puja is spoiled. Nayantara recalls Manyata’s love for her. A fb is shown of the same. Manyata getting concerned for her knowing she is hurt. Fb ends. Nayantara recalls Manyata scolding her and rings the temple bell. She thinks she will kill brinda. Rajat tells brinda that he is feeling pain in his head. Brinda asks what happened? Rajat thinks he drank costly wine. He says he is having headache as he was searching her in night. Dev comes there and asks Rajat to give the hotel bill, which is settled by him. He says I don’t want to do anything infront of Brinda. Rajat goes to give the bill. Brinda asks Dev about Nayantara. Dev says he forgot about her. brinda thinks what happened last night and gets blurred images of snake rescuing Dev. Nayantara is sitting on the tree and playing flute to catch the snakes. Some snake comes there.

Dev asks Rajat why didn’t he stop Nayantara. Rajat says he didn’t see her else he would have stop her. Dev taunts him and asks him to look after brinda. Nayantara tries to burn a snake and thinks this snake will fall in the fire itself. The snake crawls and gets in the fire. Nayantara thinks this vashikaran and saying is right, she can burn any naag or brinda.Rajat comes to brinda and tells that they have to do as Dev’s mom wants. Brinda says we did that. Rajat asks where did you go? Brinda recalls her conversation with Dev. She thinks how he fell down in the pond.Rushali asks Dev about his date with Nayantara and says he sees her bahu in her. Rohan says if Dev is not interested then he is interested. Dev asks her to get him married to nayantara. He says he don’t like her. Nayantara hears them.

Brinda asks Swara about her baba and thinks to talk to him about her unconsciousness. Rajat says we shall talk to Rushali and tells that there is a big surprise. He takes Brinda out. Swara gets worried thinking about Rajat’s words. Dev says sorry to Nayantara. Nayantara says I thought you like me. She asks if he dislikes her. Dev says he is not like other guys and wants to love only his wife. He says he fell in the water and when he woke up, he was with Brinda. Nayantara thinks she shall do something. Dev asks how to make it up for you. Nayantara asks him to make coffee. She then message Brinda using Dev’s phone and then deletes the message.Rajat asks Brinda to go and tell Rushali that Dev likes Nayantara. Brinda says we shall talk to Dev first. Dev comes to his room and sees baa. He says girlfriend you are here? He asks about Nayantara. He then says Maa wants him to know her. Baa says but there are many questions in your mind.

He asks when did you fall in love with Dadu first? Baa says love doesn’t happen at one go. Brinda thinks to talk to Rushali and sees Dev’s cousins standing. Dev tells that when he is with her, he is confused and when she is not with him, he misses her. Baa asks him to choose one hand. When he chose one, she says brinda and tells that she is old, but not stupid. Dev says it is not that simple and says she is engaged. Baa says if you propose you, then she might reject you Dev’s cousins misbehave with brinda. Brinda slaps one of them. They ask how dare you? Dev comes there. They make an excuse and leave. Dev asks brinda what happened? Brinda says she is unwell and is about to die.Manyata comes to the river side and thinks who can swap her daughter with Nayantara. An old lady comes there and identifies Manyata. She asks about her daughter. Manyata says she is searching her. The old lady says she found rudraksha of her.

Brinda thinks she don’t want to go there and thinks what to tell Rajat? Swara comes there and asks about Rajat’s words about surprise and good news. She asks if something happened between them which happens between husband and wife. Brinda is shocked and asks Swara if she is mad to think this. Swara pats on her head. Brinda goes. Manyata sees the rudraksha and thinks it might of the person swapping her daughter.Hardik removes hand from his face. Rohan, harsh and other brother laugh seeing fingers on his cheeks. Rohan says we shall do something enjoyable. He says we shall go and punish Brinda. Other brother says at your home.Rushali comes to Brinda’s house and asks what did you do? Brinda says she was unwell. Rushali says why Dev haven’t return with Nayantara. She says you are staying in outhouse since years without any rent. Brinda says she will give. Rushali says Dev told her that he is not interested in Nayantara.

Rajat comes there and tells that he will explain to her everything and asks Brinda to go out. Hardik, Rohan and others are outside. Rohan asks his brothers to see Rushali and Rajat’s conversation. Rushali asks Rajat to do her work, else it will be bad for Brinda and her. She says she knows his greed. He goes behind Rushali. Rushali goes. Sparsh and Rohan stop Rajat and tell that they can help him. Rohan asks him to hear the plan. Dev thinks to talk to brinda and thinks to meet her.Nayantara waits for Brinda in the jungle and thinks if she read the message. Brinda thinks why she is not recollecting about the happenings. She thinks to talk to Dev and checks his message on her phone. Dev comes out. Brinda thinks he called her in Jungle. Nayantara is burning in jealousy and thinks to kill brinda. She thinks she might not be icchadhari naagin, but she is her mother’s daughter. She will only marry dev, and will take her mother’s revenge. Brinda thinks to ask Dev what happened with her last night. She then finds no phone network and thinks why did he call her here. Nayantara plays the flute, sitting on the tree. Brinda gets drowsy. Nayantara thinks come in your real form today, after that your are dead. Brinda’s eyes turn yellow. Her body gets scaly.

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