Unfortunate love update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Unfortunate love 6 December 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi holding Lakshmi’s hand and then taking the burning ghatbandhan cloth and walks towards the mandap. Kiran tells Malishka that if Rishi will marry Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave it and says your hand will burn. Rishi says how the marriage will happen without ghatbandhan cloth. Malishka asks him to leave it and asks him to go and change his clothes else he will get cold. She then taunts Lakshmi for not asking Rishi to change his clothes. Kiran says if Rishi will marry Lakshmi. Vikrant thinks I will not let Rishi succeed in his aim. Rishi asks Lakshmi to move and put the burning ghatbandhan cloth on Vikrant’s neck.

Unfortunate love 5 December 2023

Everyone shouts Rishi. Vikrant asks Rishi if he has gone mad and wants to burn him. Rishi says I didn’t start yet and says this is for your marriage, and says marriage is not possible without the ghatbandhan, as I want you to understand that the ghatbandhan using which you want to marry Lakshmi, can become your death cuffed. Puneet shouts at Rishi and asks him to be quiet. Rishi says uncle, people usually say that the son is like his father and says I feel bad for you, and says may be it is opposite in your side, like father like son. Vikrant asks him to behave well with elders and asks if he don’t learn to talk to elders. Rishi says if you had taught him then would not have listened this today. He asks Vikrant, what you have done for this marriage and if this marriage don’t happen then I will be hurt. He says I will get your marriage done, but slight change, you will marry, but not with Lakshmi. He says I will never let you marry Lakshmi. Kiran says then whose marriage, Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage?

Shalu tells Ayush that they will break our friendship too. Ayush says why our friendship will break, and says who will stop us from meeting outside, and says I will not let anyone break our friendship. He says cement’s promise and holds her hand. Shalu hugs him. Bani hugs them.

Vikrant says so you want to stop Lakshmi and my marriage. Rishi says I told clearly in Hindi that I will not let this marriage happen. Vikrant says how you will stop the marriage, and with what right? Rishi says who I am, I don’t want to tell you, and asks him to understand that Lakshmi and your marriage will not happen. Anjana says she is angry now. Rishi says even he is very angry. Neelam says you are insulting them again. Rishi says I am insulting those, who don’t deserve respect and says they don’t deserve it. Anjana asks Neelam to get the marriage done. Puneet asks her to ask her son to leave from here. Neelam says half rounds are done, half rounds are remaining, and asks him to go. Rishi says no Mom, I will not let this marriage done. Karishma says I was telling that Rishi will not let this marriage happen.

She says Lakshmi didn’t want to do this marriage and knew that Rishi is our weak point and that’s why saying that Rishi is in danger, she wants to search him etc. Rishi gets emotional and thinks you got to know even now and you say that there is nothing between us. Dadi asks her not to blame Lakshmi and asks Rishi to say. Vikrant says first we shall get the marriage done, and then hear him. Malishka says first let this marriage happen, I request you. Kiran asks Malishka to take him to room and make him change his clothes. Virender asks Rishi to go and change his clothes.

Rishi says I will go after marriage. Karishma asks which marriage and says at one side, you said that you will not let the marriage happen and at the other side you are saying that you will go after marriage is done. Neelam says this marriage will happen and says Ayush and her sisters have insulted us so much. Rishi says I will not do anything wrong. Pandit ji asks if the marriage will happen or not. Karishma asks Lakshmi and Vikrant to sit. Vikrant asks Pandit ji not to say that they have to take rounds again and tells that Lakshmi knows the vows so don’t repeat it. Vikrant forwards his hand and asks Lakshmi to come. Lakshmi recalls giving swear to Neelam and holds Vikrant’s hand. Malishka asks Rishi to come and says lets go.

Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand. Malishka says enough of this, and asks him to leave Lakshmi’s hand, and not to do tamasha infront of everyone. Virender asks what you are doing? Rishi says I am doing what I shall do and I told clearly that Vikrant will not marry lakshmi. Virender says you said that you will go after marriage happening. Kiran thinks she is sure that Rishi will marry lakshmi.

Neelam thinks she will not stop her anger now. Dadi asks Rishi to say clearly what he wants to say. Rano asks Rishi why he is confusing them. Kiran asks if you want to get Lakshmi and your marriage done. Everyone is shocked. Anjana reminds Lakshmi of her promise, that she will marry once she finds Rishi. Dadi asks did you let her go to search Rishi and asks her not to talk about promise. Dadi asks Rishi to say clearly. Rishi says I will say clearly that Vikrant and Lakshmi will not marry, and I will tell the reason clearly. He asks his family if they saw Vikrant’s elder brother or talked to him ever. He says no. He says whenever we ask them about Vikrant’s elder brother, they have made the excuse that he is busy and can’t come. He says this is not truth, truth is that Vikrant has no elder brother, they don’t have any elder son, and says they have just one and that’s him (Vikrant). Everyone is shocked.

Anjana says he is lying, first he was accusing Vikrant and now everyone of us. Virender says you can’t humiliate them. He says I have proof and I will prove this. He asks Anjana, Puneet and Saloni why they are looking at Vikrant, and says sorry for bringing their secret out. She says the lie doesn’t stand longer and comes out eventually. Rano asks if they don’t have elder son, then Saloni is whose’s wife? Rishi says Saloni is their bahu, they said this truth only. Virender asks then whose wife is Saloni? Rishi asks Vikrant to say, and then asks Saloni if she wants to tell her husband’s name. He says I will tell everyone. Karishma asks him to behave and says Saloni is a lady. Rishi says I am shocked knowing her truth, how can a lady do this, how can the entire family can be a betrayal. Rano asks him to tell, how Saloni is their bahu if they don’t have elder son.

 Rishi telling that even now he doesn’t understand how can all the family can be a betrayal. Rano asks if they don’t have elder son then whose wife is Saloni? Rishi says Puneet and Anjana will not answer, but I will say everything. He says nobody believed me, Ayush, Shalu and Bani. He says I will tell how Saloni is their house bahu, though Vikrant doesn’t have an elder brother. He says Saloni’s husband name is Vikrant Kakkar. Everyone is shocked. Rishi says Vikrant is Saloni’s husband. Anjana asks Rishi to stop it and says don’t stoop low that you forget the limitations, and says first you have accused Vikrant and my bahu and now wiping identity on my elder son. She asks him to stop it. Rishi asks her to stop it. Virender says rishi you have accusing them big and asks for proofs. Rishi says I have proof and takes out the photo, which is ruined as it is drenched in pool water. He says it is ruined.

Vikrant says ok. Rishi says in the photo, there was Sarika/Saloni and Vikrant’s marriage photo with Mayur. Vikrant thinks where did Rishi meet him and realizes he met him in the temple. He thinks that’s why Rishi got to know everything in detail. Puneet says you make nice stories and asks him to write for movies and make film. Vikrant asks him to act too. Rishi says I will act good than you and asks Puneet to do heroine’s dad role in his film. Karishma says you always say that you have proof, but you never had proofs. She asks if you have realized that you are blaming Saloni also. Vikrant says he is a cheap and disgusted person and says I feel pity on Lakshmi who regards you as a friend. Rishi asks him to stop it and says I am controlling myself, but don’t take Lakshmi’s name with your mouth and asks him if he ever thought that how disgusted people they are. He says the proofs are ruined due to your goons outside, who took me to swimming pool to kill me. He asks Virender to believe him. Vikrant says anyone shall learn stories from him, and says he makes new story again. He says what you are saying that I sent goons to kill you and you got saved. Rishi says you had tried to kill me in hospital, infact I reached hospital due to you. Vikrant says you are trying to make me criminal and murderer. Rishi says you are criminal and murderer and asks him to leave. Vikrant says I will marry Lakshmi and then will leave. Rishi asks him not to take Lakshmi’s name from his mouth. Vikrant says if you come between Lakshmi and me, then I will kill you and will not hesitate. Lakshmi gets angry and slaps him. Dadi says sherni was silent till now, she is roaring just as the hunter talked about killing her tiger. Lakshmi warns Vikrant not to talk about harming Rishi.

Ayush calls Servant who is guarding his room, and asks him to bring two juice and one milk glass. Shalu asks why milk. Servant calls him and tells that he can’t bring, as if he opens the door then they will run out, and says I want to go to washroom, but then also I am not going. He says Neelam will fire me. Ayush asks him to open the door and says I will save your job. The Servant refuses.

Shalu asks Ayush to call Jiju. Ayush says his phone is off. Rishi tells Vikrant that he was waiting for Lakshmi’s this answer. Kiran tells Malishka that Lakshmi became great infront of Rishi by slapping Vikrant and asks her if she will still be silent. Malishka gets angry on Vikrant for harming Rishi. Rishi says he can’t harm me. Malishka hugs him and cries. Rishi asks her to relax. Pandit ji tells the other Pandit that they shall leave, as the bride slapped the groom. Vikrant stops them and says I will take my bride from here, and will marry her. He asks them to sit. Vikrant thinks he is not habitual to lose, and says now he will take revenge from both Rishi and Lakshmi. He says Rishi will get answer when I marry Lakshmi, and Lakshmi will get the answer tonight.

Shalu says the marriage must have happened by now. Ayush says if Rishi Bhai comes here, then he will break the marriage and will make them take reverse rounds. Rishi’s phone rings and he picks the call. Ayush says thank god you are fine. Rishi says I am at home and ends the call. Vikrant takes out the knife. Ayush tells Shalu and Bani that he has come home. Shalu says but di must have married by now. Everyone gets scared seeing Vikrant’s evilness. Ayush says he must have stopped the marriage.

Shalu says how he will stop the marriage, it must have happened. Ayush says he is Rishi bhai, lakshmi bhabhi’s shield and says their destinies are correlated, and says this is Rishi Lakshmi Bhagya and says Vikrant is a bad person, and Rishi will not let Lakshmi marry him. He says this marriage will not happen. Shalu and Bani smiles.

Virender, Neelam and Karishma get Vikrant and Saloni’s marriage pic on their mobiles. Rishi asks them if they got the photos of Vikrant and Saloni’s marriage. Neelam, Karishma and Virender get shocked. Rishi says proof is infront of you, and says this is Vikrant and Saloni’s marriage photo, and tells Vikrant that now you must be thinking how I got these photos. He says I met Mayur in the temple and he exposed you. He says I asked Mayur to send the photos on mobile. He says you all don’t know where Vikrant vanished during milne puja, and says Vikrant vanished as Mayur had come to the temple, and Vikrant and Saloni hide from him so that they don’t get exposed. Vikrant says you have found out very soon, and says when you got proofs against me, then I have no problem to confess, and says yes, Sarika/Saloni is my wife. Everyone is shocked. Karishma gets scared and goes away from Vikrant. Vikrant says Sarika is Saloni and Saloni is Sarika and says you used to shout and tell your family, but nobody believed you, as I have presented myself well, and did good marketing so that I became good and their own son was bad infront of them. Virender says you fraud and cheat and says it is our win and says we are good that we trust anyone. He says it is our mistake that we didn’t trust our son, and asks him to see Rishi’s values and says he has risked his life, but didn’t let anything happen to his family. He says this is our blood, our pride and says he has taken out the blind fold from our eyes, and says he has exposed you, and saved Lakshmi’s life and didn’t let her marry you, our son, this house son.

 Virender apologizing to Rishi. Rishi says no dad. Vikrant says it is your mistake that you didn’t trust your son, but trusted me, it is your problem. He shows the knife and tells Rishi that it is given to the groom so that he ward off the evil eye and you are the evil eye of my life, and how I get rid of you. He pulls and holds Dadi on knife point. Everyone shouts asking him what is he doing? Vikrant asks Rishi and others to move 4 steps back. Lakshmi pulls Rishi back. Rishi says if anything happens to Dadi, then I will not leave you. Vikrant asks him to be quiet. He gets a call and says everyone come inside. Virender says the consequences will be bad. Vikrant says I have come here to get married and will marry and if someone tries to interfere, then I will take Dadi’s

life as dowry. He says you will not give me a big dowry, so I will take just Lakshmi. The goons come there (different goons). Vikrant asks the goon to tie Rishi first. The goon hits Rishi. Rishi grabs the goon’s collar. Vikrant says don’t raise hand else Dadi is on my knife point. Rishi asks goon to bring chair. Dadi asks Rishi not to care for him. The goons tie Rishi to the chair. Vikrant smirks. Rishi says if anything happens to Dadi then I will not leave you. The goon tells that they have tied Rishi. Vikrant asks them to handle Dadi and if she does something then cut her neck. He asks all the guests to just watch the climax without doing anything. Neelam cries and says Rishi.

Vikrant asks Lakshmi not to get scared and come for marriage. Dadi asks Lakshmi not to get married, to this murderer devil. Lakshmi says Dadi please, I will not let anything happen to you, you made me daughter and I shall fulfill my duty of a daughter. Kiran says she is even now becoming the heroine and great. Malishka says she shall get married and will be destroyed after marriage. She says Vikrant will not harm Dadi, I just want her to marry him. Vikrant asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done fast and says he will take just 3 rounds. Pandit ji gets up and says ok. Vikrant says you should have done marriage before itself. Pandit ji says hast milap and ghatbandhan. Vikrant says I am holding her hand and that is ghatbandhan. Karishma tells Neelam that they did wrong by trusting Vikrant. Neelam says if Mummy ji get even a scratch, then I will ruin Vikrant. Vikrant says I will take 3 rounds and then will make her wear mangalsutra and will apply sindoor in her hair. Dadi asks Lakshmi not to marry Vikrant. Lakshmi says she will give sacrifice for her. Vikrant says you don’t need to sacrifice, as I love you a lot. Rishi says don’t touch her, else I will show you hell.

Vikrant asks him to be quiet if he wants to be alive else he will show him hell. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Vikrant starts taking the rounds, and the electricity goes. Pandit ji sets off the havan kund fire just as he gets the chance. Vikrant grabs both Pandit ji’s neck. Pandit ji says you are a bad person and your marriage will never happen with Lakshmi and she is sacrificing to save Dadi, she is a good soul and you can never marry her. He says you can press my neck, but I will never help you, who is cunning and evil. Shalu, Bani, Mukesh and Ayush come there and hit the goons. Rishi says very good Pandit ji. Vikrant hits them and says I will take Lakshmi, even if the marriage don’t happens, I will win. Rishi gets up breaking the chair and beats Vikrant. Dadi asks Rishi to beat him.

Saloni asks Rishi to leave Vikrant. Rishi and Vikrant have a fight. The goon has kept knife on Dadi’s neck still. Dadi pushes the goon and then hits him. She says she is Punjab Sherni and can blow on the goon like you. Karishma asks are you fine? Dadi says yes.

Ayush thanks Mukesh for freeing them from the room. Mukesh says I have eaten salt of this house and have to be loyal. Rano holds Saloni and says shameless woman, and asks why did you act as Virkant’s bhabhi. Karishma asks Anjana, this is so disgusting, we trusted you a lot and went against our own children, but you betrayed us. Neelam says all the family are betrayal and liars and asks why did you betray us, and made us ashamed infront of our son. She says I will get you punished and will handover you to Police. Anjana says forgive us, we did this for a son. Karishma says you did this for a son, who doesn’t deserve to be a son. Saloni says we did this to have a child. She says I couldn’t become a mother and that’s why we have planned for his second marriage. She says vikrant and I love each other, and can’t separate, and that’s why we did this so that his second wife can give us a child. Neelam slaps Saloni and says you shall feel ashamed, and asks how can you agree for your husband’s second marriage.

Karishma says there is so many medical advancements and then asks Anjana and Puneet, how they can help their son and bahu, and says I didn’t see such people before. Lakshmi stands shocked. Rishi and Vikrant come there fighting again. Saloni shouts Vikrant. Vikrant picks the knife and attacks Rishi. Lakshmi shouts Rishi.

Vikrant makes Rishi falls down and is about to stab him knife, when Lakshmi throws stick at his hand and makes the knife falls down. It falls near Malishka. Vikrant gets up and starts fighting with Rishi. Malishka kicks the knife near Rishi and asks him to kill him. Rishi attacks on Vikrant’s hand injuring his hand. Vikrant holds Lakshmi and keeps some sharp object on her stomach, says he will get her without marriage. Rishi asks him not to harm Lakshmi, and throws something at Vikrant, and Lakshmi falls on Rishi. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi nods yes. Rishi says you have done this and stoop low for a child, and says not for the child, but for the sin you will be punished. Dadi goes near Vikrant and says I didn’t trust you since the beginning, the way you used to behave, it was over sweet and I had understood that you are not the same as you appear and when Rishi accused you, I understood that you are a bad person. She slapshim.

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