My desire update Thursday 7 December 2023

My Desire 7 December 2023: Samrat tells Nayantara that he loves her immensely and hence took her on cliff to propose her, but had to push her from cliff to save her from Mansi. He reveals how Mansi blackmailed him to get Govind arrested and how she had pointed gun towards Nayan threatening to kill her if he doesn’t push her down the cliff and how the tried to save her by fixing a net over a lake, etc.

Nayan asks if he is done with his story, she is Antara and not Nayan and hence his story doesn’t matter to her. She asks him to leave and never show his face again. Sam says she has to see him often now as Siddharth organized another event for them, which he would announce soon. Nayan walks away fuming. Samrat thinks he will force her to accept that she is Nayan.

While returning home, Nayan tells Siddharth what Samrat told and says she is sure Samrat wouldn’t try to kill her and its definitely Mansi’s plan. Siddharth says she easily fell for his lies. Nayan says she wants to find out truth. Siddharth says he will help her anyways and thinks he will not let her reach truth.

Sam excitedly asks Mohit and Ishani to select a dress for him for Antara’s post-concert party. Ishani asks if Antara agreed that she is Nayan. Sam says not yet, he will make sure she accepts truth. Mohit asks how will he. He asks them to accompany him for the party, he will explain his plan to them on the way.

Nayan gets ready for the party and looks upset. Siddharth asks reason. Nayan says she feels Samrat is innocent and hence wants to know truth. Siddharth says he will help her find truth; though he wants to take revenge from Samrat, he really wants Nayan to find truth and if Samrat is innocent, she should return to him. Nayan thanks him. Siddharth says let us go and question fishermen if Samrat had asked them to lay a fishing net over the lake.

Nayan agrees and asks what about the party. Siddharth says its important to find out truth first. They visit fishermen, and Siddharth asks them if Samrat asked them to lay a net over the lake over a month ago. Fisherman says Samrat wanted to save a woman. Nayan says Samrat was right then. Siddharth says Samrat is innocent then.

His puppet tells Nayan that his friends are lying, Samrat gave him double money later to cut the rope as he wanted to kill Nayan instead. Siddharth says Samrat wanted to kill Nayan and wrongly blamed Mansi instead.

Mansi peeps from beind a tree and smirks at Siddharth. Siddharth recalls Mansi meeting him and threatening to reveal his truth if he doesn’t help her convince Nayan that Samrat wanted to kill her and make her hate Samrat. She further asks him to bring Nayan to the fishermen as she has already bribed them to lie. Samrat reaches party venue with Mohit and Ishani and tells them that he will collect Nayan’s DNA samples and give it to them, they should give it to a lab technician who will test her DNA samples and prove that she is Nayan and not Antara. He walks to Antara and interacts with her. He orders whiskey for him and juice for her. Antara says she wants vodka on the rocks. Sam is shocked and says she doesn’t drink. Antara says he easily judged her. Sam says Nayan never used to drink. Antara says he talks about Nayan always, she is eager to know who Nayan is. Sam shows her photo. Antara says Nayan looks exactly like her, but dresses up like a behanji. Sam says she should look via his eyes how beautiful Nayan is. Antara says Nayan has a mole on her face. Sam checks her face. Antara says he told he won’t misbehave. Sam says he is checking if there is any scar after surgery or she hid it with a makeup.

Samrat collects Nayan’s fingerprints for DNA test and shows report to Nayan. Goons attack him from behind.

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