My desire update Wednesday 31 May 2023

My desire 31 May 2023: Rudraksh’s car gets stuck in a traffic jam. Saransh and Roohi ask him to do something as they need to reach airport soon to stop Preesha from flying. Rudra climbs his car roof and garnering mob attention says he needs to reach airport at any cost to get back his wife and his children’s mother. A biker offers to help him and his children reach airport. Rudra asks if the kids would be safe on bike. Biker assures to drop them safely. They get on bike and leave thinking nobody can stop them from reaching airport.

Preesha reaches airport and in notices a little girl and thinking her as Roohi runs towards her, but then realizes she is someone else. Armaan asks what happened. Preesha says she felt Roohi is here. He says they should check in now and thinks meeting Roohi has left a big impact on Preesha, its good he is taking her away soon. Rudra finds road blocked. Saransh sets a cart ramp on a wall and asks Rudra to jump the bike to the other side of the road. Rudra does it and asks kids not to do this dangerous stunt themselves. He drives bike praying god to help him reach airport on time and stop Preesha.

Preesah notices she is at a different check-in counter and asks Arman if they are not going to Mumbai. Armaan says they are going to London. Preesha gets angry and refuses to check in. Armaan says he loves her immensely and had to change his plan at the end moment as client shifted meeting to London, he thought he would take her along. She says he should have informed her beforehand but agrees on his apology. He grins and thinks now Rudra cannot reach Preesha. Preesha misses Roohi. Armaan hears announcement and tells Preesha that they should go now or else they will miss their flight.

Biker asks Rudra to let him drive and drop them to airport soon. Rudra agrees. Police notice and follow them. Biker try to escape drives fast and skids the bike on a slippery road. Rudra and kids get injured. Rudra says he will take them to hospital first. Kids insist him to take them to airport first or else Preesha will fly away. Inspector reaches there and demands to arrest them. Roohi requests him to let them reach airport as their mamma is going away from there forever. Rudra also requests him to arrest him later but let them reach airport first as they all 3 are incomplete without Preesha. Inspector melts down and agrees to himself drop them to airport. Roohi loudly says mamma they are coming.

Preesha senses her voice and stops. Armaan reminds they will miss the flight and thinks she will be separated from her husband and children permanently.Inspector drops Rudra and kids to airport and helps them get into airport easily. Rudra questions receptionist about Mumbai flight who informs that all the flights are gone. Rudra and children walk out of airport disappointed. Roohi asks if they will never meet mamma again. Rudra says she will have to meet them. Roohi notices Preesha getting out of airport and loudly calls her mamma. Preesha extends her hand and emotionally hugs Roohi. Roohi and Saransh feel happy seeing that.

Roohi hugs Preesha emotionally and asks why didn’t she go. Preesha says god heard Roohi’s prayers and didn’t let her go. She recalls refusing to accompany Amaan as she feels Roohi is stopping her and she wants to return to her. Armaan thinks even after erasing this woman’s memory, this woman still wants to return to her family. Out of flashback, Roohi tells Preesha that they are connected by heart. Roohi gets an anger outburst seeing Rudra and asks what is he doing here. Roohi reveals that Rudra is her papa. Preesha says then she doesn’tw ant to meet even Roohi as she hates him and doesn’t want to see his face. Rudra holds her and asks why is she hating him after a normal fight between them like any other couple.

He expresses his love for her and tries to remind her their past happier days.Preesha gets aggressive recalling watching a video of Rudra torturing her and pushes him away. She breaks things around. A man asks him to calm down, and Preesha pushes even him. Rudra tries to control her, but Preesha pushes him away and warns him again to stay away from her. Saransh recalls Roohi calming down Preesha last time and sends her to control Preesha. Roohi holds Preesha and requests her to calm down. Preesha pushes even her and collapses after getting a seizure outbreak. Armaan holds her and warns Rudra to stop torturing Preesha and stay away from her or he will send him to jail permanently. He carries Preesha from there while Rudra stands shocked.

Pihu misses Preesha. Kanchan hopes Armaan and Preesha must have reached Mumbai by now. Armaan brings Preesh home and informs Preesha as usual got a panic attack after seeing Rudra and missed the flight. Digvijay takes Armaan aside and asks him what exactly happened. Armaan escplains the whole incident and says his given medicines are working well on Preesha and she even got aggressive on her daughter, now Rudra and his children will not come near Preesha. Digvijay says they won’t give up so easily, so he should be careful.

Rudra nurses Roohi’s injury. Roohi asks how can mamma behave so rudely with her children. Rudra says he doesn’t know what happened and is confused. Saransh blames Rudra for provoking Preesha even after Armaan’s warning. Rudra says Preesha can be angry on him, but cannot harm her children; he is sure something is really wrong. Roohi agrees. Saransh says they cannot go in front of mamma again as they can’t see her like that. Roohi says they should inform mamma that they are her family. Rudra says he has a plan.

Next morning, Armaan walks to Preesha’s room and mixes medicine in her water. Preesha wakes up and seeing him asks what happened. Armaan says he came to check on her health and offers her water. She finishes water and asks how did they reach home from airport as she doesn’t remember anything after she met Ruudra. Armaan says she got an attack, but need not worry. Pihu walks to her and asks how is she, she came to meet her before leaving for college. Preesha says she will drop her till gate as she needs fresh air. Armaan says she should rest. Preesha says she is fine and accomanpanies Pihu.

At Rudra’s house, Vidyut’s father scolds him for getting arrested. Sharda asks him to calm down as Rudra handled the issue. Brother says he doesn’t his son to become like Rudra as Rudra always does wrong and then corrects it. Sharda says her son respects women and she is proud of her son. Preesha drops Pihu till gate. Vanshika acts as passing by and slipping and twisting her leg. Preesha goes to help her. Vanshika requests her to take her to doctor’s clinic. Preesha agrees. Rudra watches them sitting in his car.

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