My desire update Tuesday 30 May 2023

My desire 30 May 2023: Rudra informs Sharda how they found out about Preesha. Vidyut with Raj returns. Sharda asks what about his case. Vidyut says Pihu took back the completely, unnecessarily she alleged him. Rudra slaps him for playing with a girl’s dignity and warns him that if he has to stay in this house, he has to respect women. Vidya says Pihu verbally abuses him a lot. Rudra says that is because he troubles her and orders him to visit Pihu’s house and apologize her until she forgives him. Vidyut hesitantly agrees. Rudra asks him and Raj to wait him downstairs and asks Sharda if he is doing right. Sharda says he is doing right, Vidyut should be punished for his mistake.

Roohi asks Rudra if she is going to Pihu’s house to meet Preesha. Rudra agrees and says its a half truth, he also wants Vidyut to apologize Pihu for his mistake and wants to know how Preesha lost her memory and how to revive it. Roohi insists him to take her along. Rudra agrees and takes whole family along.Armaan asks Digvijay why did he book his and Preesha’s London flight tickets instead of Mumbai. Digvijay says as per he knows Rudra, he will reach Mumbai easily, so its better if Armaan leaves the country. Armaan asks what about Pihu and Kanchan. Digvijay says they are weak links and would easily give up to Rudra’s request.

Armaan asks what about Preesha. Digvijay says she will find out anyways, so he should use emotional blackmailing to coninvce her. Door bell rings. Pihu opens the door and is shocked to see Rudra and his family. Armaan tells Digvijay he had sent Rudra behind bars, but he came here with whole family; asks Digvijay to go and handle Preesha while he handles Rudra and family and sends them away.

Pihu asks Rudra and family why did they come here. Rudra asks if they can come in. Armaan asks how did he get out of jail, there is nothing to speak between them now. Rudra says he brought Vidyut to apologize Pihu. He pushes Vidyut in front of Pihu’s feet and orders him to apologize her. Pihu says she will not fall for his lies. Digvijay notices Preesha sleeping and goes to bring his laptop to eye on her till Rudra’s family leaves.

Roohi reaches Preesha’s room and kisses her forehead. Preesha wakes up and asks what is she doing here. Roohi says she was missing her and hence came to meet her. Preesha says even she was missing her and wanted to meet her before leaving Delhi. They both share an emotional bonding. Roohi calls her mamma repeatedly. Preesha notices embroidery on her kerchief and says see does similar embroidery. Roohi says she gifted it. Preesha asks why can’t she remember it. Digvijay enters just then and drags Roohi from there forcefully while Roohi resists. Preesha stops him and confronts him for rudely behaving with a kid. Digvijay says Preesha is unwell and he wants her to rest. Preesha says she is fine and wants to spend time with the girl. Pihu asks if she wants to meet her papa. Preesha agrees and accompanies her. Digvijay messages Armaan that Preesha is coming down.

Rudra requests Pihu to forgive Vidyut. Sharda also requests her. Arman reads message and asks Pihu to forgive Vidyut and let them go this time. He orders Rudra to get out of his house and not return again. Rudra says he will after Roohi returns. Armaan says he knows Rudra sent Roohi to Preesha, he will not let him torture Preesha again and orders him to get out before he kicks him out via guards. Rudra says he will not go out without his daughter. Armaan sends Pihu to bring Roohi and threatens Rudra.

Armaan threatens Rudra to get out of his house or else he will kick him out. He calls guards. Saransh tells Rudra that they need to return to this house for Preesha and hence should go from there to return again. Sharda backs him. Guard comes to drag Rudra out. Rudra warns guard not to touch him and asks Armaan to send his daughter to as he will wait outside. Pihu asks Preesha to let her take Roohi out as her family is waiting for her. Preesha says even she will accompany her. Armaan rudely asks Roohi why did she come here. Preesha saks why is he rudely behaving with the girl, even Digvijay was behaving rude. Armaan says they are concerned for her health. Preesha says she is fine and why they are trying to prove her ill. She insists to meet Roohi’s family. Armaan refuses to permit her and says he will drop Roohi out as her family is gone.

Roohi sadly accompanies Armaan. Preesha thinks why she feels connected to the girl and feels if she can hug the girl. Roohi runs and hugs her. They both feel emotional. Pihu drops Roohi out and tongue lashes Rudra for trying to meet Preesha via Roohi in lieu of forcing Vidyut to apologize her. Rudra reveals that Roohi and Sarasnh are his and Preesha’s children and they are trying hard to meet their mother. Pihu is shocked to hear that and thinks why Armaan lied to her. She returns home and questions Armaan who shows Saransh’s ID with Rajiv’s name and says Rudra always manipulates people with his charm, he is using his brother’s children to get near Preesha. Pihu falls for his lies and says its good Armaan is taking Preesha out of Delhi.

Back home, Rudra and Saransh and Roohi try to find out flights flying out of Delhi to meet Preesha. Roohi gives them an idea that they should track the outgoing flight. Rudra says she is intelligent like him. Saransh asks how will they convince Preesha to return home. Saransh says he will show her their wedding album. Saransh and Roohi like the idea and ask if he will wake up early as never does that. Rudra says they all 3 sleep together tonight. Kids excitedly agree and play with pillows with him. Rudra hopes Preesha would be with them tomorrow morning. Next morning, they all 3 wake up at once at 6 a.m. and rush to get ready meet Preesha and bring her home.

Armaan and Preesha get ready to leave for airport. Kachan serves them sweet curd. Preesha misses Roohi. Digvijay tells Armaan that finally he will take Preesha away from Rudra and should never return to India again. Armaan says will not. Sharda also feeds sweet curd to Rudra and children and wishes them all the best. Preesha reaches airport check-in and thinks why she feels so connected to Roohi. Ruda’s car gets stuck in traffic. Saransh asks how will they reach airport now. Rudra checks and says its a total jam. Saransh and Roohi ask if they cannot meet Preesha again. Rudra says he will think something.

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