Imlie Starlife update Saturday 4 May 2024

Imlie 4 May 2024: Amrit catches Imlie and misbehaves with her. Imlie warns him to let her go. Amrit refuses to let her go and holds her hand tightly. Agastya notices Amrit and walks to him. Amrit leaves Imlie, and she rushes out from there.

Agastya asks what is he doing here, he should give time to Sonali. Amrit says why not and walks to Sonali. Imlie runs to her room crying and closes the door. Noyonika walks to Agastya and says he looks too stress, they can go on a picnic to relax him. Agastya warns her to be in his limits.

Chintamani’s wife Sunita starts her drama and accuses Noyonika of having an abortion before marriage and Agastya being her baby’s child. Annapurna warns her to mind her tongue. Agastya says kids from there and tells Sunita that she may be not worried about her own daughter,

he respects girls. Sunita says he should have taught same about Noyonika and spared her. Annapurna asks Agastya to speak. Agastya says he is not Noyonika’s baby’s father and reveals that he learnt about Noyonika’s abortion just before the wedding and hence cancelled the wedding.

Annapurna and Rajni defend Agastya. Noyonika thinks of humiliating Agastya by showing his and Imlie’s divorce papers to everyone.

Sunita then character assassinates Noyonika. Annapurna confronts Noyonika for keeping them in dark and Mr Johri insulting Annapurna. Johri and his wife walk in and tell Annapurna that Agastya really did wrong with Noyonika. Rajni says Noyonika is wrong. Sunita continues to character assassinate Noyonika. Imlie defends Noyonika and says they are accusing her but not a male who is equally responsible for Noyonika’s condition and left her in trouble, they should realize that Noyonika’s boyfriend is equally responsible and should find out who he is, here is he now, and why did he betray Noyonika. She asks why only woman is questioned. Daadi says Imlie didn’t change her thinking but forced her to think. She hugs Noyonika and apologizes her for questioning her without understanding her state of mind.

Imlie, Jugnu, Rajni, and Manno promote Dawat basmati rice. Daadi tells Rajni that Imlie changed her thinking. Imlie walks in and says a woman is blamed for Sonali says their the should understand that anyone does wrong under pressure and not their own will. She and Noyonika discuss how woman is blamed for everything even without their mistake and is considered as a problem. Sonali walks in and says their problem will start when they learn Agastya’s truth.

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