Staying true zeeworld update Wednesday 31 May 2023

Staying true 31 May 2023: IAS officer Mr Batra continues training Paragi and her batch mates. An army officer teaches how to hold weapons. Paragi says she can’t hold weapon as her hand. Batra says one who can hold her bag can hold the weapon easily. Paragi picks weapon, but officer stops her and says her time is over. After the class, Paragi meets Sanju and says she wants to learn car driving as Mr Batra talks about gender equality but doesn’t believe in it, so she wants to prove him wrong. He says he has 3 hours let to return to campus, so he will teach her till then.

Paragi’s taiji/aunt notices Sushma in market and tries to speak to her. Sushma orders driver to drive the car away. Sanju teaches car driving to Paragi and gets romantic in between. Dil Ye Ziddi Hai.. song plays in the background. She learns driving in 3 hours. Sanju praises her and says one takes min 10 days to learn driving, but learnt within 3 hours with her determination. She says when he is her inspiration, how couldn’t she. He brings her favorite ice cream to celebrate. She notices its already 8:45 p.m. and says she will drive till campus and then can return to his hostel.

Sushma returns home. Baby asks why she looks tensed. Sushma says she met Paragi’s taiji while returning from temple. Baby asks if she misbehaved again Sushma says she felt like Taiji wanted to apologize and is repenting for her act. Baby says bad people don’t change, she lost her husband and her son doesn’t earn well, so she may want to get into Paragi’s good books as Paragi is the breadwinner of that family now. Pramod backs her and says Sushma is a good human and cannot understand people’s conspiracies. Sushma says maybe he is right. Pramod says she understood it and hopes Sanju also understands it.

Paragi drops Sanju till her camp and gets emotional seeing him leaving. She then walks towards gate when she sees a poor man slipping from his cycle and rushes to help him. Man thanks her for her help. She then walks towards gate when watchman locks gate and says its 9:05 p.m. Batra while jogging notices her and opens door. She apologizes and says its her last mistake. He says she should explain it in front of director tomorrow. On the other side, Sushma serves tea to Vinod and tries to reconcile her difference with him. Vinod says she is supporting wrong and hence is wrong for her, but he is angry on her for that reason but will never forget what she is for him. Batra complains director against Paragi. Director questions Paragi. Paragi tries to explain. Batra says his city women are multitaskers at handling home, but cannot handle civil services.

Paragi says she seconds his thought. Director denies to listen to her and says she will be informed about her punishment and if she continues her mistake, a disciplinary action will be taken on her and she will be disqualified.Paragi over video call informs Sanjay that Batra is troubling her a lot. Sanjay says it was his mistake, she suggested him not to give money to the driver, but he didn’t listen to her. She asks him not to blame himself as he just wanted her to reach institute somehow, she feels Batra has problems with girls and targets them. Her friend says even she feels same. Sanjay suggests her to prepare for the exam whole night and make sure she knows more answers than Batra’s questions.

She says she will do as he ways. He says she should concentrate on her studies and leave rest on him. She says even he should return tomorrow concentrate on his dream project, asks where is he sitting. He says he was feeling bored in hotel room, so came to cafeteria for a coffee. She disconnects call and thinks Batra questioned her today, she will answer him tomorrow.Pramod asks Sushma when is Sanjay returning tomorrow as he has investor meet tomorrow. She says he will reach home around 2 p.m. and attend 3 p.m. meeting, notices him tensed and asks reason. She says this investor meeting is very important as Sanjay needs to convince investors to invest in the project, but he shouldn’t be struck in Mussoorie because of Paragi.

Paragi walking towards class asks Sanjay over video call if he checked out of hotel. He says yes and is heading to airport, asks if she prepared herself for Batra’s class. She says she is ready following his advice and will not give any chance for Batra to complain. Batra pushes her from behind and her mobile falls down. He notices Sanjay’s face. She apologizes him and picks her mobile. Class starts. Batra says he will give them surprise test to check if they still remember what they learnt till now, its marks will be added in their final evaluation. Paragi thinks she will get full marks. Batra asks her to leave the class for breaking rules last night by not reaching campus on time.

Paragi says today’s test marks will be added in final evaluation and requests him to give her any other punishment. He repeats to please leave and giving her phone says she has a lot of time to video call her husband out of class. Paragi walks out teary eyed and thinks she has faced many challenges here and will even Batra’s challenges.Paragi meets Sanjay in cafeteria who asks if she is fine. She says she is upset as he is going today. He says even he is not okay leaving her, he will missing her in Bhopal. She hopes he doesn’t go, but he is needed there and hence he should go. GHe says she should concentrate on her tests and hugging her says he should do as he taught her. She walks a bit and hugs him again emotionally. Shiddat.. song plays in the background.

He asks if something happened. She says no and walks away smiling. He hears other students discussing that Batra didn’t do right by ousting Mrs Paragi, she will lose the marks. He thinks that is why Paragi was tensed. Pramod calls him and asks if he left for airport, he will send car for him. Sanjay says he cannot come as Paragi needs him here. Pramod says investors want to meet him before investing money. Sanjay says he will have a video call with investors, so he and papa should handle physical meeting. Pramod gets angry and tells Sushma that Sanjay will be destroyed because of Paragi. Sushma thinks every time her son sacrifices for Paragi, will Paragi sacrifice for her son this time.’

Batra takes driving test of students and calls Paragi. Sanjay watches from outside and thinks he canceled going to Bhopal and will inform her when he will meet her in the evening, right now she should concentrate on driving. Paragi walks towards call nervously and notices Sanjay’s glimpse. Sanjay hides. Batra asks her to start the test. She gets into car. Batra sits next to her and tries to confuses her with different orders. Sanjay senses that Batra wants to confuse Paragi. Paragi is about to ram the car to a wall but stops on time. Batra without saying anything calls next student. Paragi stops him and says maybe he will give negative scores for what she will say now, but it would be insult to her as a woman; she says she proved that a married woman can do multitasking, be it handling home, children, husband, or prestigious civil service exam; she walks away chanting Jai Hind.

Batra thinks women always think they are oversmart, but he will prove her wrong. After test, her friend praises her that Batra was taking test, but looked as if it was his test. Paragi says Batra is their senior and should be in his limits. Friend says Batra will create problem even in drill test tomorrow. Paragi says she will not miss any test again and thinks she needs to complete the test tomorrow at any cost.

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