Imlie starlife update Wednesday 31 May 2023

Imlie 31 May 2023: Inspector asks Imlie if she got any more evidence against the bomber. Imlie says Malini has other pair of earring found at the venue, so she is the culprit. Inspector asks Malini if she fixed bomb in her own news channel’s mic, where was she during the bomb explosion. Malini recalls the event and nervously blabbers. Anu walks in with an earring pair and says Malini forgot it in her car, she should be careful as it a diamond earring. She recalls how she bought earring by paying double money to the jeweler. Malini says Anu is scolding her for being careless withh her jewelry, but Imlie is wrongly accusing of bombing. She asks Imlie why she wrongly accuses her repeatedly. Aryan says Imlie has proof for all the allegations against Malini and warns her to let it go if he doesn’t want him to reveal truth to policemen.

Malini say he doesn’t who she is, tells inspector that she is Bhaskar Times CEO Malini Chaturvedi and he can contact her directly if he needs any more information. Inspector apologizes her and leaves. Malini demands apology from Imlie. Imlie says she will apologize now, but once she gathers proof, Malini will be behind bars. Malini asks from where she gets so much confidence, she is wrong if she thinks she will change Bhaskar Times and reenter Aryan’s life, her presence doesn’t matter to anyone at all. She walks towards her cabin and feels happy thinking everyone understood her status seeing staff looking at her. Staff ignore her and praise Imlie for bravely failing bombing attempt at independence day event and bring back Aryan to office.

Imlie thanks them and says with their support and Seeta maiya’s blessings, she will continue her good work.Aryan hears that and walks towards her. Malini thinks he will shut Imlie’s mouth. Aryan tells Imlie that Narmada called them home and leaves office with her, leaving Malini fuming. Malini returns home and vents out frustration seeing Malini’s win. Anu stops her and says she should be happy that Aryan doesn’t know about the cores of money they siphoned off from Aryan’s company. Malini cries that everything was going well, why did Imlie come back. At Rathore house, Narmada praises Imlie that everything is going good with Imlie’s return. Arpita says they will celebrate Janmashtami festival in a grand way.

Aryan says there is no need to all outsiders. Sundar says his friend Imlie has returned and Aryan cannot stop them from celebrating. Naramada says Aryan won’t, they will celebrate festival in a grand way this time for sure. Cheeni cheers up with Jaggu, Arpita, Narmada and others. Neela frowns seeing Imlie’s dominance again.Aryan recalls his last fight with Imlie. Arpita walks to him and twists his ear. He says he is not Jaggu. She says he is UNB though. He says he will reveal Jaggu what PCB means. She says she herself will and gets emotional saying she wants her brother to be cheerful and happy again in life from Imlie. Aryan asks if she wants to learn smiling from a person who brought sorrows in his and his family’s life and because of whom he lost his baby.

Imlie says even Imlie is going through loss of her baby, but she learnt to smile for others; she knows him since 32 years and knows that he never gets happy for the family, but should now, etc. She cries emotionally hugging him.Cheeni calls Meethi and describes her about the Janmashtami pooja at Rathore mansion. Meethi warns her to be careful from kans mama in disguise. Neela hears Cheeni’s conversation. Preeta meets Anu and Malini and informs them about Rathores organizing janmashtami festival for Imlie. She vents out her frustration for not getting Aryan and Imlie’s repeated interference. Malini says she just wants to defeat Imlie this time. Imlie climbing a stool tries to fix curtains. Aryan walks towards her and thinks if she falls, let her Seeta maiya save her. Cheeni throws a pebble at Imlie with caterpillar. Imlie falls from the stool on Aryan. They both fall on the floor.

Cheeni shoots a pebble with her slingshot and makes her fall on Aryan. Aryan and Imlie’s nok jhok starts. Cheeni thinks their nok jhok will turn into love soon. Aryan says she fell on him and is arguing with him instead. She asks why did he protect her. He says he will not let her fall down, recalling the past incident, and says its an old habit which will go away soon. Imlie holds his collar and asks why is he protecting always and recalls the incidents. Aryan frees his collar and says they both know that she will not stay here for long, so she should stop her nonsense of trying to celebrate with his family. She says their happiness matters to her. He says he will not tolerate her stay here and asks her to leave tomorrow. Cheeni thinks she will not let Imlie go.

After some time, Imlie is still busy decorating house with flowers. Sundar brings prasad items and says they together will prepare prasad. Cheeni returns from shopping with Arpita, Narmada, and Jaggu. Cheeni and Jaggu’s cute nok jhok start regarding establishing Bal Gopal’s idol. They all smile. Jaggu holds his parent’s hands and asks Cheeni where are her parents. Cheeni notices Aryan passing by, holds his and Cheeni’s hands, and says they are her Yashoda maa and Nand baba. She says they all 3 will perform family pooja. Aryan says he is going out for some work. Cheeni insists him to stay back and starts crying. Imlie asks her to stop getting adamant. Aryan says he really has some important work. Narmada and Arpita scold Aryan for making Cheeni cry. Aryan agrees to stay back. Cheei rejoices.

Malini enters crying, holding a Bal Gopal idol. Narmada asks what happened to her. Malini says she doesn’t have any other option than being alone, but whenever she looks at them, she feels even she would have had a family if god had not snatched back her daughter who would have been of Cheeni’s age by now. She requests Narmada to accept her Bal Gopal. Narmada invitges her to celebrate janmashtami with them and consider Cheeni as her dear one. Imlie thinks Malini dumped Cheeni in a temple and now trying to gain sympathy via her, she will not let anything happen to Cheeni. Cheeni takes Bal Gopal idol from Malini and establishes in home temple. Malini thinks Cheeni wants to unite Aryan and Imlie, but she will not let that happen.

Cheeni tells Imlie that she thinks Kanhaiya ji is her brother as even she is adopted by Imlie like Kanhaiya and has many similarities. Jaggu walks in and says he will enact Kanhaiya. Cheeni says she will. Their nok jhok starts. Imlie says they both will enact Kanhaiya and she brought clothes for them. They thank her. Neela taunts Imlie that she can adopt a few more poor orphan kids like Cheeni and says just by wearing good clothes, Cheeni’s condition wouldn’t change and she will be sudama always. Cheeni feels sad hearing that. Imlie cheers her up and confronts Neela. Neela angrily tries to slap her. Imlie holds her hand warns her to get her out of the house soon and forces her to apologize Cheeni. Jaggu and Cheeni praise Imlie. Imlie asks them to go and get ready for the festival. Everyone get ready for the festival. Anu visits them and says Malini gifted them pure 22 carat gold Bal Gopal idol. Imlie walks down. Narmada says Imlie is pure gold.

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