My desire update Wednesday 30 November 2022


My desire 30 November 2022: Rudra informs Preesha that Yuvraj had to fix his meeting with judge, but he is unreachable. Yuvraj calls him and asks him to meet him at judge’s office in 30 minutes. Preesha feeds curd to Rudra. Rudra reminds what happened last time when he had curd. She says last time his anger made them lose, so this time he should maintain calm. Rudra agrees and says he will submit FIR against Kabirr to judge describing how he and Mishka blackmailed Saransh and is sure that judge will permit to reopen Saransh’s custody case. He meets judge and describes whole story. Judge says he fvelt bad hearing Saransh’s story but cannot help him as he is retiring tomorrow. Rudra asks how will hear his appeal then. Judge says whoever judge will takeover him will hear his plea.

Rudra asks when will new judge come. Judge says he will takeover tomorrow itself. Yuvraj thinks new judge will hear Saransh’s statement and will find out truth, so he has to hide before that.Sunny sees Saransh sitting sadly near swimming pool and shows him Preesha’s prepared milkshake. Saransh says he is doing this to make him jealous. Sunny offers him milkshake and says let us play video game. Saransh says this game is already downloaded in his mobile. Sunny exchanges his mobile. Preesha waits for Rudra’s call and seeing Saransh alone without Mishka or Kabir walks to him. Mishka rushes and stops Saransh and warns Preesha of prosecution if she goes against court’s order and takes Saransh from there.

Preesha sees her mobile battery down and asks Sunny to give his phone. Sunny says its Saransh’s phone and unlocks phone. Preesha surprised asks if he knows Saransh’s phone’s password. Sunny says yes, they exchange each other’s phones. Preesha remembers Sunny take Saransh’s phone in court and videos getting deleted after that and thinks of finding out truth.Rudra waits for Yuvreja. Yuvraj calls him and asks to wait for sometime. Rudra sees Reema passing in a car, stops car, takes her out and asks if she is alive as he heard that she is dead. Reema nervously says she got well after treatment. He asks why didn’t she contact him then. She says she didn’t have courage to come in front of him. He says he needs to ask many questions and calls Yuvraj, but he doesn’t pick call.

Rudra says Yuvraj, Sunny, and everyone are in resort and gets her into his cab. She gets tensed thinking her lie will be caught. Preesha searches Sunny to find out truth and finds his bag missing except his photos and a bag pack. Rudra walks in with Reema and Preesha informs him same. Reema acts and asks where did her son go. Rudra informs that she is Sunny’s mother Reema. Reema says was about to die but was saved after treatment. Preesha asks how can she stay away from her son and lie. Reema says she was afraid and knows Rudra can take better care of Sunny, asks where is her son. Preesha says he is missing. Reema thinks its better to at as missing son’s mother than act in front of Sunny. She cries that her son didn’t leave his evidence at all. Preesha surprised seeing her not identifying Sunny’s photos. Saransh walks in. Preesha acts and calling him Sunny says his mother has come to meet him. Reema acts and asks him to come and hug his mother.

Preesha slaps him and sending Saransh to his room asks why did she insult a mother’s image, she doesn’t even know who Sunny is and shows his photo.Sulochana searches Yuvraj in his room and thinks he must be enjoying liquor at pool side. She sees his luggage missing and questions receptionist who informs that Yuvraj checked out sometime ago along with Sunny and left in a cab. Sulochana thinks something is really wrong, so she needs to inform Kabir and Mishka about it right now. Preesha tells Reema that Sunny’s photo was right in front of her and she didn’t identify her, her doubt is true that she is not Sunny’s mother. Rudra asks how can she lie and betray his best friend. Reema says she was bribed to lie. He asks who is he. She says Yuvraj Pillai. He asks when did she meet Yuvraj.

She says during friend’s party and remembering the incident says Yuvraj found out that she loves Rudra and lured her that she can marry Rudra if she supports him. Preesha says let us go to Yuvraj and confront him.Sulochana informs Kabir and Mishka about Yuvraj and Sunny missing. Lawyer calls Kabir and informs that Yuvraj has reopened Saransh’s custody case and hearing is after 2 days. Kabir panics and asks what will they do now. Lawyer asks to find a strong evidence against Rudra and Preesha before 2 days and contact her. Kabir informs same to them, and they panic.Yuvraj informs Preesha and Reena that Yuvraj has checked out of hotel with Sunny. Reena says Yuvraj planned everything and left her in a trap.

Rudra says what else she can expect from Reema. Preesha says don’t know how Sunny got into Yuvraj’s trap. Reena says maybe he needed money. Kabir’s lawyer calls Rudra and informs him that new judge has reopened Saransh’s custody case and hearing is after 2 days. Rudra says he will reach court on time. He informs Preesha about same. Preesha informs that Sunny had deleted video’s from Saransh’s mobile on Yuvraj’s orders. Rudra says he will not spare Yuvraj. Preesha this all proves that Yuvraj is also involved in Mishka and Kabir’s plan. Rudra says this game is bigger than they thought, he will confront Kabir first. Sulochana hides seeing Rudra coming. Rudra tells Kabir that court will punish in 2 days. Kabir asks if he is judge to pronounce justice, case is just reopened and they both should themselves as good parents first. Mishka says there is no proof to prove that Rudra and Preesha are good parents.


Rudra shows Reema and says she is biggest proof. Mishka asks who is she. He says she is Reema, Sunny’s fake mother whom they hired against us, now she will give evidence against them in court. Preesha says biggest evidence is Saransh who will inform how they kidnapped Vasu and blackmailed Saransh. Rudra says they have filed FIR against them and submitted a copy in court, if they dare to touch Saransh again, he will prosecute them. Mishka and Kabir nervously blame Yuvraj. Rudra says they are both are with Yuvraj and will go to jail now. Sulochana to handle the issue walks in and slaps Kabir and yells that she is ashamed to call him as her son, he should get out of here. Rudra says now court will send him to jail and walks away.

After sometime, Kabir asks Sulochana to slap him more but think what will they do as they have only 2 days for court hearing. Mishka says if Saransh reveals their plan, they will go to jail. Sulochana suggests to stop Saransh from reach the court at any cost. Mishka says they will take Saransh to London and once they are out of India, Rudra’s team cannot do anything to them; Ahana will help them in London. Kabir asks what about Sonia. Sulochana says she will kick Sonia out, now they will elope to London with Saransh. Saransh comes to pick his bag from Mishka’s room and hears their conversation. He goes to inform Preesha and Rudra about Sulochana’s plan, walks into thier room and locking himself in bathroom cries that he wants to stay with him forever. They both says he will not go anywhere. He informs that Mishka, Kabir, and Sulochana are planning to take him to London and is seeking Ahana’s help. Rudra shocked says maa cannot do that. Saransh says he heard Sulochana planning to not let him reach court and take him to London instead.

Preesha asks him to come out as court will not let them take him away from her and Rudra. Saransh says they will. Rudra shatters knowing about Sulochana’s true face and feels guilty for not listening to Preesha; he cries that he doesn’t feel bad with Yuvraj’s betrayal as he is nothing to him, but his own mother betrayed him for money and he always gets betrayed. Preesha says its not his mistake, its Sulochana’s loss that she lost such a loving son. Rudra says maa saw his love and now will see his hatred.

Door bell rings. Rudra opens door. Hotel staff informs him that inspector is waiting for him in reception. Rudra thinks inspector must have got Yuvraj’s information and heads towards reception. Kabir bribes hotel staff for lying. Mishka says she saw Saransh outside her room and knew he will inform everything to Rudra and Preesha. Sulochana says let us not waste time and kidnap Saransh. They find Saransh in bathroom and kidnap him. Rudra and Preesha reach reception and doesn’t find inspector. Receptionist informs that inspector didn’t come. Rudra asks her to check security. She checks and says no police came in resort. Preesha realizes that Saransh is alone, they both rush back to room and finds Saransh missing. They cry reminiscing the quality time spent with Saransh. Koi Roke Na Ruke Nainaa.. song plays in the background. They file kidnapping complaint against Kabir, Mishka, and Sulochana. Inspector informs that he has alerted security in borders and they cannot escape, asks if anyone is also involved. Rudra says Yuvraj is also missing.

Preesha says Sonia is still present. They rush to Sonia’s room and finds her letter for Rudra that she loves him and feeling guilty for betraying him, so unable to face him, she is going away; she warns him against Sulochana who used her to try to create rift between Rudra and Preesha.

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