My desire update Thursday 1 December 2022


My desire 1 December 2022: Preesha continues to read Sonia’s letter for Rudra suggesting him to beware of his mother as she used her to lure him and separate him and Preesha. She continues that he is a good man, but his mother and brother are really bad who along with Yuvraj and Mishka are trying to take Saransh’s custody for his money. She further reveals how Yuvraj took her and Rudra’s intimate pics when nothing happened, how Yuvraj manipulated Dr. Swamy, how they kidnapped Vasu and threatened Saransh to take Kabir and Mishka’s name for custody, etc. Rudra feels bad hearing about his most trusted mother and brother betraying him. Inspector says he gets similar cases regularly, culprits cannot escape and he will get back his son, they will call Rudra for ransom money, till then he will make arrangements.

Kabir with his team hides in an old factory. Sulochana yells that he brought them from resort to a dirty place. Kabir says they are fugitives. Sulochana says he could have taken her to a better place. Mishka says they will be caught if they go to a good place. Sulochana says she will die out of suffocation and says she has a plan. Mishka asks what is it. Sulochana says they will meet Rudra, plead him for forgiveness, return Saransh and seek some money from him. Kabir says Rudra will get them arrested. Sulochana says she will act well and beg Rudra’s forgiveness. Mishka walks aside shouting to continue her drama Ahana calls her and asks why did she kidnap Saransh when she has Saransh’ custody. Mishka says yes and explains whole situation.

Ahana suggests her to go away from Sulochana and Kabir or else she will be in danger, they don’t need to share property with Sulochana and Kabir. Kabir says she understands and will act as she is with them. Ahana asks to be careful. Mishka says she knows and disconnects call.Sulochana continues yelling at Kabir. Kabir asks her to wait and watch what will he do. He calls Rudra from a new sim card. At Rudra’s place, inspector connects Rudra’s mobile with software to track Kabir’s location and asks Rudra to pick call when he calls. Rudra picks call seeing unknown number. Kabir asks if he should tell him bhai or Rudra. Rudra says he has lost right for both. Kabir threatens him to give him 100 crores by tomorrow in exchange of Saransh and let him, Mishka, and Sulochana flee from the country.

Rudra asks how will he arrange 100 crores in such a short span. Kabir threatens to kill Saransh else. Preesha pleads not to harm Saransh and agrees to arrange 100 crores by tomorrow. Sulochana scolds Kabir for asking 100 cores in 1 day. Kabir says Rudra is a rockstar and its easy for him, he don’t give a damn how he arranges 100 crores. Mishka thinks Kabir is a fool to think Rudra will easily give him money and let him flee, she has to make separate arrangements with Ahana’s help. Inspector informs Rudra that he couldn’t’ track Kabir’s location due to short call and says usually kidnappers don’t return victims after getting money, so Rudra should be alert and inform him whenever Kabir calls. Preesha cries hugging Rudra. Yeh Hai Chahatein… plays in the background.

Rudra calls his contacts and requests to arrange 100 crores in a day at any cost. Vasu walks in. Preesha hugs her and informs that Kabir with Mishka and Sulochana kidnapped Saransh and is demanding 100 crores. Vasu shocked says she knew Sulochana is not right. Preesha says Rudra is arranging 100 crores and asks Vasu about Sharda. Vasu says Sharda’s brother’s condition worsened, so she dropped Sharda in rehab center and cab here. Rudra arranges 100 crores and loads cash in car. Kabir calls him and asks him he involves police, he will kill Saransh. Rudra pleads not to harm Saransh. Kabir asks him to meet him at a given location in 1 hour with money and if he involves police, then forget Saransh. Preesha says they need to call police.

Rudra says they can’t as Kabir will kill Saransh. Preesha agrees and says she will accompany him. He gets into car. She asks Vasu to inform police to track her location and catch Kabir and his team. Vasu agrees. Preesha and Rudra leave.Mishka tells Sulochana and Kabir to go and receive money while she waits and brings Saransh to their said location, and if something happens, she will hide with Saransh. Kabir agrees and leaves with Sulochana. Rudra and Preesha wait for Kabir at the said location. Kabir comes with Sulochana and asks if he brought money. Rudra asks about Saransh. Kabir says he will get money once he gives 100 crores. Preesha says she will give not give money until he shows Saransh. Kabir threatens to harm Saransh if he doesn’t give 100 crores. Rudra agrees. Preesha stops him and asks not to trust Kabir.


Rudra says he cannot risk his son’s life and gives 100 crores to Kabir.Preesha asks Rudra not to trust Kabir easily. Rudra tells Preesha that his son is most important to him and he wants his son back. He asks her to help him get money out of car and walks towards Kabir. Preesha doesn’t notice Saransh in car and asks Rudra not to give him money. Kabir acts and threatens to kill Saransh. Rudra agrees to give him money. Police reaches there and surrounds Kabir and Sulochana. Kabir says Rudra betrayed him, so he will kill Saransh. Rudra says he didn’t call police and don’t how they came here. Kabir asks how to trust him. Preesha asks if they should trust him and asks where is Saransh. Kabir says he knew they would do this, so he didn’t bring Saransh here. Preesha asks to tell where Saransh is. Kabir says he will not as they called police. Preesha says they didn’t and asks again to tell where Saransh is. Kabir says now he will Saransh.

Mishka takes Saransh in a car. Airline receptionist calls her and asks if she is speaking to Nina Sharma. Mishka realizes that her fake passport is in Nina Sharma’s name and says she is Nina Sharma speaking. Receptionist says her London flight is delayed by 2 hours.Preesha says she called Police here. Kabir tells Rudra that he knew his wife is untrustable, if they try to shoot him, he will kill Saransh, so let him away money. Kabir says he knows they will do something again, so he will kill Saransh and picks his mobile to call Mishka. Preesha takes inspector’s mobile and threatens Kabir to tell where Saransh is. Kabir acts and snatches gun from her. Sulochana asks not to do this mistake and return Saransh to Rudra as she need both sons. Kabir points gun at her and says she taught him to be selfish.

Rudra warns him not kill maa and reminds that he is his brother. Kabir says he is not his biological brother and informs that Sulochana is Rudra’s biological mother, but he is Sulochana’s illegitimate son. Rudra shouts not to allege mom. Kabir asks Sulochana to tell truth. Sulochana agrees and says she had an illegitimate affair with someone else, so Balraj kicked her out and took care of her expenses every month, but protected Rudra from her. Kabir says he will kill Sulochana first. Rudra pleads not to harm maa. Preesha says this is real son’s love. Sulochana snatches gun from Kabir and shoots at his knee. Kabir falls down injured. She hugs and apologizes Rudra for her sins and says she will take him to Saransh who is with Miskha.

Rudra leaves with Sulochana in a car. Preesha noticing that call him, but he drives away ignoring her. She informs inspector that Rudra is trusting his mother even now and must have gone to Mishka as Saransh is her. Inspector threatens Kabir to tells where Mishka is. He informs she is at Anthony Road.Sulochana calls Mishka and asks where is she. She says she is at Anthony Road and asks if she got money. Sulochana says yes and asks about Saransh. Mishka says Saransh is with her and asks to come soon with money, they can escape to London. Rudra and Sulochana reach Anthony Road. Mishka noticing Rudra shouts at Sulochana that she betrayed her and played game with her. Sulochana asks her to take money and return Saransh.

Mishka says she will never give Saransh. Rudra pleads to return Saransh and escape from here freely. Mishka shows her bomb remote and threatens to blast Saransh. Rudra pleads to take money and return Saransh. Sulochana pleads to look at Rudra’s condition and return Saransh in exchange of money. Rudra walks near car to get money when Preesha reaches there with police. Mishka threatens to press the button as they betrayed her and called police. Rudra pleads not to harm Saransh and go away with money. Mishka presses remote button and car blasts. Rudra and Preesha shatter seeing Saransh’s dead body.

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