My desire update Tuesday 29 November 2022


My desire 29 November 2022: Saransh tells judge that he wants to stay with Kabir and Mishka. Rudra and Preesha are shocked to hear that while Kabir and Mishka rejoice. Yuvraj asks to repeat whom he wants to stay with. Saransh repeats Kabir and Mishka. Preesha asks if she heard wrong and asks Saransh if he doesn’t want to stay with them, if he is afraid of someone, etc. Mishka’s lawyer says they cannot force a kid. Judge asks Yuvraj to control his clients. Rudra angrily barges on Kabir and holds his collar. Mishka shouts that Rudra has anger issues and cannot be a good father. Judge asks Preesha and Rudra to behave in court or else he will consider it attempt of court, court considers evidences and not emotions and pronounces that hearing yesterday and todays’ evidences, he gives Saransh’s custody to Kabir and Mishka.

Rudra shouts his judgement is wrong and asks Saransh to tell that he wants to stay with them. Judge says seeing Rudra and Preesha’s behavior, now he is sure that they cannot be good parents and for creating nuisance in court, he punishes them to spend a night in jail. Yuvraj scolds Preesha and Rudra that their agression went against them and they lost Saransh’s custody. Rudra and Preesha try to hold Saransh, but police stop them and Mishka/Kabir take Saransh away. They both cry vigorously. Sharda console them. Kyun Roke Na Ruke plays in the background.

Rudra resists police and shouts to speak to judge and tell his verdict was wrong. Yuvraj asks to stop shouting because of which he lost Saransh’s custody and judge sent him to jail. Kabir and Mishka take Saransh towards car. Rudra and Preesha rush towards Saransh. Mishka shouts to dare not touch her son. Rudra shouts Saransh is his son. She warns to stop shouting as court has given its verdict and they can’t even come near Saransh now or else she will file case against them. She and Kabir take Saransh in car. Ruda fights with police and they brutally trash him. Preesha tries to protect him. Sharda requests Yuvraj to save Rudra. Yuvraj stops police, and police take Preesha and Rudra and put them in jail.

In jail, Preesha carries that she was overconfident, so god punished them; she cannot live without Saransh, Saransh needed mamma and rudra and how will he stay without them, etc. In hotel, Saransh cries looking at their family pic. Mishka brings snacks for him and he shouts to go away from her. Rudra promises Preesha that he will go to supreme court and get back Saransh. Preesha says Mishka may harm Saransh. Rudra says he will kill her if she even touches Saransh and says she was right regarding Kabir who betrayed him, he will not spare Kabir once he is out of jail. Preesha says there is something wrong or else Saransh wouldn’t have done this, he was sitting near pool and cried that he wants to stay with her. Rudra says tomorrow morning they will be out of jail and will do something. Preesha asks how will Saransh spend whole night without them and continues crying.

Sulochana celebrates with her team and says now they have Saransh’s custody and his 500 crores, now there is no tension in their lives. Mishka says there is a tension as Saransh is not eating anything and if he dies, they will lose 500 crores, soon Rudra and Preesha will be out and what if Saransh informs them that someone forced him to lie threatening to kill Vasu, they need to handle even Vasu. Yuvraj says when he has made such a big plan, he has thought about it also and asks Kabir to speak. Kabir says he left Vasu far away from hotel and when she will wake up, she will return here finding the location. Sulochana asks why didn’t he kill her. Yuvraj says he didn’t kill a mosquito till now, forget a human. Mishka says Vasu will identify Yuvraj and Kabir and inform that they had kidnapped her. Yuvraj says she will not. Kabir says they had worn a mask, old woman doesn’t even know if she was in a resort of somewhere else.

Rudra and Preesha return to resort in the morning. Sharda asks if they are fine. They ask what is she doing here. Sharda says she was worried for them. They ask where is Saransh. She says he was in Mishka’s room whole night. They head to meet Saransh.Rudra angrily rushes towards Kabir’s room to get Saransh. Guards stop him and say they both are prohibiited. Rudra shouts at Kabir to come out and send his son to him. Saransh hearing Rudra and Saransh tries to run towards them, but Mishka threatens and stops her. Kabir walks out and asks Rudra why is he shouting. Rudra asks to come out. Kabir walks to them with Mishka. Preesha says guards are not letting them in to meet Saransh. Mishka shouts she hired guards to stop them.


Rudra and Kabir continue to resist. Kabir says he knew they would come, so he had already got court order against them and shows it to them. Rudra holds Kabir’s collar. Yuvraj stops Rudra and asks if he wants to go to jail again. Preesha also stops him. Rudra shouts he will not spare Kabir. Kabir asks what will he do. Rudra challenges that he will take Saransh from here. Kabir shouts get out. Preesha takes Rudra away.Rudra fumes that he will not forgive Kabir for braking his family and will reappeal for Saransh’s custody in court. Vasu walks in in a distraught condition. Preesha worried asks what happened to her and who did it. Vasu says someone had kidnapped her and locked her in a room. Preesha says she told that she went to Chennai as grandma is ill.

Vasu says she was in the room when 2 masked men kidnapped her, threw her in swimming pool, then took her back to a room, gave her an injection and made her unscious, and when she woke up she found herself far away from rest. Rudra asks who did it. Vasu says she doesn’t know as she was blindfolded. Sharda says whoever has done it will be caught soon. Vasu says she was afraid and thought she would die. Preesha consoles her and takes her to room with Sharda. Yuvraj hears their conversation. Rudra asks who must have done it. Yuvraj says he doesn’t know. After freshening up, Vasu says she is feeling good seeing them all. Saransh walks in and seeing Vasu hugs her and asks if she is fine as he saw someone pushing her in swimming pool and over a phone call threatened that if he takes Rudra and Preesha’s name in court, he will kill Vasu.

They are all shocked to hear that. He then hugs Preesha and says he wants to stay with her and Rudra, but kidnapper threatened that if he doesn’t take Kabir and Mishka’s name for his custody, he will kill patti, so he was afraid. Preesha says she knew someone forced her child. Rudra hugs Saransh and says he need not worry. Saransh cries that he wants to stay with them. Rudra says nobody can separate them and asks if he remembers who called him and his phone number. Saransh says he called from unknown numbes and sent him patti’s photo. Rudra asks to show him soon. Saransh searches pics.

Mishka informs her team that Saransh has gone to his parents and she is sure he will show those pics and messages. Kabir panics and says they will be finished. Yuvraj says he thought about it already and reminisces Sunny deleting messages and pics from Saransh’s mobile, says they won’t be getting anything to use against us. Saransh doesn’t find pics and messages and says he is sure ther were messages and pics in his mobile. Rudra says one who kidnapped Vasu must have deleted pics and messages. Preesha consoles him not to worry and sends him to his room. Vasu says who must have threatened a small kid. Rudra says who else than Kabir, Kabir stooped so low, he will not spare Kabir now. Sharda asks him to calm down as his anger went against him in court.

Preesha says they should think well and act to take back Saransh’s custody. Rudra shouts his blood is boiling, the brother whom he trusted and favored so much betrayed him, now he will go to supreme court and inform court how Kabir forced Saransh to take his and Mishka’s name and will get back Saransh’s custody.Next morning, Mishka walks to him and asks him to stop crying and have something or else he will fall ill. Saransh says he wants to go back to his mamma and Rudra. Mishka says she is his mother after getting his custody in court. Saransh shouts his mamma is Preesha and papa is Rudra and he wants to go back to them. She slaps him and threatens that if he doesn’t obey her, she will send them to jail and kill Vasu. Saransh eats breakfast crying and hopes mamma and Rudra take him back.

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