My desire update Wednesday 28 December 2022

My desire 28 December 2022: Rudra insists Sulochana to confess her crime in front of judge. Sulochana denies and says she will not go anywhere. Rudra says he knew she would confess easily, so he recorded her confession. Sharda gives his phone. Sulochana pleads Sharda to stop Rudra. Rudra calls inspector and says he needs to inform something important regarding Devika’s murder. Inspector says its too late as judge will pronounce judgement in sometime. Rudra informs same to Sulochana and insists her again to accompany him to court and confess. She resists again. He holds her hand and says proving Preesha innocent is most important to him at this time and heads towards court with Sulochana and Sharda.

Judge is about to pronounce Preesha guilty and give his verdict when Rudra stops him and says he got a proof that Preesha didn’t kill Devika but his mother Sulochana did instead. Preesha’s lawyer backs him and requests judge. Judge permits. Rudra gets into dias and explains the whole story. Judge asks if he has any proof. He shows Sulochana’s confession video. Judge says he will give the final verdict after a break and orders to arrest Sulochana.Sulochana tells Rudra that she is sad that she is going to jail but sad that her own son supported Preesha instead of his mother. Rudra says he supported truth.

Police arrests Sulochana. Sharda tells Rdura that he did right and she is proud of him. GPS thanks Rudra for supporting Preesha. Rudra then looks at Preesha and walks towards her. Yeh Hain Chahatein.. song plays in the background. Inspector stops them and says they cannot hug in court as Preesha isn’t pronounced innocent yet. Court hearing restarts. Judge pronounces Preesha innocent and Sulochana guilty and announces 5-year jail term to Sulochana. Sulochana before leaving curses Rudra that he betrayed his mother for Preesha, so he will not get Preesha and will be in pain forever like she will bein jail.

Once police takes her away, Rudra and Preesha’s romane starts. They hug each other tightly. Yeh Hain Chahatein.. song starts in the background again. They hold each other’s hand and try to leave the court when Arman stops them and warns Rudra to leave his wife’s and Anvi’s mother’s hand. He calls Anvi and gives phone to Preesha. Anvi asks her when will she return home as thief-police game is over now, and if she doesn’t come soon, she will become a star. Preesha asks not to say that, she is coming soon.

Chachaji warns Rudra to spare their family at least now and asks Arman to take Preesha home. Preesha walks with Arman. Rudra hopes she turns back and returns to him. Preesha walks away. Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yahan Pyar Zindagi Mein… song plays in the background.Next morning, Sulcohana signs jail register when Preesha walks to her. Sulochana taunts her that she must be happy after trapping her in jail, she trapped her son and will never be happy in life; she troubled her before and because of her curse lost her son Saransh and even Rudra; this time she will lose her dearest Rudra. Preesha confronts her that she lost Saransh because of Sulochana’s evil deeds, Sulochana misused Rudra always instead, but couldn’t succeed this time, she couldn’t get away this time and is frustrated, etc. Sulochana tries to speak again. Preesha shuts her mouth.

Preesha returns home with Arman and Chachaji. Anvi happily hugs her and asks not to play police-thief game and go away from her. Preesha agrees. Arman asks Preesha to freshen up while he feeds Anvi. Anvi insists to have food from Preesha. Arman says nanny will and sends Anvi away. He then Preesha that with whatever happened, truth is revealed and her past is out, her feelings for Rudra are still intact and he understands it as he loves her, she should tell her feelings for Rudra or Anvi are more. Preesha says Anvi is like her daughter and like Saransh to her, she hugged Arman just as a friend before and don’t know what he considered, she hugged Rudra because he supported her when no one did, she is here even after so much happened just for Anvi, she knows what is Anvi to her, Anvi made her a mother after Saransh left and she cannot leave Anvi.

He thanks her for being with Anvi and says he respects her decision. He returns to his room and looking at Preesha and baby Anvi’s pic thinks he wants to keep her with him, he used reverse psychology and asked her to return to Rudra as he knew she will not leave Anvi, its a fight between him and Rudra and he will make sure Preesha stays with him forever.Mishka watches Preesha’s release news and panics. Ahana asks her to tell that Preesha is convicted in murder case and is dead by now. Mishka says Preesha is proved innocent and Sulochana is convicted instead in Devika’s murder case.

Ahana panics next and says Preesha and Rudra are free now and will be behind them. She calls her lawyer and asks if her work is done. He says its almost done and since today is Friday and court is off, he will give her papers on Monday. She thanks him and says she will arrange his payment.Rudra reminisces Arman telling Preesha will return to her daughter Anvi and Preesha leaving thinks he will not let Preesha go easily. Preesha making Anvi sleep remembers Arman’s words that if Rudra is important than Anvi for her, she is free to return to him. Rudra throws stone from window. She peeps in and asks what is he doing here. He insists to meet her or else he will shout and call everyone down. She walks down and says he shouldn’t have come here.

He holds her hands and says he couldn’t live away from her and came here, he sees loves for him in her eyes. She says she cannot come with him because of Anvi. He says he is the reason as he blamed her for Saransh’s death, she left everything and he wrongly alleged her, hence she is not returning to him; she should understand his condition then, he was not in his senses seeing Saransh dying in a blast; it was frustration for himself and vented it out on her as she was his dearest one; he shouldn’t have done that and realized after separating from her, etc. He kneels down and pleads her to forgive him and then touches her feet. She makes him stand. He says they both cannot stay away from each other, so she should return back. He hugs her and they both cry. Anvi walks to them calling Preesha and asks Rudra what is he doing at night.

He says he came to meet Pishma. Anvi says Prishma is only hers and only she can hug her. He says she told that Prishma loves even him and hence he hugged Prishma like he hugs her. Preesha asks Anvi why did she come here. Anvi says she heard loud sounds and came out in fear. Preesha walks in with her, leaving Ruda’s hand.Arman watches Preesha returning with Anvi and thinks he woke up Anvi from sleep to separate Rudra and Preesha and remembers seeing Preesha and Rudra hugging each other and Chachaji asking him to do something before he loses Preesha because of Rudra like Devika.

He throws a bowl down and makes Anvi wake up. Anvi walks to Preesha Searching her. Out of flashback, Arman thinks Preesha is leaning towards Rudra, he will make Anvi a wall between Preesha and Rudra and not let them meet forever. Next morning, Chachaji asks Arman about Preesha. Arman says she is teaching Anvi. Chachaji says if he wants Preesha to forget Rudra and get to him, he should shower his goodness on Preesha. He suggests to take Preesha on vacation and spend a quality time with her. He says he cannot without Anvi. Chachaji asks to forget Preesha then, he is a big businessman and knows what to do. On the other side, Sharda seeing Rudra’s condition asks if he is thinking of Preesha.

He says yes and she needs to return to him. She says he left Preesha. He says he made a big mistake, he takes Arman to the core and wants Preesha to leave Arman and return to him. Sharda says its impossible. He repeats he will not let Preesha with Arman and walks away. Arman informs Preesha that he is buying a resort in her name and wants her to accompany to Shimla to meet the sellers. She says she will get Anvi ready. He says they are traveling by road and Anvi has weak immunity, so she cannot accompany them. Preesha goes to get ready. Chachaji asks what is his plan. He says he is bending his finger when he is not getting the ghee with straight finger, they will not return tonight.

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