Imlie starlife update Wednesday 28 December 2022


Imlie 28 December 2022: Anu suggests Malini that she has has to fight for her rights and not let someone else take away her husband sacrificing her 7-year-old relationship. Malini agrees and says she will fight for her right. Anu asks if she is sure and gives her a medicine bottle. Malini mixes medicine in prasad and throws bottle in dustbin. Imlie notices her and asks what is in the bottle. Malini says its a high end game now and takes prasad with her. She serves prasad to whole family and orphanage children. Dulari says let her taste first. Imlie enters and asks everyone not to eat it. Anu asks why did she prepare it when she didn’t want to serve it and asks Aparna if she has kept her maid bahu to create drama at each function. Guruji takes orphanage children away saying Harish they will never forget this humiliation.

Harish scolds Imlie. Imlie alleges that she couldn’t let anyone eat prasad as Malini mixed poison in it to blame her. Anu warns to mind her language. Malini shouts if she is blaming her and eats prasad. Adi also tastes it and says there is nothing in it. Malini says Imlie blamed her as she served her prepared prasad and hates her to the core, she will not stay here after so much happened. Adi stops her and says Imlie did wrong and should apologize. Imlie and her supporters stand shocked. She apologizes Malini. Adi says Imlie proved that she doesn’t respect him and walks away. Aparna says she curses a day when she let Imlie inside her house and takes Malini along. Harish says he made some sin that he bears humiliation daily because of Imlie. Radha says Imlie lost her remaining respect. Imlie’s supporters Pankaj, Rupali, and Nishant also walk away.

Mithi and Nani try to console Imlie. Imlie says she wants to be alone and stands crying.Next morning, Imlie cries and tells Seeta Maiya that she herself saw Malini mixing poison in prasad, then how are children not affected. Malini enters and says she fooled her as she wanted to prove her a liar in front of Adi and mixed medicine in juice instead and served it to family already. Rupali walks in inebriated and says she hates Malini for hating Imlie. Malini says feelings are mutual, even she doesn’t like her much for the same reason. Rupali asks her to befriend Imlie as she is so cute and after hugging Imlie tries to hug her. Malini pushes her away.

Rupali walks away complaining Radha. Imlie asks why is she doing this and asks to go away from Adi’s life as he loves only her. Malini says she is Adi’s legally wedded wife and has a 7-year-old relationship with him, Imlie came in between them. Imlie says she is Adi’s first wife. Malini asks why did she hide the truth for so many months. Imlie says they can’t hide truth. Malini asks why did she make a joke out of her emotions, now she will make a joke out of Imlie and orders her to go and handle family.

Imlie walks to family and sees them acting weird inebriated. Harish and Dulari dance and drag her along. Malini walks in and says he needs to talk to them, Aditya’s only and only legal wife Malini wants to inform them that she still loves Adi immensely and asks Aparna if she considers him as Adi’s wife; they were very happy before Imlie’s interference in their lives, she is still Adi;s legally wedded wife and will take back her rights. Tripathi family laughs loudly. Malini says tomorrow they will not remember whatever she told today. Imlie remembers Imlie’s warning.

Aditya apologizes Malini on Imlie’s behalf and says don’t know what happens to Imlie often. Malini says its okay, Imlie is her sister and she knows how to handle her. She offers him juice and he drinks it full and feels inebriated. Imlie rushes to him and tries to hold him. Malini tries to take him away when Dulari holds Malini. Imlie takes Adi with her. Inebriated Adi asks if they were fighting. She says no. He says he was searching her, where was she. She says she didn’t go anywhere, he goes away from her though; their path is same and she will not let him divert his path. He says she does everything and not him. She says every time he goes missing and she searches him always.

He asks if she can searching him from anywhere. She says yes. He asks her to close her eyes and runs. She runs behind him. He plays hide and seek with her. Piya Tose Milne.. song plays in the background. She sees Tripathi family dancing insanely inebriated. Dulari and Harish hold her. She pushes them away and runs searching Aadi again and asks Nishant where is Adi. Nishant shows Adi getting into his room. Imlie guards room from outside, thanks Seeta Maiya, and thinks Babusaheb will sleep in his room and Malini cannot do anything. She falls asleep.

Next morning, Imlie wakes up and thinks a lot happened yesterday, but Malini couldn’t harm anyone. She hears footsteps and thinks she will remind Adi what he did last night. Malini opens door with crimpled hair and says she told her that Adi still loves her and proved it last night, everything was like before. Adi enters room and shatters to see Adi in his innerwear. Anu asks why she looks shocked, legally she and Adi are still husband and wife. Dulari hearing her rushes into Adi’s room and shouts that a sin happened. Family walks in and asks what happened. Adi wakes up and asks why she is shouting early morning. Dulari shouts he ruined her granddaughter’s life. Aparna looks at Malini, and Malini runs away. Aparna asks Adi if she and Malini spent night together.

Adi looks at crying Imlie and walks to her. She walks away from him. Whole family walks away looking at Adi.Imlie cries more reminiscing Malini telling Adi consummated with her last night. She asks Seeta Maiya why didn’t she look at Malini and Anu’s conspiracies, she should erase her memory. She washes her face repeatedly and cries more looking herself in mirror with her faded sindhoor. Malini walks to her and asks her to stop crying and wipe her tears and sindhoor. Imlie asks what did she gain. Malini says whatever she wanted. Imlie says she betrayed her, she should have taken her life instead. Malini says Imlie is so overdramatic, intimacy between husband and wife is common, Imlie always lied that she didn’t want to interfere between her and Adi but did and not sacrificed herself, then why should she.

Adi walks in. Malini acts as crying and asks Imlie to stop crying. Adi says he doesn’t know what is happening with him, he just remembers that he was with her last and don’t remember what happened next; he just knows that he cannot think of it even in his dream, he doesn’t remember anything, does Malini remember anything. Malini says she doesn’t and knows she was feeling drowsy. Imlie shouts to stop acting.

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