My desire update Tuesday 27 December 2022


My desire 27 December 2022: Chachaji ask Aarman to forget Preesha. Avni ask aarman to bring preesha back soon. Chachaji shout that it will never happen. Aarman sent Avni inside. Chachaji says avni need to learn truth.Aahana call lawyer ask about update. Lawyer says need DNA sample soon. Aahana and Mishka enjoye their moments and get happy☺️ seeing Preesha news. Ahana and Mishka decide to complete formalities soon.Rudra see laundry boy came to give clothes and give hairpin, which shocks rudra.

Preesha meet Amma Appa and they say she will be realsed soon. Preesha cries😢 seeing them, while thinking about Rudra, while Aarman get sad seeing Preesha. Chachaji says we need to get justice for Devika, don’t be emotional.Rudra tell sharda that Preesha will be proven innocent as they found prove that Devika had saree cloth and it doesn’t match Preesha’s dress. Sulochana get happy but says that Preesha will proven innocent but she will not return to you.

Case start while lawyer blames about how Preesha is needed to be blamed for Devika’s murder.In court lawyer call all witnesses who inform that Preesha and Devika was fighting. Preesha’s lawyer ask did witness saw killing preesha? But devika’s lawyer stay but timing matches.Preesha feel sorry for Amma and Appa and think🤔 why didn’t even rudra came?Sulochana check her saree get caught by rudra and sharda. Rudra inform how he got to know about sulochana, when laundry boy told about saree.

Rudra inform Sharda that hairpin belongs to Devika and Saree belongs to Sulochana. Sharda ask if he is sure? Rudra tell her that how Devika and he exchanged selfie and he knows she was wearing that hairpin. Rudra think did sulochana killed Devika, though Sharda defend that she was so happy, but rudra wasn’t sure! They both plan to catch sulochana.Rudra confront sulochana for hiding truth. Sulochana denies. Rudra shows hairpin and ask to tell truth. He ask sulochana that she killed Devika?

In court forensic doctor tell that devika neck bone was broken and this can happen in 2 ways only either by pushing or by smashing on thay neck. And we found preesha skin on devika’s nail. Preesha’s lawyer say but it can happen with any reason. But devika’s lawyer says that preessha pushed devika and when devika tried to save herself pressha skin got into devika nails.Preesha’s lawyer asks Devika’s lawyer how Preesha’s skin in Devika’s nails prove that she murdered Devika. Devika’s lawyer says forensic expert informed that Devika was pushed by Preesha and while falling down, she scratched Preesha’s hands and fell on some object and broke her neck.

Forensic expert informs that Preesha must have hanged Devika after she died. Preesha’s lawyer calls Arman in the dias and asks if Preesha is greedy and selfish. Arman says no, she loves whole family and forgets herself for them, his daughter Anvi cannot stay without her. Lawyer asks about Devika. Arman says Preesha used to consider Devika as her sister and they used to love each other immensely. Lawyer asks what about him. Arman says Preesha’s presence is a boon in his life and describes how she takes care of his family. He asks if all that does he think Preesha can murder a sister like Devika. Arman says they didn’t know about one thing. Lawyer stops him and repeats to tell him if he thinks Preesha can kill Devika. Arman stands silently.


Lawyer says this proves that Preesha is innocent and asks judge to give judgement accordingly. Devika’s lawyer tells Arman that he is trying to prove Preesha as a devi and asks if Preesha was loyal to him about her past. He says they never discussed about their past. Lawyer asks what if Preesha’s past returned and asks when did he found out that Rudra is Preesha’s ex-husband. Arman says on the wedding night and he even tried to cancel Devika and Rudra’s wedding after that, even Devika was very upset and fought with Preesha. Lawyer says Preesha is having an extramarital affair with Rudra.

Preesha denies. Lawyer asks then why did she stay with Rudra in a rented apartment for 2 days. Preesha says its her personal issue. Lawyer says she was romancing Rudra just before Devika and Rudra’s wedding and when Devika found out about their extramarital affair and confronted her, she killed Devika.Rudra questions Sulochana if she killed Devika. Sulochana denies. He shows Devika’s hair clip and asks what was it doing with her when Devika never came down, did she meet Devika. Sulochana agrees to have met Devika, but denies to kill her as she never wanted her to die.

Rudra asks her what does she mean and asks her to explain in detail. Sulochana goes into flashback where she hears Devika and Preesha’s conversation and after Preesha leaves asks her why she wants to cancel the wedding and if its because of Preesha. Devika says Sulochana lied that Rudra’s wife is dead, but she alive and between; she loved Sulochana like a mother, but she betrayed her. Suiochana says whatever she did was for her. Devika says she is selfish and asks her to go. Sulochana pleads not to cancel the wedding and listen to her once. Devika says she has decided not to marry Rudra and insists her to leave or else she will leave. Sulochana stops and pulls her back.

Devika falls on a nail and dies breaking her neck. Sulochana panics seeing her dead, thinks if someone sees her here they will blame her, hence she hangs Devika to a ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide. Out of flashback, Sulochana says she just wanted to convince Devika to marry Rudra and continues giving her same explanation.Sharda reminisces Sulochana lying and asks if she killed Devika and lied to her then; how can she do this to them without any repent. Rudra says Preesha is considered a culprit for Sulochana’s crime.

Sulochana continues its an accident and she didn’t do anything. Rudra says she was madly running around in front of her, but she didn’t even react once; Preesha is convicted because of her, and she didn’t even pity on her son. Sulochana continues its an accident. Rudra says if she had informed beforehand, they would have saved Devika somehow; asks her to come to court and confess her crime. Sulochana denies and gets adamant that she will not accept her crime.

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