My desire update Thursday 29 December 2022

My desire 29 December 2022: Chachaji asks Arman what is his plan. He says he will spend quality time with Preesha. Chachaji asks how will he when they spend most of the time traveling. He says he has bent his finger and will not return tonight, Preesha doesn’t know that. Chachaji praises him and assures everything will be alright. Rudra on the other side scolds his subordinates for being careless with clients. Arman and Preesha reach Shimla. Resort owner while singing documents tells Arman that this deal is important to him as such a big brand will run his resort now. Arman says its important to him also as he is buying the resort in his wife’s name. Rudra calls Preesha. Arman seeing that switches off Preesha’s mobile thinking he will not let Rudra interfere between him and Preesha.

Rudra seeing Preesha’s phone off thinks there is some problem and he needs to find out. He reaches Arman’s house and calls Preesha. Chachaji warns him to get out and calls guards. Anvi walks to Rudra and informs that Prishma has gone out with papa and will return at night. Rudra asks Chachaji where is Preesha. Chachaji says its none of his business and he shouldn’t disturb husband and wife. Rudra warns Chachaji not to do something that he has to repent later. Chachaji scolds guards for letting Rudra in. Rudra thinks where Preesha must have gone.

While traveling back, Preesha tells Arman that Anvi didn’t call her even once. He says Anvi must be busy in a pizza party with Chachaji and thinks he shouldn’t let Preesha check her mobile. He stops car and goes out to check. Preesha sees her phone off and thinks battery is down. Arman acts as checking and says he doesn’t know what happen to car, he will find mechanic and till then she can stay in a nearby hotel.Mishka and Ahana return from shopping. A lady calls Ahana and threatens her to return her money or else she will expose her and ruin her life.

Ahana pleads not to do that as lawyer is working on it and she will return her money soon. Mishka asks if it was the same lady’s call. Ahana nods yes.Arman walks into hotel with Preesha and asks receptionist if he can get a mechanic as his car broke down. Receptionist says he will get a mechanic only in the morning. Arman tells Preesha that he will book rooms for them as they can’t stay in car overnight. Receptionist says all room as booked except honeymoon suite. Arman tells Preesha that she can sleep in a suite while he sleeps in car. She says they will manage in room. Arman goes aside and over phone informs Chachaji how he hired a mechanic to cut car’s petrol pipe and booked a hotel’s honeymoon suite and lied receptionist its a surprise for his wife.

Rudra’s aide reaches Arman’s house disguised as Arman’s employee and requests to get Arman’s signatures on an important document. Chachaji scolds him and says Arman is out of town with his wife. Employee requests for his location. Chachaji says Shimla. Rudra hears their conversation and packs his bag hurriedly. Sharda questions him and he lies that his hotel has shifted him to Shimla branch. She asks him to go in the morning. He says he needs to go right now.Preesha picks her phone to switch it on and call Anvi. He stops her and asks to call Anvi from his mobile. Anvi speaks and informs Rudra had come and questioned about her.

Chachaji asks her to finish her pizza. Anvi disconnects call. Arman asks Preesha to call Rudra from his phone if she wants to. She says its okay. He thinks he knows she will not call Rudra from his mobile and hence he offered her help. Rudra driving towards Shimla calls many hotels to find Arman’s location and when he fails calls Bunty and asks him to track Arman’s mobile location as he has taken Preesha out and he cannot trust Arman. Bunty says its wrong but agrees. Arman orders champagne and a dress for Preesha. Preesha gets nervous seeing a revealing dress.

Arman gifts a revealing nightie for Preesha. Preesha feels awkward. He says he ordered a dress, but staff brought a nightie and hence he will change it. She says its okay and goes to change. He reminisces asking receptionist to send champagne and a nightie to his room to surprise Preesha and thinks only he will be with Preesha tonight and not Rudra. Rudra calls back Bunty and asks if he found out Arman and Preesha’s location. Bunty says they are staying in some Copola Hotel. Rudra thanks him and asks driver to drive him to Copola hotel thinking he will not let Preesha with Arman. Preesha returns to Arman and says she is comfortable in sari itself and doesn’t’ want to wear a nightie. He offers her spiked drink. She says he knows she doesn’t drink alcohol.

He says its a nonalcoholic champagne and asks her to have it to lighten up the mood. She agrees and accepts the glass. He thinks he lied that its a nonalcohol champagne, he wants her to open up to him and get closer to him.Chachaji goes for a walk and seeing Sharda chats with her. Sharda gets Rudra’s hotel receptionist call questioning about Rudra. She says he went to their Shimla branch. Chachaji hearing that fumes that Rudra ruined Devika’s life and now wants to ruin Rudra and Preesha’s wife and hence went to Shimla. Sharda acts angry and says her son went on an official duty, walks aside and thinks she shut Chachaji’s mouth somehow, but what Rudra is trying to do.

Preesha enjoys champagne with Arman and asks if its alcohol as she is feeling lightheaded. He says yes. She says she lied to her. He says she is enjoying though and reveals that he was angry on her not just because of losing Devika but because of her growing proximity to Rudra and was jealous of Rudra; he fears that she will leave him and Anvi and return to Rudra. She reminisces Rudra’s possessiveness and says Rudra is her past. He requests to give him a chance. She says she loved Rudra and cannot love anyone else, but they can be friends like before. He agrees and goes to refill the glass. Chachaji calls and informs him about Rudra’s arrival there and warns him to not let Rudra reach Preesha. Arman fumes hearing that.

Rudra reaches reception and asks receptionist to inform him Preesha and Arman’s room number. Receptionist denies citing hotel policy. He says he is their friend and came to surprise them. She calls Arman and informs that someone came to meet him. He asks her not to send him away as he doesn’t want to be disturbed when he is with his wife. Before receptionist could inform, Rudra walks away searching Preesha’s room and sees Preesha standing in her room balcony.

Arman brings champagne for Preesha. Preesha pushes it away saying she doesn’t need it and slips. He holds her. Rudra burns in jealousy seeing Arman touching her. Arman tells Preesha that he will take her inside, lifts her, makes her lie on bed, and heads towards her. She resists. He says he will not cross their friendship limits and asks her to sleep. Rudra reaches and knocks door. Arman complains reception. Rudra breaks the door open and hits Arman shouting how dare he is to touch Preesha. Arman warns that Preesha is his wife. Their fight starts. Sharda worried for Rudra calls Bunty and insists to tell where Rudra went. Bunty after much hesitation informs that Rudra went to Shimla behind Arman and Preesha. Preesha wakes up hearing Arman and Rudra’s fight and tries to stop them. Rudra hits Arman’s head with a vase and Arman collapses. He then picks Preesha and takes away.

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