My desire update Thursday 13 June 2024

My desire 13 June 2024: Jagdeesh asks Dadi that if her family is mad. He says that his family is suffering because of Arjun. He asks Kaashvi that why she hided from him about Aruna’s death if she won’t lie then. Kaashvi says that she did that because of Aruna’s promise.

He tells them that they were like beggers and he brought them to his house. He says that Arjun’s marriage should not have happened with Kaashvi. He adds that if he had helped dog then that would have been loyal to him.


Kaashvi asks him to stop it. She tells him that she would have tolerate her insult but she can’t tolerate Dadi’s insult. She says that she is capable enough take care of her family. She asks him respect Dadi atleast for her age. He says that Dadi should act mature. She warns him to not cross his limits.

Arjun comes there and asks Kaashvi that how can she talk like this with Jagdeesh. Kaashvi tells him that Jagdeesh insulted Dadi so she just answered Jagdeesh.

He tells her that he know his father so his father would not have insulted any elder. She tells him that he don’t know the complete. He asks her to shut up. He says that he will trust the matter which he saw.

She tells him that she talked to Jagdeesh rudely because Jagdeesh insulted Dadi. He asks her that what police is doing the house and what’s about lie detective test. Jagdeesh tells him Kaashvi become mad. He says that Kaashvi want to expose Mahima’s lies. He adds that if police got to know that Mahima lied in the court then Arjun will go to jail.

Arjun asks Kaashvi that if she want to kill him. He says that he understood what’s his position in Kaashvi’s place. He adds that Kaashvi don’t respect his family and she did wrong with his family. He tells her to leave from his house because she don’t deserve to stay in his house. Kaashvi gets shocked hearing this. Dadi cries. Arjun tells Kaashvi that her behaviour forced him to take this decision. He cut off all ties with her. He blames her for everything.

Dadi asks Arjun to not do this because of misunderstanding. Arjun tells her that he can’t trust Kaashvi and Kaashvi did not support him when he needed his wife. He says that Kaashvi insulted his family too. He leaves from there. Kaashvi tells Dadi that she will leave the house for Arjun’s happiness.

Kaashvi tells Nitya that it’s important to do live detective test of Mahima. Nitya asks her to shut up. Jagdeesh sends Police from there. Nitya slaps Kaashvi. Kaashvi lists out Mahima’s lies. Mahima says that Kaashvi is lying.

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