Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 12 June 2024

Strings of love 12 June 2024: Seerat thinks if her truth was not out, she would have gone to Mumbai with Angad instead of Sahiba. She thinks Angad and Sahiba will get more closer if they go alone to Mumbai, so she can’t let that happen.

She notices Sahiba outside speaking over phhone and thinks if Sahiba is here, Angad would be alone. She walks to Angad’s room. Angad asks why did she come here. Seerat says she wants to help him in packing. Angad asks her to go away from here. Seerat says he is upset on her and Sahiba both, then why he is taking Sahiba along and behaving differently with them both.

Angad says Sahiba is his wife and he took oath in front of god to be with her his whole life. Seerat says even he promised to support her his whole life, what happened to that. Angad says he had, but she lost it with her evil nature and asks her to leave now.

Seerat walks away and notices Sahiba at the door. Sahiba feels happy hearing Angad confronting Seerat and supporting her. She walks to Angad smiling and thinks her bought watch for Angad will arrive before they leave for Mumbai, she will apologize and propose hhim.

Next day, Prabjot asks Jasleen if Yashraj didn’t try to meet her again or spoke to her. Jasleen says Prabjot is behaving as if they are teenagers, she knows their divorce happened on an ugly note. Servant hands over a courier to Prabjot. Prabjot says there is no name on the courier. Jasleen asks her to check it. Sahiba thinks her ordered watch must have arrived by now. Prabjot finds a watch inside. Jasleen says its a cheap watch, maybe some servant ordered it, servants dared to order watch at their address.

Seerat walks to them and says she ordered this watch for Angad. Prabjot says Angad will never wear such a cheap watch, and they both laugh. Manveer joins them and asks why are they laughing so much.

Prabjyot says Sahiba ordered this cheap watch for Angad. Manveer asks Sahiba if she has lost her mind. Seerat says Angad has a standard and would never wear such a watch from a local bazaar. Manveer asks where is this cheap bazaar. Sahiba says it’s a same bazaar where she met Angad. They read Sahiba’s note Mera Gabru Sardar on the watch. Manveer throws the watch away and it breaks down. Sahiba picks it and cries. Japjot walks in and asks why is Sahiba crying. Jasleen says Sahiba had ordered a cheap watch for Angad which Manveer broke. Japjot scolds Manveer. Manveer says she is support Sahiba. Japjot says Sahiba lost her respect when she distrusted Angad and disrespected Akaal. Manveer says just because Angad agreed to take her along to Mumbai, she is dreaming about reuniting with him. Jasleen and Prabjot continue to laugh on Sahiba. Sahiba says she will refix this watch and gift it to Angad, she is sure Angad will wear it.

Family sees off Angad and Sahiba for their Mumbai trip and ask them to take care of themselves. Gurleeen suggests Sahiba not to fight with Angad for silly things and consider this trip as their honeymoon trip. Seerat gets worried thinking Sahiba and Angad’s distance may clear forever when are alone in this trip. Jasleen asks her to move ahead and see off Angad and Sahiba. Inder asks Sahiba to take care of Angad as he hasn’t fully recovered from surgery. Seerat gets a call and walks away looking tensed. Angad and Sahiba leave home and reach Mumbai. Sahiba excitedly describes how she enjoyed a flight trip. Angad asks her to talk slowly. Sahiba continues to speak loudly. Angad shakes her head. A suspicious man’s driver notices them and informs his him. He asks drive to bring them to him carefully without making any mistake.

Sahiba gets happy seeing their name board. Driver welcomes them and takes their luggage. Seerat tells someone that she can’t come to meet him and the agrees. She thinks what will she do now, she can tell this problem to anyone.

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