My desire update Tuesday 11 June 2024

My desire 11 June 2024: Nitya comes to the idol in the morning to get the key from the khetri. Arjun comes there, talking on the phone asking someone, how can you do this with me. Nitya asks what happened? Arjun says they have snatched biogas project from me and gave it to another company.

Nitya asks why? Arjun says they said that I have went to jail as my image is ruined. Jagdish says you was freed from all charges. Nitya asks which company? Arjun recollects and says R N J company. He asks Mahima to talk to them, and says you have worked there and handled their projects. Mahima says they know that I work for you, and says I can’t convince them. Nitya thinks their lie can be caught.

She says Mahima was an employee, nobody will hear us. Arjun says you might having the number, and asks her to talk. Mahima says she has number, but it has of no use. Nitya asks him to use his money on some other project and leave this project. Arjun says I am very hurt, it was my dream to work on this project, I had done a lot of hardwork on this, and goes sadly. Kashvi thinks she can’t see him sad and thinks to talk to R N J owners, and thinks to get the company details. She goes to the hotel and asks where are the R N J owners?

The receptionist tells that she can’t give any info, but they are sitting in the lobby there. Kashvi goes to the owner and introduces herself as Arjun’s wife. The owner identifies Arjun. Kashvi asks him to leave the project and give to Arjun back, as it was his dream project. The owner says it was govt project, and he can’t leave it. Kashvi requests him to atleast leave it for their ex employee Mahima Sabarwal, and says she has seen his appreciation letter for her, and says she used to work in Mumbai office. The owner tells that he never heard this name in 15 years and tells that she has never worked with us. Other employees says even they didn’t hear this name.

Kashvi thinks who has made her fake certificates, work experience certificate and management certificate. She is about to sit in the car, when she sees Mohit getting down from the auto and giving money to driver. Kashvi gets shocked and thinks how did he come out of jail. She sits in the car and asks driver to go to the bar and talk to Mohit. The driver says bar is not the good place. Kashvi says that’s why she is asking him to go and talk to Mohit. She says she wants to know who helped me come out of jail. She asks him to make him drunk so that he answers him everything. Driver says ok and goes to the bar.

He makes Mohit drink. Mohit says it is good that I met you. Driver asks him how did you come out of jail? Mohit says how do you know? The driver says you told me just now. He says you didn’t tell the entire story. Kashvi is listening to him on call. Mohit tells that whoever accused him, got him freed. He says it was entire drama and tells that he acted to rape, and Mahima Sabarwal gave me money for this. He says it was all her planning, that I will meet her through Dadi, and then I will act to attempt rape on her, so that Arjun comes and saves her. Driver asks who is Arjun? Mohit says Mahima’s love whom she wants to get.

He says due to the drama, Arjun came closer to Mahima, and that Kashvi is out of Arjun’s life. Driver takes his phone and tells Mohit that he will go to washroom and come. Kashvi thinks Mahima can never get better, Dadi was right, Mahima has always lied to us, but she will be punished this time. She goes home and looks angrily at Mahima. Mahima asks what happened? Kashvi asks why did you say many lies. Mahima asks what lie? Kashvi asks if you have really worked in RNJ company. Mahima says yes, and tells that she has certificate and she is the star performer. Kashvi says the MD of the company and even the staff have forgotten you, and said that Mahima, the star performer didn’t work in his company. Mahima is shocked and says he might have forgotten my name. She says I will not give you any explanation.

Kashvi asks her not to move until she has done. She says this was your first lie. She says Mohit didn’t try to rape you. Mahima asks what you are saying? Kashvi says today I saw Mohit. Mahima says he was in jail, how this is possible. Kashvi says you got his bail done, so he will be out obviously. She says I saw him outside and understood. She says I made him say all the truth, that how he acted to be good infront of dadi, and how you planned rape attempt so that you can get Arjun back. She says I didn’t know that you will stoop low, and says why did you lie to me. She says I will expose your real face infront of everyone, and says Arjun will hate you like before.

She says you have done this drama to get Arjun and says he will throw you out. Mahima asks what you will do? She says keep your truth with you and says Arjun hates you and he will be mine now. She asks her to leave from there and forget Arjun. Kashvi says you left him on the mandap, due to your greed. Mahima says I can do anything to get him. Kashvi says I can’t bear and will not let Arjun do this mistake, and says she will expose her truth. Mahima asks how? Kashvi says I will bring Mohit here, and he will tell how you gave him money to do the fake rape attempt.

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