My desire update Thursday 11 January 2024

My desire 11 January 2024: Romila tells Samrat that it’s all Nayan’s mistake that she is purposefully getting Mahima married to Arjun when she knows that Mahima loves Pradyuman and Kashvi loves Arjun. She says poor Kashvi has to see her love marrying someone else. Samrat warns her to stop talking rubbish against Nayan. Romila says she is not lying and he can go and question Nayan.

Sam leaves. Romila thinks she set a fire and will watch the drama. Sam walks to Nayan and says he wants to talk. Nayan says guests are here and she can’t come. Sam insists and takes her aside and asks how can she ruin Kashvi’s life and get Mahima married to Arjun while she knows that Kashvi loves Arjun. Nayan reveals that Arjun doesn’t love Kashvi and loves Mahima since childhood. Sam asks if Mahima loves Arjun. Nayan says and in fact she took proposal to Arjun’s house.

She says they both know what it is to live without love and now he understood why she took this decision. She says let her go now before someone watches them and walks away. Sam thinks Nayan doesn’t know that Mahima is double crossing both Arjun and Pradyuman.

Romila provokes Mahima not to marry poor Arjun and marry rich Pradyuman instead. Mahima says Pradyuman is ready to elope with her. Romila asks her to call Pradyuman and elope with him then.

Mahima calls Pradyuman from Romila’s number and asks him to do something as her wedding is tomorrow and her Sam uncle is staying at her house and troubling her, she was scolded by her mother for the first time because of Sam. she suggests him to come and take her from there as she is ready to elope with him. Pradyuman agrees and asks her to be ready tonight. Mahima happily informs Romila about the same. Romila thinks her plan is succeeding.

Arjun shows his new sherwani design to Rocky and Mickey and asks how is it. They say its excellent and would look good on him. Sam passes by and forcefully looks at the design and says its very dull and not classy.

Kashvi asks him not to say that as Arjun’s choice is always perfect. Arjun insults Sam saying he didn’t seek his opinion and he should stop poking his nose unnecessarily, he chose this color as its Mahima’s favorite color and he would wear only this sherwani. Sam walks to terrace. Kashvi follows him and asks him not to criticize Arjun’s choice, she knows he doesn’t like Arjun, but shouldn’t always oppose him. Sam says he knows she loves Arjun immensely, but should nod yes to everything.

Kashvi asks how does he know. He says he knows and asks her not to sacrifice her love as he is staying away from his love since 20 years and can’t hold her even when she is near him, he doesn’t want Kashvi to go through same pain. Kashvi cries hugging him and says she misses her father and thinks her father would have listen to her without judging her. Once she leaves, Sam breaks down thinking he can’t help his daughter. Nayan walks to him. He says their daughter is in pain, but he can’t do anything. He requests her to do something and get their daughter out of pain. Nayan hugs and comforts him.

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