My desire update Tuesday 9 January 2024

My desire 9 January 2024: Kashvi is shocked to see Mahima and Pradyuman kissing each other. She shouts Mahiii.. Mahima asks Pradyuman to run away from there. Pradyuman runs away. Kashvi asks Mahima how can she kiss Pradyuman here when she is getting married to Arjun soon, why didn’t she think about Arjun or Nayan or their family’s dignity. Mahima thinks all her plans will go in vain if Kashvi informs about it to Nayan and Nayan will backlash her. Kashvi further shows diamond ring and asks Mahima why she lied about this precious ring.

Mahima lies that Pradyuman was forcing himself on her instead and he is the one who gave her this precious ring forcefully, he even didn’t let her enjoy with her friend at the club and forcefully danced with her.

Kashvi says they shall file a police complaint against Pradyuman and says he shouldn’t be spared for his heinous act. Mahima says Nayan and their family’s name would be ruined if Arjun’s family finds out that a boy had entered her room forcefully, so they shouldn’t complain against Arjun. Kashvi agrees. Mahima thinks she is a good actor and can fool anyone.

Samrat continues to prepare laddus with Nitya, Sayan, and Daadi and hold Nayan’s hand repeatedly. Nayan feels anxious and asks Sam what is he doing here when he has a business to take care of.

Sam asks what shall he do. Nayan says he should go and take care of his business. Sam says he will leave then. Nayan says he should. He acts like hitting a furniture and rolls down on floor in severe pain. Everyone rush to him. Sam says he sprained his foot and its severely paining. Kashvi says he knows how the sprain feels. Nayan says he should go to his hotel room and rest. Sam agrees and acts as trying to get up and falling down again. He says he came here to saw wedding rituals and would have stayed nearby if he had any relatives around as his hotel room is far away.

Daadi asks him to stay back as guests usually to stay at home during weddings. Sam thanks her and asks if he can call her Biji. Daadi agrees and asks Nayan to show his room. Sam says he needs some’s support to walk. Daadi asks Nayan to help him. Nayan helps him walk to guest room. Their nok jhok continues.. She says she knows he is acting to stay near Kashvi, but she doesn’t want him to. Sam says he is here for her and gets romantic. Tu Hai To Phir Kya Chahiye… song plays in the background.. Nayan leaves fuming. Sam thinks he is here for her and Kashvi. Drama continues..

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