Faltu Starlife update Saturday 11 May 2024

Faltu 11 may 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan and Neil running to Faltu. Ayaan gets blocked by the crowd. Neil reaches the stage and saves Faltu from fire. He asks are you fine. Ayaan comes and asks are you okay.

Faltu asks Neil why did you burn your hand. She cares for him. Ayaan looks on. Neil says I will be fine, are you okay. Neil scolds the manager for making such arrangements. Ayaan steps back. Tanu smiles. Faltu does the aid to Neil. He says I m fine. Tanu goes to the reporters and asks them to cover Neil and Faltu.

Govind asks where is Ayaan. Kinshuk says he went home. Tanu says we should go home and see if Ayaan is okay or not, see how Neil and Faltu are caring for each other, its more than friendship, I m worried for Ayaan. They leave. They come home. Kumkum asks how did this happen. Govind says we don’t

know. She says Ayaan didn’t come till now. Tanu asks where did he go. Ayaan comes home. Kumkum asks how did this happen, Faltu isn’t careless, did anyone do this deliberately.

Ayaan says yes, I didn’t think so. Tanu says Faltu was standing close to diya, I was there, I saw it. Ayaan goes. Govind says we should concentrate on business, we have to work hard.

Faltu asks Dada ji about Ayaan. She says call him and ask is he okay, I was worried for Neil and didn’t see him. He says Ayaan was fine. Neil says he left from there. Dada ji says maybe he got hurt. Neil says no, his family was with me, he is a selfish man, I was thinking to involve Faltu in our business, it’s the best chance for her. He asks Dada ji to trust him. Dada ji says idea is good. Neil says you will get a big cabin, you are a part of this family. Dada ji thinks how will I handle Neil. He asks Faltu to think well and tell her decision. She goes. Dadaji asks Neil to sleep. Neil goes.

Tanu comes to anger Ayaan from Faltu. Ayaan says I m calling cricket board. She argues. He says I don’t need your help, I have seen everything, its my problem, you stay out of it, focus on Sid and your relation. He goes. She says I don’t love Sid, I love you, I will get you.

Faltu says how can Ayaan leave me and go, he doubts me again, he broke my trust. Ayaan meets the cricket board and says Faltu deserves another chance, it was my mistake, my ego, I couldn’t see her success. Neil plans the surprise breakfast for Faltu. Faltu comes and smiles seeing the food. He says I did this to make you happy, sit and eat. She likes it. Ayaan comes and joins them. Neil asks why did you come here. Ayaan says I came to eat kachori, thanks for taking care of Faltu. She asks why did you come here, to make your doubt certain.

Ayaan says to give this to you. Neil asks what’s in it. He checks the acceptance letter from cricket academy. Ayaan says Faltu’s dream, I had snatched it from her, I came to return it, cricket board permitted her to play cricket again. She cries. He asks her to work on her stamina, practice and recover, take care of diet, take proper rest. He says I won’t be there to say all this.

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