Faltu Starlife update Monday 8 January 2024

Faltu 8 January 2024: The Episode starts with Tanu saying Ayaan will be with me to help. Kanika asks Sid to explain Tanu. Sid says I think Tanu should go alone. Sumitra says Sid, you should go alone, how will she manage alone. He says she will call me if she needs help, let her decide for her life, we should support her. Ayaan and Faltu come. Ayaan greets Dadi. He says mom doesn’t want to meet me.

Tanu says she is angry, give her some time, come else we will miss our flight. They leave. Sumitra says you have lost a good chance. Sid says I have to get Tanu and Ayaan divorced and bring his truth out. Savita cries seeing Ayaan. Tanu hugs Kanika. She sits with Ayaan. Savita is sad. Dadi says Ayaan wanted to take your blessings. Savita says I can’t bless him, he forgot his dad’s favors, but I didn’t forget.

She asks how can someone ruin the entire family for love. Dadi says you have to accept Faltu for Ayaan’s sake. Savita refuses. Tanu, Ayaan and Faltu reach the village. Ayaan says you like comforts, so we will drop you at the hotel. Tanu says you know me well, I want to stay in the village to know the people for our business. He says I m impressed, you stay at the hotel. She says I will stay at the guest house and pay the expenses. Faltu says you can stay and don’t need to pay. He says you can do your work and sleep in the hotel room. Tanu says I want to experience village life. She thinks you can’t fail my plan.

Charan says I have got jalebis for Faltu. Angoori spoils their mood. Jamuna argues with her and says Faltu always did her duty and I will do a mother’s duty, we will celebrate her birthday well. Charan says yes. Ratan comes and asks what are you going to celebrate. Angoori says they want to celebrate Faltu’s birthday. Charan says yes. Pratap says come and see, Faltu has come. They all go out and see Ayaan and Faltu.

Charan asks is everything fine. Ayaan nods. Tanu greets them and says I m Tanisha, Ayaan’s wife. Ratan says everyone knows you. Charan asks why did Ayaan and his wife come with you. Jamuna says you should have told us, we were preparing for your birthday. Ayaan asks is it her birthday tomorrow. She says yes. Faltu says they will stay here, we will go inside and talk. Tanu says tell them the truth. Charan asks what does she want to say. Ayaan says we will go inside and talk. Tanu says face the situation, tell them and finish your work.

They ask what’s the matter. Ayaan asks Tanu not to interfere between Faltu and him. Tanu says its my matter also, my life also changed, I want to help you and Faltu. Charan asks what does she want to say. Tanu says Ayaan and Faltu have taken a decision for their happiness, I m sure you will be happy for them. Angoori says big drama is going to happen.

Ayaan says I will tell you, I accept my mistake, I took Faltu to Mumbai and promised to fulfil her dream, but I couldn’t keep my promise, I m sorry, forget it, I came to ask you for Faltu’s hand. They get shocked. Ayaan says I want to marry Faltu. Charan raises hand. Faltu comes in between. He asks is this a joke. She says listen to me once. He scolds her.

Tanu says I will tell you, Ayaan and I are husband and wife, we are getting divorced now, marriage without love has no meaning, Ayaan doesn’t love me, he loves Faltu, my family got ruined because of their love, but I just want to see them happy, they are made for each other, he doesn’t have his dad’s business, he can concentrate on Faltu’s training, accept their relation and bless them.

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