Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 11 June 2024

Strings of love 11 June 2024: Angad tells family that he was trying to buy a rare diamond from South Africa with highest purity since a few days and bought it finally, he named it junoon-e-dil. Veer asks if he is talking about the diamond in news these days. Angad says yes and it’s very costly. Akaal says he is proud of him.

Angad says it was a risky deal and would reward them handsomely. Veer says Angad will grow their business internationally soon. Sahiba hopes if she could gift a watch to Angad today itself. Japjot asks someone to bring sweets to celebrate Angad’s victory.

Seerat picks sweets. Jasleen stops her and asks if she will feed sweets to Angad, nobody would like her to do that. Sahiba takes sweets and tells Angad t hat he proved again that he achieve what he wants, she is proud to be called as Angad’s wife. Family smiles hearing that. Manveer gets jealous, snatches sweets from Sahiba, and tells her that she shouldn’t think Angad would gift this diamond to her. Sahiba says she doesn’t value diamond and is proud of Angad’s success. Manveer says she suspected Angad a few days ago and now changed her tone towards him. Akaal says today is a special day for them and she shouldn’t spoil it. Seerat thinks even Sahiba couldn’t serve sweets to Angad.

Inder congratulates Angad and asks when will he get this diamond. Veer says Angad has to visit Belgium to get that diamond. Angad says he needs to visit Mumbai for that instead. Manveer says he shouldn’t go as he still hasn’t recovered from his injury. Sahiba says Angad is passionate and will not back off once he decides something. Akaal says Manveer is right. Angad says he has risked a lot of money and reputation to get this diamond. Manveer says she will accompany him to Mumbai. Veer says he will accompany Angad and will not leave him alone even for a second. Inder says even he will accompany Angad. Jaspal says he will book everyone’s ticket then. Angad says he is going for a business deal and not a family outing, so he has decided to take Sahiba along as he is worried for her saftey and can’t work peacefully leaving her here.

A suspicious man is shown. His aide calls him and informs that Angad is visiting Mumbai with his wife. Man drinks alcohol and breaks glass. Jasleen asks Angad if he is taking Sahiba along as he fears Manveer will torture Sahiba in his absence. Manveer warns her to mind her tongue. Angad asks Manveer not to overreact and Jasleen not to taunt his mamma, says he already told that he fears for Sahiba’s safety and is taking her along. He asks Sahiba to pack her bags as they are going tomorrow and will return after 2-3 days. Sahiba feels happy. Back to room, Angad packs his clothes. Sahiba packs towel and soap. Angad says they will have towel and soap in hotel room.

Keerat calls Sahiba and says she heard about her Mumbai trip with Angad. She suggests Sahiba to propose Angad during the trip as they would be alone together. Seerat thinks if her truth wasn’t out, she would have accompanied Angad to Mumbai and not Sahiba. She sees Sahiba in corridor and thinks Angad must be alone in his room, so she should go and convince him. She walks to Angad. Angad asks why did she come here. Seerat asks why he is behaving differently with her and Seerat. Angad says Sahiba is his wife and he took an oath in front of god to be with Sahiba his whole life. Sahiba hears their conversation and feels good.

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