Rajjo starlife update Thursday 29 June 2023

Rajjo 29 June 2023: The Episode starts with Madhu being sweet to Rajjo. Jhilmil and Kartik ask what’s the need to make her a bahu. Madhu says don’t punish Arjun and your relation, you swear on Arjun and say, don’t you feel anything for him, do you really think, tell me, I want an answer. She cries and asks Rajjo to say. Rajjo says I want to talk to Maai. Arjun says fine, talk to your Maai. Madhu asks her to go. Arjun thinks talk about this matter, please. Pushkar scolds Mannu. He asks what will you do the family that Rajjo is my illegitimate daughter, you think Thakur family will let her stay in the family, they will also throw her out, like I had ousted you from the academy, she is my sin. They see Madhu at the door. Madhu is shocked.

Pushkar says whatever you heard, come inside, I will explain, Mannu is very sharp, she used to trap rich guys, she met me 20 years back and got after me. Mannu says he is lying, he made a relation with me, he refused to accept me when I was pregnant. He says I was already married, why would I do this. Mannu says he is lying, you didn’t want anyone to know that Rajjo is your daughter. Pushkar says Madhu knows the truth, she is doing the same thing. They argue. Mannu says I will not end this here, what will you do. Madhu shouts enough, I can’t believe, how can anyone fall so much, how can you fall so low Pushkar. Pushkar gets shocked.

Jhilmil asks what happened to Madhu. Kartik and Mayank talk about good and bad omens. Rajjo says I want to go to Maai and talk to her. Chirag nods. Arjun hits his hand in anger. Chirag stops him. He says go and tell your feelings, if she goes away from your life.He says Rajjo is trying to show me the truth, but I didn’t understand anything, she told me, that when the truth comes out, then it will be later, its late now, I broke her heart. He hurts himself. Chirag stops him.

Arjun blames himself. He says I m saying every time, its happening right with me. Chirag asks him to listen to him, this regret will get high and go in all the life, it won’t stop, its better that he goes and stops Rajjo, then it will get too late. Arjun gets thinking and turns to go. Arjun goes to Rajjo and holds her in arms. He says sorry, I don’t have anything to say.He says I want to apologize to you, but to tell the truth, I won’t be able to forgive myself, you didn’t tell me anything bad, you could have insulted me, even after so much happened, you have a big heart, make me like yourself. Rajjo cries. Pushkar insults Mannu. Madhu says enough, be thankful that I didn’t hurt you. Mannu gets surprised and cries happily.

Madhu says I will always believe a woman when she tells about her baby’s father, I will not call Mannu wrong, she is true, you are wrong, else you would have not hidden the truth from us, I won’t believe you now, its enough, you have stayed silent to hide your dark truth, so be quiet from now also, get lost from here, you won’t say anything to Kalindi, she is my bahu, I m the Saas. Pushkar angrily goes. Mannu says thanks for supporting me, you are ready to accept my Rajjo after knowing the truth, I m so grateful. Madhu says it will be fine, don’t think of the past, think of their future, about my Arjun and Rajjo, both. Rajjo asks what shall I do of this sorry, Madhu told about our marriage.

Madhu says I have lost now, give me your daughter, convince her to not break the marriage with Arjun, please convince her to marry Arjun again. Mannu says yes, I will convince Rajjo. Madhu asks really. Mannu says Rajjo will always be of Arjun. Madhu hugs her and cries. Rajjo says I will do what Maai says. She gets dizzy.Arjun and Rajjo having a romantic moment. Laal ishq….plays…. Chirag is tensed. Kalindi asks what do you think, what will happen. He says everyone knows what I want. She holds his hand. He cries and prays that everything gets fine. Rajjo says your mum realized her mistake, so she said that. Arjun says she said what’s in her heart.

She asks what do you want, tell me. Madhu says don’t tell anyone about Pushkar. Mannu asks why are you stopping me from telling the truth. Madhu says for Rajjo’s sake, she didn’t get her dad’s name, she will become Arjun’s name, she will get stained if she gets her dad’s name, you might have loved Pushkar truly, but the world will call Rajjo illegitimate, you have tolerated a lot, I don’t want Rajjo to go through the same pain, let this be a secret. Mannu cries. Madhu says we both have to hide this truth, when there is danger of losing the relations. Mannu says no, I promise, I will never tell this to Rajjo. Madhu thanks her.

Arjun and Rajjo come and hug their mums. Mannu and Madhu say we want to tell our wish. Chirag asks Madhu to say. Mannu says Rajjo, don’t cry, you just smile no. Madhu and Mannu take Arjun and Rajjo to the temple. Mannu says I was so wrong before, I understood that Arjun’s name is written on your fate. Madhu says yes, no one can separate you. Mannu says I wish Arjun and Rajjo get married with all the rituals, you both become husband and wife. Chirag and Kalindi smile.

Madhu and Chirag ask them to agree. Madhu asks Kalindi and Swara to come. She makes Arjun ready. She asks do you want this also. Rajjo asks Mannu do you want this to happen. Mannu says yes, I know you also want this. Rajjo and Arjun exchange the garlands. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills sindoor. Everyone claps. Mannu says Rajjo got everything that I prayed for, a good groom, family and house. Arjun and Rajjo take blessings. Madhu hugs them. Sia hugs them. Pankhudi makes the couple name Arjo. Chirag says nice one. Everyone claps.

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