Imlie starlife update Thursday 29 June 2023

Imlie 29 June 2023: Keya notices Chini in a bridal wear hiding her face with a veil/gunghat and confusing her as Imlie asks why is she roaming alone while Chini had to bring her to mandap. Chini stands nervous. Keya says nervousness is obvious before marriage and tries to take a selfie with her. She asks her to remove her ghungatand is about to see her face when Anu stops her and says its abshagun/inauspicious in their family if someone else than groom sees bride’s face. She asks her to take selfie with ghunghat on as everyone knows who is behind ghunghat. She takes Chini along saying they have a custom where bride and groom meet in a temple before marriage. Rudra waits for his MP guest at the gate and welcomes him. He notices alta/red footprints on floor and thinks who walked out at this time.

Imlie walks behind him searching for Arpita. Keya stops her and relaxes checking her face. She asks if she passed by here just now, then why did she return. Imlie thinks Keya saw her going, she should manage the issue. She says she was searching for Arpita. Devika with Vaishali walks to her and says she is looking very beautiful. She asks Keya to take Imlie to mandap. Imlie requests if she can visit temple before that. Keya says Anu told they have a custom where bride and groom visit temple before marriage. Devika asks Imlie to visit temple while she sends Atharva there. Chini meets Atharva in a temple and says after half an hour, they will be married and inseparable.. Atharva thanks god for his hep and prays god closed eyes. Chini also draws veil on her face and prays. Imile walks in and stands beside Atharva wearing veil.

She prays god to help her decorate her new world with Atharva. Atharva thinks he was Imlie’s dream till now, but now he will be her culprit after marrying Chini. Chini thinks she only dreamt of living a rich life after Sr Imlie and Armaan left, she wants god to help her fulfill her rich and lavish life’s dreams with Atharva.Chini disappears. Atharva opens eyes and smiles seeing Imlie beside him and thinking her as Chini. Anu notices them and thinks when did Chini get a bad habit of praying god like Imlie. Imlie bends with Atharva to touch god’s idol feet. Anu notices her face in water bowl and gets tensed. Keya and Shivani walk in and take Atharva and Imlie to mandap. Anu thinks who took Chini away. Goons kidnap Chini and take her to a store room.

Chini warns them that she’s different and would trash them as she learnt karate. Rudra walks in and asks her not to worry. Chini says goons kidnapped her and brought her here. Rudra says he did wrong by bringing her here, but what she did is betrayal. Chini asks how did he find out. Rudra recalls seeing Chini’s face in water bowl and says Imlie is a moon and how dare she is to think of replacing Imlie. Chini says she took her place instead and says Arto loves her and would never accept Imlie even if Rudra forcefully gets Arto married to Chini, nobody can separate her and Arto.

Rudra says she is right, he will not interfere between 2 lovers, so she can marry Arto. Chini gets happy and tries to leave. Rudra says Arto belongs to Chini, but Atharva Rana can never be hers. He asks if she needs only Atharva and not his family surname or wealth. He blesses her to lead a happy married life with Atharva and warns her not to expect anything else than blessings as Atharva woulnd’t be his heir after marrying Chini. Imlie sits in mandap with Atharva and looks happy. Meethi tells Rathores that Imlie never got her parent’s love and hopes she gets her husband’s immense love. Arpita and Narmada get emotional remembering Imlie and Armaan. Sundar comforts Narmada. Arpita asks Narmada to let her anger towards Imlie flow out with tears and accept her. Narmada says her tears are her strenth and she doesn’t hate anyone in her house. Meethi says Narmada is also in pain like her. Sundar says he knows Narmada loves immensely.

Rupali says nobody can hate Imlie, Atharva is completely different from Imlie, even then he loves her immensely.Rudra tells Chini its good that Chini doesn’t value a wordly wealth and loves only Atharva. He gives her 1 rs shagun coin and she will give only this to her and hopes she would be happy with this like Atharva. He says he can compensate her for her tears if she doesn’t marry Atharva and offers her bags of money. Chini says he is a true businessman who wants to buy Chini’s love, but her love is not for sale. Atharva tells Imlie that he fell in her love for the first time and hopes something wrong doesn’t happen. Imlie thinks why is he saying this. An intoxicated guest fires shot in air as a shagun. Atharva stops him.

MP Shukla’s inebriated armed boyguards tries to create chaos at the wedding by firing bullets in air. Atharva stops them and requests to keep the gun back as he doesn’t want anyone to be injured. They get abusive. Atharva gives one of them a tight slap. MP Shukla returns and stops his bodyguards and asks Atharva what happened here. Atharva politely requests him to send his men out. MP sends them away. Chini refuses to accept bags of cash and jewelry from Rudra in exchange of sparing Atharva. Rudra says he knows Chini doesn’t truly love Atharva and is just behind his money, so she can accept money. Chini still refuses. He says he is a businessman and understands another businessman, he will not give a penny to Atharva if Atharva marries her, so she should accept money and jewelry. Chini accepts bags.

Rudra asks her to return his family jewelry as its meant for only Rana family bahu Imlie. She returns bangles. He says they have become dull with her touch, but Imlie’s touch will shine them again. He then asks her to change her dress as only Rana family bahu can wear bridal dress today. Chini asks why is he trying to humiliate her. Rudra says because she tried to trap Rana family son and warns her to dare not look at Atharva again or else she will face dire consequences. Imlie notices Chini carrying bags and asks about them. Chini says Rupali gave her some stuff to keep in a room. Imlie takes bag and says she will keep it. Anu interferes and takes bag from Imlie and asks her to return to mandapfirst. Atharva notices Imlie walking and thinking her as Chini thinks he wants to talk to her a lot. Rudra stops Imlie and offers her bangles. Imlie says how did she lose it.

Rudra says a thing that belongs to her will always return to her. Imlie says thank you uncle ji. Rudra asks her to call papaji from hereon. She says thank you papaji. Atharva thinks Rudra is confused with Chini as Imlie.Chini reveals Anu how Rudra caught her and says its okay as she got what she wanted. Anu says she just got a paltry sum instead of a bank locker. Chini says Rudra would disown Atharva if she marries Atharva. Anu says if Rudra can give so much for his son, he would never disown his son. Chini says she is inauspicious and loses everything while Imlie is very auspicious and gets everything by fate and lost her whole life from Imlie, everyone consider her wrong and Imlie right, but now she will turn into really bad; Rudra gave him money and even humiliated him a lot, she will not marry Atharva and even not let Atharva and Imlie marry. Anu says that is like her girl. She walks to MP’s men and taunts them that they are fit for nothing as groom humiliated them in front of everyone and they couldn’t utter a word.

They both get angry and determine to take revenge.Imlie and Atharva’s wedding rituals start. Arpita says according to their family customs, groom lifts bride’s veil and looks at her face in a mirror. Sundar says its important to check if he is marrying the right girl. Atharva gets tensed thinking everyone will learn that Chini is behind the veil. He nervously lifts veil when MPs man shoot at him, which hits mirror. Goon says Atharva escaped but will not now. He shoots again. Atharva runs and slides towards him and blows him a strong punch and warns him to get out of here or else he won’t spare him. Bodyguard attacks Atharva again. Atharva trashes him. Another bodyguard joins and catches Atharva. He tries to shoot Atharva and warns everyone to stay behind.

Imlie throws havan wood at him. He shoots at Imlie, bullet hits her elbow and she starts bleeding. Atharva shouts Chini and runs towards her. Imlie stands shocked hearing Chini from his mouth. Rudra gets MP’s goons arrested and sends MP away. Sundar nurses Imlie’s wound and bullet touched her elbow and escaped. Atharva asks Imlie if she is fine. Imlie asks why did she take Chini’s name.

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