My desire update Wednesday 13 December 2023

My desire 13 December 2023: Siddharth notices Nayan upset and asks why she is worried for Samrat who betrayed he and tried to kill her. He asks her not to tell him that her love for Samrat overshadowed her hatred for him. Nayan says she can’t be so cruel. Siddharth asks why don’t she focus on her revenge. Nayan says that electrocucted mic was for her and Samrat took her trouble on himself, so she can’t be so cruel; she says she is not bound to answer him anything.

Siddharth leaves angrily. Nayan walks to Samrat’s room and prays god to get him well soon. Samrat opens his eyes and thanks her for saving him. She tries to leave. He pulls her towards him and says he saw her concern for him before collapsing, he knows she is Nayan and not Antara and should accept it. Nayan asks why don’t he accept that she is Antara, she saved him to avoid negative publicity of her concert and is not worried for him, etc.

Siddharth gets drinking at a bar recalling Nayan’s concern for Samrat. Mansi walks to him and says she warned him not to leave Samrat and Nayan together, they will reunite if he continue to be together; he should befriend her in separating them, they can spike Nayan’s juice and spoil her voice and then blame it on Samrat. Siddharth warns her to stay away from him as Raghav informed him what kind of a woman she is, he will not harm Nayan’s voice and lose his money. Mansi determines to execute her plan alone.

Samrat feels thirsty and finds it difficult to fill water due to his hand injury. Nayan helps him and even feeds him soup. Dil Sambhalja Zaraa…song plays in the background. Sam thanks her. Siddharth gets jealous seeing that and thinks he can’t express his anger in front of Nayan and should act as concerned for Sam. He walks to them and asks Samrat how is he now. Samrat says he is better now. He gives him a hand gripper and says doctor this will help him gain his hand strength. Samrat thanks him. Siddharth tells Nayan they should go now as she has 2 concerts to compensate yesterday’s loss. Samrat says it very risky for Nayan as she may lose her voice with continuous singing. Nayan says she is not so weak and will manage. Sam says he will also accompany her. Siddharth stops him and asks him to rest as even fans wouldn’t like him to perform after yesterday’s event. Sam agrees.

Host announces Nayan/Antara’s performance. Sam walks to her and advice her how to manage a long performance. Mansi mixes a voice spoiling powder in a juice and asks Antara’s team member to give juice to Antara as she sips it during her performance to keep herself hydrated and to give it via Sam. Team member gives juice to Sam. Antara performs well. Sam praises her performance, gives her juice and further advice. Mansi feels happy when Antara finishes juice and thinks now Sam will be blamed. Antara starts performance again and loses her voice. Fans demand Antara’s performance. Samrat takes over stage. Mansi thinks Antara will think that Sam spoilt her voice and himself is performing as per his vile plan. Siddharth takes Antara home. Doctor checks her and it looks like she had something which had a harmful powder.

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