Imlie starlife update Thursday 14 December 2023

Imlie  December 2023: Kiara calls her princess mamma. Imlie emerges in front of her. Kairi says Ms Paty’s idea worked. Sai says she can count till 10 if she wants too meet her, she will emerge. Kairi says when princess mamma is here, Ms Paty is missing and vice versa; she wants to see them both together. Chini walks in and sends Kairi down with a servant. Imlie was bringing Kairi down in some time. Chini asks her to stop meeting Kairi and interfering between her and Atharva. Imlie reminds her that she was between her and Atharva from the beginning and describes all the incidents.

Chini says moral of the story is she and Arto reunite whenever they separate, Arto was never Imlie’s and she should find her happiness somewhere else. Imlie asks since when Atharva is out of the house. Chini says maybe 1-1.5 hours.

Imlie says more than 5 years, she is here to meet Kairi, they get anxious when their dear ones are out of the house for long, Chini doesn’t seem to be anxious and don’t love Atharva. Chini thinks Imlie is right that she feels anxious in fear of losing Arto, Imlie can’t snatch Arto from her after 5 years.

Imlie tells Dhairya that she is worried that Atharva hasn’t returned home after more than 5 hours and requests him to call Atharva and find out where he is. Dhairya calls Atharva and says he is not picking call. Devika also gets tensed when Atharva doesn’t pick call. She asks Akash if Reyansh was also present in Atharva’s meeting and asks him to call Reyansh and find out. Reyansh with Mr Mehta walks in.

Kairi asks who is he. Devika says he is Atharva’s childhood friend Reyansh who is also a DJ. She asks if Atharva also came with him. Reyansh introduces Mr Mehta and says Atharva was in his meeting and left midway saying he is going for his wedding shopping, they check the shopping location and didn’t find him there. Devika panics more. Rudra asks Akash to call Atharva’s friends. Akash says Atharva didn’t contact them for 5 years, he doesn’t know who his new friends are. Devika gets angry on him. Divya asks her to calm down. Devika cries that her son left her once again.

Reyansh walks out grinning and recalls how he kidnapped Atharva out of jealousy when Mr Mehta gives him a music contract. Mr Mehta asks what if family finds out they aer behind Atharva’s kidnap. Reyansh says they will not doubt a person who got information and says he was ruling the music industry in Atharva’s absence for 5 years and will not let Atharva take over again; they will lie to Atharva after the concert that goons had attacked Mehta’s office and demanded a ransom, Mehta incurred huge losses, etc.

Imlie walks to his car thinking of asking him Atharva’s shopping location and finds car dickie open. Reyansh gets tensed seeing her. Imlie demands to open his car dickie. Reyansh gets tensed and asks if she doesn’t trust Atharva’s childhood friend. Imlie says she knows and hence asking him with right as his car’s dickie is half open. Reyansh opens dickie anxiously and hides Atharva’s face with a guitar and says it wasn’t closing due to guitar. He drives car away saying he will inquire about Atharva with other friends.

Imlie still feels something is wrong and returns home. She sees Devika crying and tries to comfort her saying she will find out Atharva. Devika warns her not to do anything as she had gone to bring Atharva even 5 years ago and got a bad news, she is no one to her. Imlie says she is also a mother. Devika says she should stay away at least for that sake. Rudra warns Devika to mind her tongue. Imlie says let her vent out her frustration and says at least Devika accepted her as a mother. Divya supports Devika while Shivani supports Imlie. Drama continues..

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